Show Notes for Friday, March 22, 2024

Today we visit with Steven McBee Jr. (Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer) 

His whole family is now doing an unscripted show that has been described asYellowstone meets reality TV, The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys is a captivating new docuseries streaming on Peacock and airing weekly on USA Network. The series focuses on the McBee family who own a farm & cattle ranch in rural Missouri, which is on the brink of becoming a billion-dollar business -- or a financial disaster. The fate of the farm may rest in the hands of patriarch Steve whose philandering ways could be the undoing of both the farm and his family. Meanwhile, three of Steve’s four sons all vie to take over the farm when he retires, causing conflict within the family and putting the future of the farm in doubt.


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In spite of the fact that people who often exaggerate or downright lie often think they can tell when someone else is doing the same thing, a new Canadian study has found that these liars are actually MORE likely to be fooled by misleading information. A team from the University of Waterloo worked with over 800 volunteers in a series of trials examining their lying skills. They determined that the more frequently a person tends to be untruthful, “the more likely they are to be duped by various types of misleading information regardless of their cognitive ability.”

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More than half of young workers admit they use minor illnesses to avoid “adulting”. A survey of 1,000 millennial and 1,000 Gen Z office employees revealed that 54% refuse to do things like laundry (59%), buying groceries (59%), and cleaning their room or apartment (58%), chores which often end up being done by their unfortunate parents, partners, or roommates.


The Batman 2” has been delayed a year and will now be released on Oct. 2, 2026, Warner Bros. Discovery has announced. Robert Pattinson will return to star in the sequel, which was originally set to hit theaters in October 2025, but was delayed due to the 2023 Hollywood strikes. The Batman 2 will open in the early October slot that has worked well for Warner in the past, contributing to the strong debuts of films such as “A Star Is Born” in 2018 and “Joker” in 2019. “Joker: Folie à Deux,” starring Joquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga, will open on this same weekend in 2024.

Al Pacino is opening up about his life like never before in his upcoming memoir “Sonny Boy,” set for release on Oct. 8. The legendary 83-year-old actor, known for his roles in iconic films such as “The Godfather” trilogy and “Scarface”, goes into detail about his childhood in the Bronx, his time at New York’s High School of Performing Arts, his formative years in the theater scene, and his big Hollywood break. “Sonny Boy” is available for pre-order now.

Jeopardy!” is hosting its first-ever invitational tournament, and the field of contestants is set. The new tournament, casually named “JIT”, will debut the day after the current Tournament of Champions concludes. It will feature champions and fan-favorite trivia masters battling for a $100,000 prize and an invitation to compete in the 2024 Jeopardy Masters primetime event. The list of competitors includes the internet’s favorite Jeopardy competitor Austin Rogers, as well as the players who finished 4th, 5th, and 6th in the 2023 Jeopardy Masters tournament, Andrew He, Amy Schneider, and Sam Buttrey.

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The First Cannabis Church of Georgia is now open, and welcoming an inclusive community dedicated to the spiritual and healing properties of cannabis.


X user @noahpasaran recently posted that he was shocked to discover that the term “Debbie Downer” originated from the 2004 “Saturday Night Live” sketch of the same name, rather than the sketch being named after an existing phrase, like most people probably assumed. The ‘Debbie Downer’ character (played by Rachel Dratch) is the ultimate party pooper who is even able to make a trip to Disney World a miserable experience. That led to a thread where X users shared other popular phrases that people thought existed way before they did, and also similarly, had unexpected origins. Here are some examples, which we believe to be correct…

• “Bucket list”: @JakeAnbinder wrote that the term (meaning a list of things you’d like to do before you die) came from the movie “The Bucket List” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, and was coined by screenwriter Justin Zackham in 2007.

• “Wardrobe Malfunction”: @zedonarrival pointed out that this one originated when Justin Timberlake used the term in 2004 during his public statement about the Janet Jackson “nipplegate” incident during the Super Bowl halftime show.

• “Mullet”: @ecto_fun claimed that the name for the hairstyle originated in 1994, thanks to the Beastie Boys’ song ‘Mullet Head’. While the hairstyle certainly existed before then, Oxford English Dictionary credits the Beasties for the name.

• “Saying the quiet part out loud”: @GarlicCorgi pointed out that the phrase “saying the quiet part out loud” comes from “The Simpsons”. In a 1995 episode, ‘Krusty the Clown’ says: “Let’s just say it moved me…to a bigger house! Oops! I said the loud part quiet and the quiet part loud!” The phrase gained popularity on Twitter, and transformed into “the quiet part out loud” in the 2010s.

BONUS: • “Shipping”: The fandom term, which is used when fans want 2 people or characters to enter into a relationship, exists thanks to “X-Files” fans really, really wanting ‘Mulder’ and ‘Scully’ to get together in 1994. That’s according to an article in For The Win. LINK:

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The original version of “The Beauty and the Beast”, written in 1740, was aimed to make women open to arranged marriages.

Some pandas fake a pregnancy to get better healthcare in zoos.

Before clocks were common, the terms “deosil” and “widdershins” were used for ‘clockwise’ and ‘counter-clockwise’.

More people speak English as their second language than those who use it as their mother tongue.

Male cats are called ‘toms’, and females are called ‘queens’ or ‘mollies’.


Question: A survey of parents with kids under the age of 14 say THIS is their biggest challenge each day. What is it?

Answer: Getting them out of bed

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The California Highway Patrol says there were brief traffic delays after a pickup truck spilled hundreds of rolls of toilet paper onto the highway. Three boxes of toilet paper fell from the back of the Ford F-350 on Interstate 5 in Santa Clarita about 12:20 p.m. Monday. Footage shows traffic backed up as police throw rolls of toilet paper over the cement barrier separating the roadway from a construction site.

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It would seem that sometimes, when lawyers decide to go into business together, they either don’t realize – or they don’t care what their names sound like together.

Payne & Fears (California)

Low, Ball & Lynch (California)

Smart & Biggar (Ontario)

Bickers & Bickers (Pennsylvania)

Boring & Coy (Indiana)

Slappy & Sad (Georgia)

Sexter & Warmflash (New York)

Titsworth & Grabbe (Georgia)

Walkup & Downing (California)

Butts & Butts (Virginia)

Rush, Rush & Delay (Arkansas)

Lawless & Lawless (California)

Weiner & Cox (Michigan)

Lies & Bullis (North Dakota)

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Sometimes you lie in bed at night and you don’t have a single thing to worry about. That always worries me!” —Charlie Brown

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Man's Life Saved By McDonald's Worker Who Used Defibrillator