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Today we visit with actress Mariette Hartley (over 135 projects including The Incredible Hulk TV show and the movie Encino Man) We will visit about a new movie she's in. Our (Almost Completely True) Love Story will be available on December 8 on major streaming platforms including Amazon Instant, iTunes/Apple TV, Vimeo, GooglePlay, Vudu, and hoopla, as well as most cable providers. More info

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December 8th

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With Cyber Monday over and done with, you might be dealing with some “buyer’s remorse”, and plan to send back a few – or a few dozen – of your online purchases. It turns out that these days, so many online shoppers are returning their packages that many retailers say they’ve been forced to adjust their return policies. An estimated 44% of retailers now charge customers a fee to ship something back, up from 33% in 2021. And it makes sense, because processing costs companies money…plain and simple. But it isn’t all bad news for companies accepting returns. Call it “Girl Math” if you like, but a Harvard Business Review study found that consumers are more likely to spend refunded money than they would a bonus or unexpected cash they found — because most people see the money they receive from a return as “already lost”. The researchers recommend to retailers that they offer store credit or exchanges in order to hopefully avoid giving you your money back.

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There is a right way and a wrong way to eat Pringles chips. While you may be tempted to pop the canister open and place the concave side of the chip (Which faces down in the container) on your tongue, according to TikTok user @cookinhungry, snack lovers should place the top of the Pringle — the side facing upwards in the can — on their tongue, since most of the seasoning is distributed on that side. In 2017, Pringles stated that only the top of the chips are dusted with flavoring, and the bottom is only seasoned by coming into contact with the top of the chip stacked beneath it. However, they also said: “There’s no wrong way to eat Pringles!” LINK:

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Timothée Chalamet’s highly-anticipated “Charlie and the Charlie Factory” prequel musical “Wonka” has finally been unveiled to critics, and first reactions are that it is a “winning confection” and “an instant holiday classic.” Wonka, directed by “Paddington” filmmaker Paul King, casts Chalamet as a younger iteration of the famous chocolatier. The film is set years before Wonka opens his chocolate factory and follows the young man as he fights to open his first shop. Critic Courtney Howard wrote “Wonka” is “a winning confection, filled with perfect amounts of charm, whimsy & poignancy”, and called Chalamet “a charisma factory”. Gizmodo called Chalamet infinitely charming & a blast to watch,” but added: “The movie around him isn’t as good but it’s enjoyable.” Wonka opens Dec. 8.

Mark Cuban plans to leave “Shark Tank” after more than a decade on the ABC pitch show. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks said “it’s time” on the podcast “All the Smoke”, specifying that he wants “to have a couple summers with my teens before they go off on their own.” Cuban told Forbes on Monday that he’s “still got a whole new season to shoot” of the show, so his departure wouldn’t be until Season 16 ends in 2025. No official word from ABC. The current lineup of “sharks” is Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec.

Mark Cuban already has a name in mind to fill his seat on “Shark Tank”. The Dallas Mavs owner, who just announced that he has sold his majority interest in the team, and announced that he is leaving the ABC series after over 10 years, said his top pick is Emma Grede. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because she is the co-founder of Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS and Khloe Kardashian’s Good American brands. She’s also served as a recurring shark since 2021, making her the first Black woman investor on the show. Speaking with TMZ, Cuban said she is “insanely good.”

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I just read that a Galapagos tortoise once fathered over 800 offspring.

McDonald’s has announced it is making major changes to its burgers, including the use of brioche buns. Back in April, the restaurant promised pillowy buns, perfectly melted cheese – plus perfectly cooked patties. And now we have the details. By early next year, customers at all US McDonald’s locations can expect not only the brioche buns, but more sauce on Big Macs, fresher-tasting onions lettuce and pickles, and meltier cheese. The restaurant also promised that just 6 patties will be grilled at a time, rather than 8. With fewer patties, the auto-cooking mechanism will apply less pressure, which will reportedly result in juicier burgers. Sesame seeds will be spaced further apart, as well.

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People who look young for their age tend to live longer.

Popcorn is known to be one of the healthiest snacks. It builds bone, muscle, tissue, aids digestion, and is good for the teeth.

Gold is edible.

The average speed of a PGA Tour golf ball in flight is 160 mph (257 kph).


Question: A study found that about 70% of us do THIS when we go to the doctor. What is it?

Answer: Lie about our exercise and diet

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A 28-year-old spent $20,000 creating an ’80s Barbie-themed apartment – then decided to do the same to her new house. Hannah Dahl was trying out different colors on her home in LA when she painted the wall pink and had an “epiphany”, inspiring her to spend a year creating a whimsical, Barbie-inspired design. When she and her husband relocated to Guthrie, Oklahoma, she began painting every room pink and sourcing vintage finds – such as a heart-shaped bath tub – for the 2-bedroom “Barbie Dream House”. Her love for pink is also evident in her dress sense, and she also loves wearing princess dresses and vintage outfits – to match her house. She says the color pink “Feels so me”. Her husband? They are also working on building him a mancave.

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According to the annual Condé Nest Traveler readers survey…

1. Victoria, Canada: A taste of Old-World charm on Vancouver Island, it features beautiful gardens, great museums, a bustling harbor, and afternoon teas at chic hotels.

2. Dublin, Ireland: Nearly every street has (at least) one pub filled with tourists and friendly locals coming together to celebrate life—and that welcoming vibe lasts long after a few pints. (Recent events excluded…)

3. Quebec City, Canada: The city is historic and attractive, and its “Frenchness” is clearly reflected in its food (and its cobblestone charm).

4. Edinburgh, Scotland: Whether you’re looking for Gothic architecture, buzzy restaurants, or a few shots of whisky, Edinburgh has an artsy-cool vibe that encourages visitors to follow the locals into any tiny bakery or neighborhood bar.

5. Sydney, Australia: The beautiful seaside city has always been beloved, and it has some of the best beaches and coffee shops in the entire country.

6. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Beaches. Water sports. Nightlife. And this sandy, LGBTQ-friendly resort town is backed by palm-covered mountains.

7. Porto, Portugal: Known for its wine, it also has some of the best scenery in the country—and some of the happiest locals, too.

8. Cape Town, South Africa: World-class restaurants and culturally rich museums—not to mention the stunning parks, beaches, and wineries that are just a quick drive away.

9. Lisbon, Portugal: Coastal views, historic architecture, plus lots of fellow tourists and backpackers.

10. Kyoto, Japan: You can visit 10th-century temples and pass geishas in the street, plus there is a modern, artistic side as well.

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Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here. This is the war room.” ~ President Merkin Muffley

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Middle School Principal Adopts Student After She Gets Suspended