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Today we visit with Brian Boone. He's one of the writers for Uncle John's 36th annual Bathroom Reader, a collection of entertaining articles that explore the weird and wonderful world we live in. Uncle John’s Weird, Wonderful World Bathroom Reader: Scanning the Globe for Strange Stories and Fantastic Facts by The Bathroom Readers’ Institute is a treasure trove of wonderfully weird (and true!) stories that explore the realms of pop culture, history, sports, science, and everyday folks, including the always popular misadventures of dumb crooks.


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November 4th

King Tut Day

National Candy Day

National Chicken Lady Day

National Easy-Bake Oven Day

National Use Your Common Sense Day

Roast Dinner Day

National Waiting For The Barbarians Day

November 5th

Bank Transfer Day

Bonfire Night

National Chinese Take Out Day

National Donut Appreciation Day

National Love Your Red Hair Day

National Redhead Day

World Tsunami Awareness Day

American Football Day

Commercial Tv Broadcast Day

Hawaiian Sweet Bread Day

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According to a survey, the traditional dread associated with the end of the weekend — the “Sunday Scaries,” might be fading away. A recent poll of 2,000 US adults found that 88% of people actually enjoy getting tasks done on Sundays. 64% said that getting early start on Sunday clears the path for a successful day. When participants were asked for their definition of a “productive day,” the thought of completing their to-do lists came first (36%), while others looked to spending quality time with loved ones (29%). Others said a successful day involved meal prepping (28%), running errands (28%), or just getting rest (17%). And even better: for two-thirds of us, accomplishing just one task is enough to consider it a productive day.

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If you spend a large part of your workday sitting on your largest muscle, rather than working your muscles, you’ll want to pay attention. The average person spends approximately 9 hours per day sitting while awake, which leads to an increased risk of developing dementia, obesity, heart disease and even death. But new research from the Arctic University of Norway says a mere 22 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity could lower the risk of adverse health effects of being sedentary. The study author says even simple activities “that make you breathe a little bit heavier, like brisk walking, or gardening or walking up a hill,” would help you realize these benefits.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says he’s going to ask a museum to make some “improvements” to a wax figure supposedly in his likeness that depicts him with white skin. The Musée Grévin waxwork museum in Paris unveiled its baffling creation last week, with images of the light-skinned work quickly going viral as fans reacted with horror and hilarity at the inexplicable way Johnson had been rendered. Johnson shared a clip of comedian James Andre Jefferson Jr. roasting the waxwork on Instagram, and wrote: “For the record, I’m going to have my team reach out to our friends at Grevin Museum…so we can work at ‘updating’ my wax figure here with some important details and improvements- starting with my skin color. And next time I’m in Paris, I’ll stop in and have a drink with myself.” LINK:

After Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson smack-talked his new wax figure, Paris’ Grévin Museum says it smelled what he was cooking. The museum unveiled the figure last week, and was immediately met with criticism from fans and Johnson himself for his “whitewashed” skin tone. Now, museum director Yves Delhommeau says that his staff would work “all night” to make sure the wax figure meets “fans’ expectations.” He blamed the skin tone on a “lighting issue” and said Johnson would be invited to see the updated figure in person “to see if there are other modifications that need to be made.”

The Rock” has been corrected. France’s Musée Grévin museum took Dwayne Johnson’s comments and social media outcry over the star’s botched wax figure to heart. Within 24 hours, his figure was updated by artists who gave it a slightly darker skin tone with meticulous strokes of oil painting. Johnson’s suburban dad-esque outfit, however, remains. The museum’s PR person explained that the original version was made from “several photos — but…pictures can be very tricky because the nuances of skin tones can differ, depending on the lighting.”

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A study suggests that children who eat fast food have lower IQs than kids who eat nutritious meals.

Researchers have found the closest thing to an ‘off-switch’ for cancer: a specific protein section that has the ability to trigger the death of a cancer cell. A team from the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center in California identified an epitope on a CD95 cell receptor that is able to start a chain reaction that instructs cells to essentially self-destruct, something researchers believe could be used to develop new therapeutics to stop cancer cells in their tracks.

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The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. Shaved eyebrows were the fad when she was painted.

Statistically, sports teams that wear red uniforms play better.

Surgeons who play video games at least 3 hours a week perform 27% faster and make 37% fewer errors.

There’s a town in Oklahoma named “Hooker,” and its slogan is: “it’s a location, not a vocation.”

Deaf people are known to use sign language in their sleep.


Question: In a survey, about 10% of people said they don’t like THIS food. What is it?

Answer: Pancakes

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Japan Airlines had to schedule an extra flight because a group of flying sumo wrestlers exceeded the weight limit. The nightmare at 30,000 pounds occurred when the titanic tusslers were slated to fly from Tokyo and Osaka to attend the Special National Sports Festival. However, after calculating that the sumo wrestlers weighed a whopping 264.5 pounds (120kg) on average — 100 pounds (45kg) more than the typical passenger, travel authorities grew concerned that the 2 Boeing 737-800s wouldn’t be able to carry enough fuel due to weight restrictions, so the airline decided to book an additional flight for 27 members of the sumo crew, at the last minute. In addition, Amami Airport is known to be difficult both to arrive at and depart from, especially for large aircraft.

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every sunday night i feel like bella in her depression chair in new moon – trish

Working In Office is soooo degrading why am I biking 3 miles in slacks at 8 am with a jar of beef stew in my backpack – manic pixie cheese curd

call me humpty dumpty, the way I am having a great fall – trash jones

Someone asked to share my table at a coffee shop and then asked me to leave the table because they have a meeting??? Am I in an episode of Seinfeld?? – Elizabeth Goodspeed

after u do your laundry u should be allowed to get in the dryer and tumble for a little. no charge – chase

⇒ ‘I wasn’t born yesterday’ is such a perfect retort because it lets people know you’re not an idiot while also dunking on new born babies for being stupid – stoned cold fox

Be kind. Everyone is going through something. Heartache. Financial stress. Their bananas ripened too quickly. Having the song from the Jardiance commercial stuck in their head because it’s aired 5 million times a day. We all have our battles to fight. – Abby Heugel

a friend-in-law is one of your best friends’ best friends who you’ve met maybe 4 times but you know everything about their job, relationships, career, family, shame, dreams, medical history etc – Madeleine Aggeler

My in laws are visiting and I feel like my mother-in-law is much too smug for someone who’s son I’m still raising. – Tori Fletcher

Does THE PROCESS know I’m trusting it??????? – Felon Degeneres

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I don’t have to take this abuse from you; I’ve got hundreds of people dying to abuse me.” ~ Dr. Peter Venkman

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14-Year-Old Innovator Wins Prestigious Science Award For Skin Cancer Soap