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Today we visit with #1 New York Times Best Selling Author, Jo Nesbo. His new book is called The Night House

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December 30th

National Bacon Day

Festival Of Enormous Changes At The Last Minute

National Resolution Planning Day

Rizal Day

National Bicarbonate Of Soda Day

Falling Needles Family Fest Day

December 31st

National Champagne Day

New Years Eve

Make Up Your Mind Day


Unlucky Day

World Peace Meditation Day

Universal Hour Of Peace

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How much should a good date cost? Somewhere around $200, according to the results of a new survey conducted in the US. The OnePoll survey looking at the cost of dating and relationships found that the average (presumably single) respondent has gone on 8 dates in the past 6 months, costing about $189 each. And that lines up pretty closely with what people estimated a good date should cost: $196. The average person has gone on $3,025.12 worth of dates within the past year. And it comes to picking up the tab, just about the same percentage of respondents said they are likely to pay for a date (33%) as those who have the date paid for them (31%). 27% said they split bills.

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Most cars have 3 colors of lights on the outside: White for headlights and reverse lights, red for brake lights and rear lights and amber for turn signals. But Mercedes-Benz has just received approval to add a 4th color: turquoise blue lights that indicate the vehicle is driving itself. Only California and Nevada have approved the new light color – the 2 states where Mercedes’ “conditionally autonomous” Drive Pilot technology is legal. Drive Pilot can be used in traffic jams on some highways when vehicles are traveling less than 40mph (60pkh). The lights will signify that the driver may have taken their feet off the pedals, let go of the steering wheel and (unlike other driver assistance systems) completely taken their eyes off the road.

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Netflix is looking to expand the universe of its hit series “Wednesday” with a spin-off about ‘Uncle Fester’ now in development. Talks about the potential spin-off come as the show is preparing for production on its highly-anticipated second season to begin this spring. Reportedly, the spinoff is not set in stone, but Netflix is “eager to establish a pipeline” of “Addams Family”-themed programs to build off of the success of Wednesday.

Priscilla” star Jacob Elordi is heading to “Saturday Night Live,” making his hosting debut on the first show of 2024, on Jan. 20. He’ll be joined by musical guest ReneĆ© Rapp. Elordi most recently starred as ‘Elvis Presley’ in “Priscilla”, to critical acclaim. He is also known for his role on HBO’s “Euphoria.” Rapp just wrapped up a US tour in support of her debut album “Snow Angel.” She is also starring in “Mean Girls,” the movie adaptation of the Broadway musical.

George Clooney isn’t exactly rushing to don the Batsuit again. DC fans will recall that Clooney first became ‘Bruce Wayne’ for the 1997 film “Batman & Robin”, then unexpectedly reprised the role for a cameo in this year’s “The Flash”. Was that reappearance the first of many? Not likely. At the L.A. premiere of his latest directorial venture “The Boys in the Boat” Clooney addressed the question of his potential return to the DCEU, saying: “I don’t think there are enough drugs in the world for me to go back again.” He further joked that he only returned for The Flash because he assumed fans were dying to see him again.

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Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris says she was inspired to be an actress because of her father.

What did you accomplish during lockdown? I’m guessing these guys have you beat. Three Australian roommates, who happen to be scientists, spent their time conducting an investigation of the hidden world of biodiversity in their neighborhood – and they found more than 1,000 species in total. And now, what began as a casual challenge among friends has resulted in an academic research paper detailing the incredible variety of species thriving in urban landscapes. Their species census of their house and its surroundings revealed an astonishing 1,150 unique species of animals, plants, and fungi. One of the men, mathematician Dr. Matt Holden, said they asked ecologists and conservation scientists how many species they’d expect to find in this setting — and they predicted only 200. He feels their species survey shows “suburban houses and apartments could have far more biodiversity than ever imagined, especially when it comes to insects.” Most surprisingly, among the 436 moth and butterfly species, 56 distinct spider species, 8 reptiles, and 56 types of birds, were 3 species that had not been previously recorded in Australia’s leading biodiversity database: A type of mosquito, a sandfly, and an invasive flatworm.

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Finland has more saunas than cars.

No one knows who named Earth.

Worldwide, toilet flushing accounts for only 10% of water usage. Agriculture uses 70%.

The names of Barbie’s 5 sisters are: Skipper, Tutti, Stacie, Kelly and Krissy.

Gatorade was invented at the University of Florida, and named after the mascots of the school, Albert and Alberta Gator.


Question: 25% of people admit they’re still obsessed with THIS Christmas tradition. What is it?

Answer: Ugly Christmas sweaters

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For some reason, a brewery in New Zealand has invented a vending machine that dispenses free beer – to good guitarists. Panhead Custom Ales in Wellington created the “Slay to Pay” machine, which uses AI fingerprinting to rate guitarists’ shedding ability in real time. And if it decides your skill level is appropriate, it’ll dispense the booze. The company calls its invention “Souped-up Guitar Hero for Adults”.

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You lose most of your body heat from your head: Nope. Heat loss is closely related to surface area, and the head has only about 9% of the body’s surface area. On the other hand, if the rest of you is all covered up and your head isn’t, then you DO lose most of your heat from your head…

To warm up, sip coffee or brandy: Caffeine and alcohol hinder the body’s ability to produce heat. They can also cause your core temperature to drop. Instead, drink warm water, or something with sugar.

Cold weather can cause you to catch cold: Can we put this to rest right now? You catch cold from a virus, not from cold temperatures.

Rub your fingers or toes to warm them: Wiggle them instead. If exposed skin (including your face and ears) becomes cold, cover it with a warm hand until it feels better. Rubbing can cause tissue damage.

You should resist shivering: Shivering means that your body is trying to warm up, and that’s good. In fact, shivering can triple your body’s heat production.

If I’m cold, you must be cold too: Age, gender, fitness level and acclimatization all determine when you “feel” cold. And women generally feel cold before men do, possibly because they have less heat-generating ability.

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I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.” ~ Noel Coward

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Uber Driver Returns $8,000 To Teen After Leaving It Behind