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Dear John,

I just found out my parents are still in touch with my ex-husband. We broke up three years ago. We do not have kids together. He left me for one of my best friends from high school. It was an awful break up and I am so hurt that they're still talking to him. I only found out because I went over to visit and my dad was on the phone with him. My mom was trying to get me out of the house in a weird way. I was a bit confused and didn't quite understand what was going on. Then I heard my dad say goodbye to him, I wasn't supposed to hear that. I asked them why they were still talking to him. They said he has been in touch with them about things. They didn't want to be rude, so they were just kind to him. I asked what they talk about. My dad said they usually talk about sports, they both like the same football team. My mom said she doesn't really talk to him, but she said, if she answers the phone when he calls, he usually asks about me. I was so angry I ended up leaving their house for a few hours. When I came back I told them I do not want to talk about this. We need to just put it behind us. Do I ask them to break up with him too? Do I just let them be buddies? What's a girl to do?


Mortified Daughter

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December 7th

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What time is it that you usually “hit the wall”, and feel completely drained? For most of us, it’s precisely 2:36pm, according to a survey. In a poll of 2,000 adults, that mid-afternoon “crash” ties in nicely with what is sometimes called the “post-lunch slump”. It was determined that that employees typically face 3 big dips in their energy throughout the day. Perhaps alarmingly, 12% report experiencing their first slump before 9am, and one in 3 feel it while driving! And what impact do these energy declines have on us? 21% said they have found themselves crying, and 19% have had arguments with their partners during these crashes. Others have canceled social plans, forgotten important commitments, yelled at their children, fallen asleep in meetings, and made errors at work. Lack of sleep is the main culprit, survey respondents said. To combat these slumps, 37% said they turn to coffee, and an equal percentage take walks outside.

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There was almost a Mrs. Doubtfire 2”. Director Chris Columbus has revealed that talks for a sequel to the beloved 1993 comedy started in 2014, shortly before Robin William’s death. He explained that back then, “there was an attitude that sequels were looked down upon by the artists. So Robin was against doing a sequel immediately after.” But the year Williams passed away, someone had written a script “that was really strong”, the director said. Unfortunately, Williams passed away shortly after, so “there will never be a sequel to ‘Mrs. Doubtfire.’” The original was the 2nd-highest grossing film of 1993.

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The Simpsons” might be headed back to movie theaters, according to a new report. The industry newsletter, The Insneider, detailed in a profile of the upcoming James L. Brooks film “Ella McKay”, how it wants him to mount a sequel to “The Simpsons Movie”. The article explains how the Disney-owned 20th Century Studios wants to help grease the wheels with Brooks and co-creator Matt Groening, in order to get another Simpsons movie in the works. Newsletter author Jeff Sneider calls the plan a “We’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch ours deal, the likes of which have powered Hollywood for decades.”

Filmmakers of the “Fast & Furious” franchise have been ordered to pay a $1 million fine after a stuntman broke his skull while filming. Joe Watts fell 25 feet head-first onto concrete during a staged fight scene while filming “F9: The Fast Saga” in 2019 at Warner Bros. studio in Hertfordshire, UK. FF9 Pictures admitted health and safety failings in court and accepted the fine. The UK judge said on Friday that Watts is “fortunate to be alive” after prosecutors detailed how his safety line became detached as he performed a stunt that differed from the one that had been rehearsed.

Kim Kardashian is headed to Netflix. After a week-long bidding war, the streaming platform has acquired the distribution rights to her upcoming comedy “The Fifth Wheel”. The reality star and aspiring screen star is set to lead the female-driven ensemble cast, as well as serve as a producer on the project. No info about plot details has been released, nor have any casting decisions been announced, apart from Kardashian.

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Harry Styles has released a new fragrance.

A study claims that being in love makes you a less productive person.

YouTube Music has a new feature that uses AI to let users generate music in the style of pop stars like Sia, Demi Lovato, and T-Pain – with the permission of the artists. The tool, called “Dream Track”, produces unique backing tracks for creators on the YouTube shorts platform (which is similar to TikTok). The feature can auto-generate 30-second audio clips based your instruction, such as: “a ballad about how opposites attract, upbeat acoustic.” Nine artists signed on to have their vocal and instrumental likenesses cloned: Alec Benjamin, Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Papoose, Sia, T-Pain, and Troye Sivan. There is another YouTube tool called “Music AI”, which can turn a hummed tune into a guitar riff, or convert a song to a different genre.

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There’s an ant species unique to New York City, called ManhattAnts.

The year on a bottle of wine refers to when the grapes were picked, not when the wine was bottled.

Dark roasted coffee is weaker than medium roast. Roasting burns off caffeine.

The little bumpers on the underside of a toilet seat are called ‘buculets’.

In Spanish, the word “esposas” means both “wives” and “handcuffs.”


Question: According to a survey, THIS is the #1 thing people judge about your home?

Answer: The smell

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The sound of screams prompted a police response on Quadra Island, off the coast of British Columbia, and police are happy to say the call didn’t involve a person in distress, just a sad goat. RCMP said they received a report of someone screaming “help, help” off a ravine, and were concerned someone had fallen off the cliff. A news release says: “Further investigation revealed that the ‘help’ heard was actually a sad goat from a neighboring goat farm. The owner advised that the mama goat’s babies had just been removed and she was calling for them.” Police noted in their report that the goat’s cries sounded similar to someone yelling for help.

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Most people gain a full size during the holidays: MYTH. A study found that females gain about one pound and males 1.5 in the 6 weeks leading up to the New Year. That’s far less than the 7-10 pounds (3.2-4.5kg) often cited for this time of year.

Bloating isn’t the same as fat weight: FACT. One reason you may feel like you’ve packed on more weight is because many holiday foods trigger bloating and water retention. The main culprit? Carbs. And sodium.

Exercise staves off holiday pounds: MYTH. More than one study has found that those who work out around the holidays gain the same amount of weight as those who don’t. But remember, there are many other benefits to exercise, including stress reduction and improved sleep.

I’ll lose it in January: MYTH. Studies show most of us never lose our holiday padding, probably because after giving up on New Year’s resolutions, we tend to gain back any weight we’ve lost.

It’s not too late to avoid gaining weight this holiday season: FACT: Commit to 2 simple goals: budget your carbs, and drink more water. Both can help you avoid having to make that annual New Year’s resolution to lose weight.

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The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.”~ Kin Hubbard

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World's Oldest Living Land Animal Celebrates 191st Birthday