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February 27th

Anosmia Awareness Day

National Kahlua Day

National Polar Bear Day

National Protein Day

National Retro Day

National Strawberry Day

No Brainer Day

Pokemon Day

The Big Breakfast Day

World NGO Day

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People who experience “FOMO” are more likely to be promiscuous. FOMO, an acronym for “Fear Of Missing Out” popularized by author Patrick J. McGinnis in 2004, has become a popular shortform on social media. But a new study published in Current Research in Behavioral Sciences found FOMO goes back waaay before that. Co-author Adam Davis said they determined that “higher levels of FOMO were associated with a greater desire to seek out short-term sex partners.”

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Older people tend to use the wrong emojis. A new study out of the University of Nottingham found that older people commonly misuse emojis — such as surprised, fearful, sad and angry reactions — to express their emotions through texting. Researchers tested a group of 253 Chinese and 270 United Kingdom adults, and found “a negative association between age and accuracy in emoji recognition in general.” The study’s lead author said: “Some ‘universal’ facial emotions may not be ‘universal’ when they transfer to emoji.”

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Gordon Ramsay made a fan’s dream come true. The TV chef posted a touching TikTok video of him meeting longtime fan Madison, who has been diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer. Ramsay flew Madison to see him in Miami after she shared her goal of wanting to meet him as part of a “bucket list” video on TikTok that went viral in January — which has amassed over 7 million views. Footage in Ramsay’s vid showed Madison getting emotional as she held hands with him, before he gave her a hug. The pair were also seen laughing as Ramsay gave Madison a few twirls while dancing together in his restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen. They also enjoyed dinner together. LINK:

Marvel Studios has its “Fantastic Four.” The superhero quartet — the first characters created for Marvel by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby — will be played by Pedro Pascal as ‘Reed Richards’ (aka ‘Mr. Fantastic’), Vanessa Kirby as ‘Sue Storm’ (‘Invisible Woman’), Joseph Quinn as ‘Johnny Storm’ (‘The Human Torch’) and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as ‘Ben Grimm’ (‘The Thing’). As part of the announcement, Disney also revealed that the release date of “The Fantastic Four” is now July 25, 2025.

Will Smith is set to star and produce the upcoming crime action thriller “Sugar Bandits”. Based on the 2010 novel “Devils in Exile” by Chuck Hogan, who also wrote the screenplay, Smith will play ‘Maven’, an Iraq War veteran who struggles to fit back into civilian life in Boston. He joins a gang of fellow war vets who rip off drug dealers, only to find himself being hunted by both a DEA agent and a vengeful drug lord. No release date yet.

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I’m not sure you really want to hear this, but a top researcher is warning that uncontrollable artificial intelligence may eventually lead to the extinction of the human race. Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy, an AI safety expert and an associate professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Louisville, was responding to a new survey that found there isn’t much evidence to suggest that AI can be managed safely. He said in a media release: “We are facing an almost guaranteed event with potential to cause an existential catastrophe. No wonder many consider this to be the most important problem humanity has ever faced. The outcome could be prosperity or extinction, and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.” The main problem, as Dr. Yampolskiy sees it, is the complexity and unpredictability of AI systems, which can learn, adapt, and make decisions in ways that humans cannot foresee or understand. This makes ensuring their safety very complex…and potentially unachievable. He suggests that the pursuit of advanced AI should also involve demonstrating that it can be controlled, and is asking for a significant ramp-up in AI safety research.

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Nintendo trademarked the phrase “It’s on like Donkey Kong” in 2010.

Believe it or not, Ripley’s creator Robert Ripley died on the TV set of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!”

Herring fish communicate through flatulence.

After eating a large meal, a lion can sleep for up to 24 hours straight.

✓ “The Lion King” was originally named “King of the Jungle” until producers realized that lions don’t actually live in jungles.


Question: Nearly 60% of people with one of THESE, don’t use it for its originally intended purpose. What is it?

Answer: A garage

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A woman tried to sneak out of a private hospital in Turkey, hours after undergoing plastic surgery in an attempt to avoid paying. In a clip that has been doing the rounds online, a woman wearing a hospital robe and white slippers can be seen arguing with doctors and nurses who are trying to stop her from leaving. The woman’s face is visibly swollen and almost completely covered in bandages. which makes sense when considering she had undergone extensive plastic surgery just hours prior. A local TV station reported she had traveled to Turkey to get plastic surgery to her face, but as soon as she could walk straight after the cosmetic procedure, she allegedly tried to sneak out of the hospital without paying. The patient was escorted back inside, but it’s unclear how the situation was resolved.

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This week, announced it is adding 327 new entries. Here are some of them – which ones do you already know?

Bed rotting: The practice of spending many hours in bed during the day, often with snacks or an electronic device, as a voluntary retreat from activity or stress.

Bussin’: Great; wonderful; amazing.

Barbiecore: An aesthetic or style featuring playful pink outfits, accessories, decor, etc., celebrating and modeled on the wardrobe of the Barbie doll.

Cheat code: A ploy or technique that bypasses traditional methods or rules in order to improve oneself or one’s success.

Girl dinner: An attractively presented collection of snacks that involve little preparation, such as small helpings of cold cuts, cheese, fruit, cherry tomatoes, etc., sufficient to constitute a meal for one.

Greedflation: A rise in prices that is not due to market pressure or other factor organic to the economy, but caused by corporate executives, property owners, etc., solely to increase profits that are already healthy or excessive.

Keto flu: A temporary feeling of illness or physical unease often experienced by those starting a keto diet.

Pretty privilege: An unearned and mostly unacknowledged societal advantage that a person has by fitting into the beauty standards of their culture.

Slow fashion: A movement that emphasizes eco-friendly, well-made clothing, maintenance and repair of garments to extend their lifespan, and a reduction of one’s consumption of new clothing items.

Range anxiety: The apprehension or fear that an electric vehicle’s battery will run out of power before reaching one’s destination or a charging station.

Skiplagging: The practice of purchasing a ticket for a flight with a layover at one’s true destination, getting off at the layover point, and skipping the last leg, in order to avoid paying a higher fare for a direct flight to one’s supposed destination.

The ick: A sudden feeling of disgust or dislike, often in response to the actions of another person.

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Anybody who tells you money can’t buy happiness never had any.” —Samuel L. Jackson

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Meet Corra: Baby Elephant Takes Her First Steps At Disney's Animal Kingdom