Show Notes for Friday, March 15, 2024

Today we visit with Garret Dillahunt about his new film “RED RIGHT HAND”, which is co-directed by Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms and stars Orlando Bloom, Garret Dillahunt, Scott Haze, and Andie MacDowell.

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You know how it is when you have a really busy day, and nothing seems to go right? And you swear you can feel your hair turning grey? Well, scientists at North Carolina State University say younger adults really can look and feel older on especially stressful days. Study authors collected data from 107 people between the ages of 18-36. The key finding was that “on days when study participants reported experiencing higher levels of stress than they normally did, they also reported looking and feeling older.” Interestingly, though, this was only true on days when they also reported feeling that they had less control over their lives than they normally did. The scientists say this tells us that the phenomenon of stress making people feel older is not limited to older adults – and it could result in negative health outcomes, long-term.

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A soft drink company is hiring what they call “soda consultants” to embark on an American adventure. OLIPOP, a trendy soda brand that offers a variety of flavors, says in its “Dream Job Alert” that it “is looking for two real besties great at creating content, and open to traveling to each city on OLIPOP’s tour to share their love of soda.” The “senior soda consultants” will visit 4 cities across the U.S. with $10,000 allotted for each city. The perfect candidates are 2 best friends who can create content showcasing the cities they visit and represent OLIPOP. Last year, the company received over 90,000 applications from people who were interested in the role. LINK:


Get your swords ready, citizens of Westeros: “House of the Dragon” will return for Season 2 this June on HBO. The new release date info was announced by Warner Bros. Discovery CEO and president of global streaming and games JB Perrette. Previously, HBO had only said that Season 2 would debut sometime this summer. A spinoff of the mega-hit “Game of Thrones”, House of the Dragon takes place about 200 years earlier, tracing the conflicts that plague the ruling Targaryen dynasty.

Like the end of a slo-mo music montage on the beach, the “Baywatch” reboot has found a home: Fox has announced that it is developing a new version of the classic ’90s beach romp that starred David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. In the new iteration, “Daring ocean rescues, pristine beaches, and iconic red bathing suits are back, along with a whole new generation of Baywatch lifeguards, who navigate complicated, messy personal lives in this action-packed reboot”, says the project’s official description.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Vanderpump Rules” star and executive producer Lisa Vanderpump is bringing her restaurant expertise to Season 2 of Fox’s competition series “Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars”. She’ll face off against her longtime friend Ramsay as they each select food and beverage industry entrepreneurs to join their teams. Season 2 of Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars premieres May 22.

Chalk up one more thing that Kate Hudson can do. For decades, the actress/business & fitness mogul has delighted audiences with a variety of projects — and her latest turn is singer/songwriter. The “Almost Famous” star recently shared a new single ‘Talk About Love’, and now she has dropped a music video to go with it. The song was co-written Hudson, Songwriters Hall of Famer Linda Perry, and singer/songwriter Danny Fujikawa (who happens to be Hudson’s fiancĂ©). Hudson compares her debut single to “the rock, the pop, the dance music and even a bit of the alternative records I love.” LINK:

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A study found that cats have horrible short-term memories.

Do you have a hard time falling asleep sometimes? You’re not alone – but this might help: Try doing the exact opposite of what you’re probably been doing. According to a TikTok trend, you should try NOT to sleep. Maybe even try keeping your eyes open. This counterintuitive technique is known as “paradoxical intention”, and while it might be new to TikTok, it’s a tested method supported by science, that is used to battle a bunch of phobias and anxiety. It boils down to this when it comes to trying to sleep: “You should try to remain awake” even “during the night when you wake up,” says Colin Espie, a professor of sleep medicine at University of Oxford. This “reverse intention” may help you conquer the “involuntary process” of falling asleep. More tips include going to bed when you’re sleepy (and not before), and instead of closing your eyes, keep them open. You should notice that eventually, this becomes harder and harder, and instead of battling yourself to get to sleep, suddenly you’re fighting to keep your eyes open. LINK:

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Your funny bone is actually a nerve.

✓ ‘Mulan’ has the highest kill count of any Disney character, including villains.

79% of pet owners sleep with their pets.

Even though smoking is banned there, ashtrays are mandatory on every plane. This is for safe disposal in case someone breaks the law.

Pineapples are named after pinecones, thanks to the similarity of its spiky outer skin.


Question: 23% of people who have quit their job — did THIS first. What is it?

Answer: Called their Mom

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A high school in Kentucky was evacuated after “fart spray” was unleashed inside the facility on Tuesday. Police say that shortly after 11am, school officials began receiving reports of “a strong gas odor” inside Oldham County High School in Buckner. The scent prompted officials to evacuate students and faculty from the building. The fire department used equipment to clear the odor, and students returned to class. Detectives later determined that the cause of the odor was “a non-toxic concentrated liquid product commonly advertised online for use in pranks,” with the school describing the product as a “fart spray.”

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☞ “Catching” a yawn shows empathy. And you are more likely to “catch” a yawn if you have high levels of empathy.

Women have twice as many pain receptors than men. That’s why, for almost every disease, women report having more severe pain.

Intelligent people tend to have fewer friends.

Bilingual people change their personalities, depending on what language they are speaking. Why? It’s natural to tap into the cultural norms, expressions, and behaviors of each language.

The happier you are, the less sleep you need. That’s likely because people feeling more relaxed, content, and happy fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

People have dreaming sensations at the moment of death. This could be the “life flashing before our eyes” experience that we’ve heard of.

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The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” —Oscar Wilde

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March Meowness: Public Library Comes Up With Genius Solution For Unpaid Dues