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November 25th


International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women

National Parfait Day

Shopping Reminder Day

November 26th

Good Grief Day

National Anti Obesity Day

National Cake Day

World Lewis Day

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Researchers at the University of Georgia have found that we’d all be better off talking to others – rather than staring into our phones. They report that when people were asked to either scroll on their phones, sit quietly by themselves, or have a conversation with a stranger, most believed talking was the most enjoyable. But note: While study participants generally expected to get more enjoyment from conversing with a real person than using their smartphone, they didn’t always actually follow that advice.

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Dwayne Johnson might actually be cooking up a run at the White House. After a recent poll indicated 46% of U.S. adults would support the wrestler-turned actor running for President, The Rock was asked if he’d be interested in the job during an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Johnson told Fallon: “I think down the road, for sure.” He indicated that, at one point last year, he had met with “political operatives” from D.C. about his potential future endeavors. While Johnson said he’s open to the idea, it won’t be anytime soon. As he told Fallon, he’s currently focused on being a dad to his 2 young daughters.

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Black-ish” star Anthony Anderson and his mom Doris Bowman (aka “Mama Doris”) are teaming up to host Fox‘s new music-centric guessing game show “We Are Family”. The mother and son duo are replacing previously announced Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne, who are unable to host the show due to a scheduling conflict for Foxx. He’ll still executive produce the series, which will premiere January 3rd.

The AFI Gala celebrating Nicole Kidman originally scheduled for last June will now take place on April 27, 2024, the American Film Institute has announced. The annual gala, now in its 49th edition, was postponed due to the WGA writer’s strike, which was resolved in September after 5 months. The actor’s strike also ended last week, clearing the way for this rescheduled event. In a statement, the AFI said: “Nicole Kidman has captured the imaginations of audiences throughout her prolific career, delivering complex and versatile performances onscreen.”

Ready to go back underwater? James Cameron’s Oscar-winning adventure “The Abyss,” originally released in the summer of 1989, will return to theaters on Dec. 6 for a one-night-only event. It will be the “special edition” of the movie, newly remastered in 4K. The Abyss stars Ed Harris as a deep-sea oil worker whose ex-wife and the oil platformer’s designer (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) returns with a SWAT team (led by Michael Biehn) after a nuclear sub goes missing. Soon, they uncover a deeper mystery involving a potential extraterrestrial intelligence. LINK:

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A Wichita Falls man who tried to stab a grocery store employee over a stolen burrito is going to prison.

A pony named Poppy is bringing smiles to nursing home residents in Swindon, England. Poppy is a therapy pony that makes the rounds with her owner, Sarah Woodland, and is allowed to visit with residents inside their rooms. Woodland says that Poppy is “very empathetic” and “incredibly kind,” and when it comes to interacting with the elderly, “she’s got…a 6th sense. She knows to be gentle and to be patient and to be kind.” When Poppy meets someone who is especially frail, she will “rest her head on their lap,” according to her owner, who says “It’s just beautiful.” The residents, many of whom are not able to get up and move around, get to enjoy petting Poppy, and chatting with Woodland.

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The Hollywood sign weighs 450,000 lb., an average of 50,000 lb. per letter.

The horse head used in “The Godfather” was real.

Bookworms are actual insects that bore holes in books.

The letter combination “o-u-g-h” can be pronounced in 8 different ways.

Using your car’s brakes generates enough heat to warm your house.


Question: 29% of us do THIS out of obligation — not because we want to. What is it?

Answer: Host relatives during the holidays

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We found out last week that one of the most common complaints of online gamers is the sound of other players munching on chips. Well, once again, it’s Doritos to the rescue! A new “crunch cancellation” software has been developed to remove the sounds of munching while wearing a headset. “Doritos Silent” is an AI-powered tech that listens for the sound of someone’s voice and separates it from the crunch of a snack – allowing them to chomp away without being heard by others. In development for about a year, Doritos Silent is the culmination of an analysis of more than 5,000 crunch sounds. Once installed, you simply turn it on, and it can work in conjunction with any software that supports voice chat. That, of course, means the technology would also allow those working from home to munch and crunch on chips while dialing into a call. PC users can download the software now from the Doritos website – and it’s free! LINK:

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You know they’re a good source of potassium. And they’re essential for giving the ‘slip’ to cartoon bad guys. But bananas have many other uses, too. Here are some of them…

Make a face mask: No, not for Halloween. For skincare. Mash the fruit and apply directly to the face to brighten your complexion and hydrate skin. Rinse after 15 minutes.

Apply to warts: A home remedy for warts is to rub the inside of a banana peel over it. While there is no scientific evidence that proves this truly helps, it’s been practiced at for decades. And what have you got to lose?

Treat an insect bite: Bananas are known for relieving itchiness and swelling from bug bites. The peel consists of natural antihistamines, which will sooth the itch created by the saliva that the bug left under your skin.

Shine your silverware: Yes, they can be used to polish your utensils, but you’ll need to create a mixture first. Blend banana peels with water to create a paste. Then, use a cloth to rub the paste onto the silverware.

Loosen a splinter: Cover the splinter with the outside of a banana peel for a few hours or overnight. You should notice your splinter has started to loosen, making it easier to remove.

Brighten your smile: Before investing in a teeth-whitening treatment, try rubbing a banana peel on your teeth a few times a day, before brushing, to achieve a shiny new smile.

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Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop.”~ Gertrude Stein

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NYC Mom Plans A Final Act Of Kindness After Her Death