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December 5th

National Bathtub Party Day

International Ninja Day

Afl-Cio Day

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

International Volunteer Day


National Blue Jeans Day

National Communicate With Your Kids Day

National Commute With Your Baby Day

National Repeal Day

World Soil Day

National Sacher Torte Day

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So what’s YOUR plan? To watch your intake of treats and sweets (and egg nog) over the holidays, in an ultimately vain attempt at maintaining your waistline – or thoroughly enjoying yourself, and letting the flab fall where it may – and worry about it in the New Year? Three-quarters of us are choosing door #2, according to a new survey. 72% of the 2,000 Americans surveyed say they want to make the most of the rest of 2023, regardless of what that means for their diet. That number is WAAAY up from 54% in last year’s survey. In the 6th annual “Writing Off the End of the Year” survey, respondents said the expect to gain 8 (that’s right – EIGHT!) pounds (3.6kg) before the end of the year — compared to 5½ pounds (2.4kg) last year. Now for the fun part:

50% of respondents admit to having eaten so much during the holiday season that they’ve had to undo a button on their pants or loosen a belt.

35% said they have even eaten until they felt sick or full to bursting.

47% said they have eaten more than 3 meals in a day.

42% have eaten more than one dessert at a meal.

and 59% have eaten more than one of the same meals in a day.

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Adam Sandler has revealed that his iconic ‘Chanukah Song’ was supposed to have been sung by Roseanne Barr. He introduced The Chanukah Song in 1994 during the “Weekend Update” segment on “Saturday Night Live.” Although he wrote the holiday tune himself, Sandler revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood that Roseanne Barr — who was hosting that week — almost performed the song on the late-night show. Quote: “She was nice enough to say ‘no, let Adam do that, that’s his, he wrote it, that’s his song.’”

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Salma Hayek says her family always celebrate a “fake” Christmas to balance her and her husband’s cultures. She told Entertainment Tonight: “We have to fake one of the days because we have Christmas, Mexican style, with my family, and then we have French style with (husband Francois-Henri-Pinault’s) family.” She is the producer of the new festive film “El Sabor de la Navidad” – which translates to “The Flavor of Christmas” — which features 3 separate stories of families and friends trying to balance tradition and progression along with the idea of acceptance, as they try to honor a love for Mexican food.

Squid Game: The Challenge” contestants are threatening legal action against Netflix and producers after claiming they were injured during the filming of the game show. A British personal injuries law firm is representing 2 unnamed players who say they suffered hypothermia and nerve damage while shooting in cold conditions in the UK. The contestants’ allegations concern their experience shooting the show’s opening game ‘Red Light, Green Light,’ in which players must evade a menacing robotic doll. The firm said that the contestants “have been left with injuries after spending time being stuck in painful stress positions in cold temperatures.”

Are you waiting to see ‘Frasier Crane’ make a triumphant return to his old bar “Cheers” in the “Frasier” revival? You might as well be waiting to catch a glimpse of Norm’s wife Vera. Paramount+’s revival finds Kelsey Grammer‘s character moving back to Boston, where he spent a decade sitting on barstools on Cheers. But in a new interview, Grammer pours cold beer on the idea of Frasier checking in on the old gang. Quote: “I don’t think we should do that. We don’t want to desecrate a national monument.” He added that the decision not to go back is a testament to how highly they regard the original Cheers series, saying: “I think we honor it by excluding it.”

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Experts claim that 50% of today’s jobs won’t exist in a decade.

An Orthodontist in North Carolina is offering a free gun with an Invisalign treatment.


Amazon Kindle or Apple iPod? [The first Kindle was released in 2007. The iPod debuted in 2001.]

Dracula or Frankenstein? [Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was published in 1818. Bram Stoker’s Dracula was published in 1897.]

Calvin and Hobbes or Garfield? [Garfield was first published in 1976. Calvin and Hobbes showed up in 1985.]

DVD or TiVo? [DVDs were released in 1996. TiVo was founded in 1997.]

The Rolling Stones or The Beatles? [The Beatles were formed in 1960. The Rolling Stones were formed in 1962.]

The NFL or the NBA? [The NFL was founded in 1920. The NBA was founded in 1949.]

The shows “Family Guy” or “South Park”? [South Park first aired in 1997. Family Guy debuted in 1999.]

Jiffy Pop or Jiffy Lube? [Jiffy Pop was first marketed in 1959. Jiffy Lube started in 1971.]

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There is no speed limit for bicycles in the United Kingdom, but you can be charged with ‘cycling furiously’.

The oldest word in the English language is ‘town’.

All humans are 99.9% genetically identical.

Your fingernails are made from the same substance as a bird’s beak.

Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel so he could star in ‘Spider-Man’ movies.

The communicator (walkie-talkie) used in “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” is actually a Gillette women’s razor.


Question: 7% of us have stolen THIS from our workplace. What is it?

Answer: Toilet paper

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NFL superstar QB Patrick Mahomes has confirmed that he’s worn the same pair of underwear every game day for his entire NFL career. What’s more, he claims he only washes the underpants when the team loses — which isn’t very often these days, given Kansas City’s record this year of 7 wins, 2 losses. Why does he do this? He told ESPN’s “Manningcast”: (My) wife Brittany got them for me, so…I have to wear them. At the same time, I threw them on that first season, we had a pretty good season.” His underwear’s rookie campaign was 2017.

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Germany: Max Mustermann

Finland: Matti Meikäläinen

Many Spanish-speaking countries: Fulano de Tal

Italy: Mario Rossi

Russia: Ivan Ivanovich

The Philippines: Juan dela Cruz

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The greatest thief this world has ever produced is procrastination, and he is still at large.” ~ Josh Billings

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Support Pours In For Two Boys After Act Of Kindness Caught On Camera