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This #MovieStarMonday Michael Jai White (Spawn, Black Dynamite & Black Friday) In addition to being an actor, he is also the writer-director-star of a new film OUTLAW JOHNNY BLACK.



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November 13th

National Hug A Musician Day

National Indian Pudding Day

National Mom’s And Dad’s Day

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Symphonic Metal Day

World Kindness Day

Sadie Hawkins Day

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It has often been said that music can soothe the soul. But it turns out that it can also soothe your physical pain. Researchers at McGill University in Montreal found that listening to favorite songs can reduce people’s perceptions of pain. In a study, test subjects we found to experience a reduction in pain of about 10% when listening to music they enjoy. And the most effective pain relievers were found to be sad songs. The researchers also pointed out that music provides many other health benefits, including stress reduction and helping facilitate a good night’s sleep.

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Social media site “X” is now worth less than half of what Elon Musk paid to buy it, when it was known as “Twitter” last year. A memo to employees said the company was valued at $19 billion—55% less than the $44 billion that Musk shelled out. What’s more, Fortune reports that Musk, as a shareholder of Tesla, lost $41 billion in 13 days recently, as the market for Electric Vehicles has tumbled.

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Early development is underway for a TV series adaptation of the classic horror film “Poltergeist”. Originally co-written and produced by Steven Spielberg in 1982, the movie stars JoBeth Williams, Craig T. Nelson and Beatrice Straight, as members of the Freeling family, who learn shortly after moving into their suburban home that it is full of malicious ghosts who abduct their 5-year-old daughter. In an effort to rescue her, the parents consult a parapsychologist and a spiritual medium. The show version of Poltergeist will be based on the world of the horror flick.

The ‘Ken’ personified by Ryan Gosling in Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” movie is getting his own doll. Sporting the hoodie that became a real-life apparel item, the “Kenough Doll” is sculpted from Gosling’s likeness. The doll will be made a made-to-order product, and can be purchased now on Mattel Creation, with a ship date in 2024. Mattel has also released dolls based on Margot Robbie’s “Stereotypical Barbie” and Kate McKinnon’s “Weird Barbie.”

CBS has scored a Super Bowl touchdown in November. The network is “virtually sold out” of all its Super Bowl advertising inventory, according to a company spokesperson, finishing a process that often isn’t completed until the final hours before the game kicks off in February. CBS has been seeking $6.5 million to $7 million for a 30-second ad, according to those familiar with negotiations. Fox secured around $600 million in advertising tied to its broadcast of Super Bowl LVII earlier this year — an event that boasted record viewership.

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The average person smiles nearly 20 times a day, says a report.

Did you do some shopping over the weekend? Actually, you probably find yourself doing some shopping EVERY weekend, if your family wants to eat. And like everyone these days, whether you find yourself at the grocery store or in the mall, you’re probably trying to stretch your dollars as far as possible. It’s no surprise, then, that 54% of us say that being called “cheap” is a compliment, according to a new survey. In fact, in the poll of 2,000 Americans, the average respondent said they’d travel an hour to a store if they knew an item they want is on sale there. The OnePoll survey also found that in order for it to be a “good deal,” a quarter of respondents would need at least 50% off, but most people are happy with a deal under that amount (76%). One in 4 say they’re less likely to purchase an item if it’s full price, with 75% saying they’d wait up to a month for an item to go on sale before purchasing it at full price. And 7 in 10 say they are such conscientious shoppers, they can find a deal on anything.

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The most-used expression in the world is “OK”.

The nursery rhyme never says that Humpty Dumpty was an egg.

✓ ‘Yoda’ and ‘Miss Piggy’ were voiced by the same person.

Beards are the fastest growing hairs on the human body.

The average woman has 17 square feet of skin. It stretches to 18½ square feet during pregnancy.

If you never trimmed your fingernails, on your 80th birthday, they’d be about 13 feet (3.96m) long.


Question: 10% of us admit that we aren’t very good at THIS…but it’s probably more. What is it?

Answer: Spelling

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A San Francisco couple say they were stunned to receive a ticket for parking in a spot they’ve been using for 36 years — the driveway in front of their home. They received a ticket for $1,542, along with a warning that they’d be fined another $250 per day if they kept parking there. When Ed and Judy Craine contacted officials, they were told that a longstanding section of city code banned people from parking vehicles on uncovered carpads in front of their homes. They were told the city might make an exception if they could prove the spot had historically been used for parking. But a photo they supplied from 34 years ago was considered too recent. For now, they’re parking on the street, which can be a challenge in their hilly neighborhood. The city agreed to waive the fine after they stopped parking on the carpad.

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Chuck Jones, creator of the classic “Wile E. Coyote & the Roadrunner” cartoons, felt that creating rules for your show was a clear way to make sure everybody was on the same page. Here are his ‘Roadrunner rules’, which are on display at the “What’s Up, Doc? The Animation Art of Chuck Jones” exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York…

1. The Road Runner cannot harm the Coyote except by going “meep, meep.”

2. No outside force can harm the Coyote — only his own ineptitude or the failure of Acme products. (Trains and trucks were the occasional exception…)

3. The Coyote could stop anytime — if he were not a fanatic.

4. No dialogue ever, except “meep, meep” and yowling in pain.

5. The Road Runner must stay on the road — for no other reason than that he’s a roadrunner.

6. All action must be confined to the natural environment of the 2 characters — the southwest American desert.

7. All tools, weapons, or mechanical conveniences must be obtained from Acme Corporation.

8. Whenever possible, make gravity the Coyote’s greatest enemy.

9. The Coyote is always more humiliated than harmed by his failures.

10. The audience’s sympathy must remain with the Coyote.

11. The Coyote is not allowed to catch or eat the Road Runner.

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People are prisoners of their phone… that’s why it’s called a “cell phone.” ~ Invajy

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Dad Performs Daughter's Cheer Routine From The Stands