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Today we visit with Ariane Szu-Tu, Senior Editor at National Geographic Kids Books. We'll chat about their NEW BOOK “Weird but True DISNEY: 300 Wonderful Facts to Celebrate the Magic of Disney.”


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October 18th

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

International Legging Day

National Exascale Day

World Menopause Day

National No Beard Day

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So, those people who get up at 5am in the middle of winter to go for a jog might not be as crazy as you thought. Running is just as effective as taking medication to beat depression, according to a new study. Researchers from Vrije University, Amsterdam had 141 patients suffering from depression and anxiety choose between a group run, 2 to 3 times a week, or taking anti-depressant medication. It was found that “both interventions helped with the depression to around the same extent”, but the running group experienced improvements in weight, waist circumference, blood pressure and heart function. Those who took antidepressants tended to become less fit.

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US food companies are having a hard time convincing enthusiastic baseball fans in Japan to eat peanuts at games. Why? It’s not the taste. While baseball is just as popular in Japan as it is in the US, the cultural attitudes towards littering are vastly different. In Japan, public cleanliness is highly valued, and casually discarding waste on the ground in public spaces, such as peanut shells, is seen as inappropriate. Peter Vlazakis, senior director of international programs for the American Peanut Council, said: “They’re just not comfortable with littering.”

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Greta Gerwig says she hid in the back of “Barbie” screenings during its opening weekend, in order to judge people’s reactions first-hand. Speaking at a special screen talk on Sunday at the BFI London Film Festival, the director said, quote: “I went around to different theatres and sort of stood in the back, and would then also turn up the volume up if I felt it wasn’t playing at the perfect level.” Gerwig also teased that she is currently working on her next project, but wouldn’t reveal what it is, as it is currently “in the writing process”.

Another ‘Wonder Woman’ movie starring Gal Gadot is not likely, according to a new report. Gadot gave fans a glimpse of hope in the summer when she told that she was developing “Wonder Woman 3” with new DC Studios heads James Gunn and Peter Safran. But now sources close to the studio say that the project is not moving forward. Variety says there are no plans for Wonder Woman 3 right now, but the prequel spinoff series “Paradise Lost” is still moving forward. That’ll be a series about the mystical island that Wonder Woman comes from, but will not star Gadot.

The Exorcist: Believer, summoned the #1 spot at the domestic box office, despite falling short of expectations. The reboot in the horror movie franchise collected $27.2 million over the weekend, below estimates that suggested a debut of near $35 million. These ticket sales fall somewhere in between recent horror releases “Saw X” ($18.3 million) and “The Nun 2” ($32.6 million). The David Gordon Green-directed horror pic hit theaters exactly 50 years after the first “Exorcist” opened.

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The average woman spends $30,000 on her face in a lifetime.

An iconic Michael Jackson clothing item is hitting the auction block. The black and white leather jacket the King of Pop wore during one of his “Pepsi Generation” ads in 1984 is up for grabs — and it’ll probably go for a king’s ransome. It’s not from the infamous ad where he burned himself on set — it’s the one where he’s seen dancing in the streets with others. This was the first Pepsi commercial Jackson did, and the jacket will go under the gavel starting Nov. 10 through the Propstore — and is estimated to fetch anywhere from $230,000 to $460,000.

A Fender Acoustic guitar is up for auction. This particular guitar has autographs from dozens of country music superstars including Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and Reba McEntire, but also from some stars who have since passed away, like Eddie Rabbit and Charlie Daniels. The autographs were gathered on the guitar over a three decade span by a radio broadcaster who recently passed away. Dan Farris started bringing the guitar to concerts in the 1990s while he worked at a country radio station in Sioux Falls, SD. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. During his final days in hospice he asked a friend to use the guitar to raise money for a charity that Farris loved. Big Paws Canine Foundation helps to provide service animals for veterans and first responders who've been hurt in the line of duty. 100% of the funds raised will go to Big Paws.

The auction ends on Saturday, October 21st, you can bid right now at

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The temperature of milk inside the cow is 101°F (38.3°C).

In Antarctica, sunsets can be green.

Iceberg lettuce is 96% water.

It takes a plastic water bottle about 450 years to decompose.

About 20% of all volcanoes are under water.

Hippopotamuses have skin 3.8cm (1.5in) thick.


Question: 90% of married people say THIS more often than single people do. What is it?

Answer: “I’m sorry.”

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Well, THAT was awkward. The recent national phone emergency alert in the US seems to have outed a few Amish cell-phone owners. A former member of the plain-living Amish community has uploaded a hilarious story to TikTok about how the emergency alert test affected some of his friends back home. The Amish are forbidden from using most modern technology. Eli Yoder explained in his now viral video how over the years, quite a few Amish men had reached out to him asking for phones, so he did what he could to get them one. But it seems after the big event of Oct. 4, when cell phones were buzzing across the country, a number of his friends were in the presence of other member of the Amish community, and had a hard time explaining the sounds emanating from their hand-sewn pockets. One friend even had some Amish elders come to the house to talk to him “about something that they heard about him.” In his video, Yoder said the man “might have to get shunned.” That’s the Amish church term for exclusion, or isolation from community life and activities. LINK:

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Giving up booze for the month could do more than save you from a wicked hangover. Here are some of the other benefits you may experience if you totally teetotal…

Healthier skin: You (or others) may notice your skin ‘glowing’ in a way not seen before as soon as 2 weeks after giving up booze. That’s because alcohol is a diuretic, so it can dehydrate the skin.

Weight loss: By the 3rd week without alcohol, you may see the scale dip. One beer totals about 154 calories, 5 ounces of wine about 123, and a shot of the hard stuff about 100 per ounce. That, of course, can quickly add up, especially when you consider the added calories in whatever you use as mix.

Better sleep: Yes, you can probably pass out very easily after an evening of drinking. But alcohol disrupts the Rapid Eye Movement sleep-stage, leaving you feeling tired the next day.

Lowered risk for future health scares: Four weeks or more of sobriety not only allows the liver to recoup, it can also lower your risk of heart disease and cancer.

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Sometimes you lie in bed at night and you don’t have a single thing to worry about. That always worries me!” ~ Charlie Brown

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Billionaire Manages To Give Away His Entire Fortune During His Lifetime