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Dear John,

I need to know what the appropriate age gap in a relationship is before I make a major life decision. I think I have found my "one in a million". He's a multi-millionaire and I love him. And he loves me. He wants to be married. The problem is that I'm 23. He's 58. All my friends think it's a huge mistake. My family thinks I'm crazy. And my coworkers think I'm just in it for the money. We started dating two years ago and have been inseparable since. Last year, I moved in with him. He lives in a 9-bedroom mansion. And I love it. He looks much older than me, of course. And we often get comments about him being old enough to be my dad. That's weird, because he's actually older than my dad. A lot of people think I am just another one of his young girlfriends and I'm only after his money. He may be older, but he is definitely young at heart. We hit it off "instantly," and I think it's the real thing. There's one other complication. I'm 23. He has three kids...a daughter that's my age...also 23. A son that's 21, and a 17-year old daughter. Everyone is warning me about this, but I don't think it's anyone else's business. But then again, what if I'm wrong. Should I listen to the warnings?


In Love

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March 21st

Big Bang Day

Credit Card Reduction Day

Education Freedom Day

Free Cone Day

Harmony Day

International Colour Day

International Day For The Elimination Of Racial Discrimination

International Day Of Forests

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World Down Syndrome Day

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Laughing at your boss’s dumb jokes can lower your job satisfaction. A new study has found that bosses who make too many jokes can actually harm employee wellbeing. The study, published in the Academy of Management Journal, looks at how “leader humor” puts pressure on subordinates to engage in “surface acting,” which includes faking or exaggerating positive reactions. It found that bosses who make too many jokes actually increase the amount of surface acting employees do, which can then lead to emotional exhaustion or burnout, and lower levels of job satisfaction. The researchers say the study suggests that bosses need to be thoughtful about how they express humor.

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Do you really need to take 10,000 steps a day for good health? Although studies have shown that you really only need to take half that many, a new report finds 10,000 is still a good goal for those who sit for much of the day, like office workers. University of Sydney researchers found that taking 9,000-10,000 steps per day correlated with 21% decrease in the risk of cardiovascular diseases – and a 39% reduction in death risk, no matter how much time was spent being sedentary. The scientists say their study highlights the fact that all movement matters, and that people should “try to offset the health consequences of… sedentary time by upping their daily step count.”


Conan O’Brien’s new streaming series will debut April 18 on Max. The international travel series “Conan O’Brien Must Go” will feature the former late-night host visiting new friends he’s met via his podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan”. There will be 4 episodes in season 1. The series’ debut comes 3 years after it was announced that O’Brien would leave his post as late-night TV’s elder statesman and resurface on Max with a weekly variety series. LINK:

Kim Kardashian was spotted hanging out with Kanye West’s current wife Bianca Censori at the rapper’s “Vultures 2” listening party in San Francisco on Tuesday night. Kardashian, who was married to West from 2014-21, was spotted talking with the rapper’s wife during the star-studded event at the Chase Center. Video footage shows her standing with her children and Censori behind a police barrier, grooving and mouthing the words to a song as Kanye performs, and the 2 seemed comfortable in each other’s presence. LINK:

Zach Galifianakis has been cast in Season 4 of Hulu’s “Only Murders in the Building”. “The Hangover” star’s casting was confirmed by Eva Longoria, who told “Entertainment Tonight” that Season 4 has “started shooting.” She went on to drop some of the castmembers names, stating: “I had to pinch myself, we were just on set and it’s Steve Martin, Martin Short, Meryl Streep, Molly Shannon, Eugene Levy, Zach Galifianakis, me — Selena Gomez… and I’m like, ‘Where am I?'” Although details of Galifianakis’ character, are being kept under wraps, Hulu said he will play a role “that becomes integral to the twist and turns of this season’s investigation.”

Neve Campbell will return as ‘Sydney Prescott’ in the next “Scream” movie. In an Instagram post, she said she’s been asked back and is happy to return for the next film in the series. For now, it is known only as “Untitled Scream 7” and will be directed by original writer Kevin Williamson. Campbell, an original Scream star, did not appear in the 6th movie of the franchise that hit theaters last year, due to a pay dispute. LINK:

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I just read that using social media can hurt a student’s chances of being accepted into some colleges.

A study claims that those who are divorced are about 25% more likely to die early than those who are married.


• “My strengths? I once walked away from a plate of nachos with extra guacamole.”

• “It’s not a felony in most states.”

• “I know you are, but what am I?”

• “What can I bring to this company? Donuts every Friday.”

• “I work well with others — as long as they’re not idiots.”

• “You look so different with your clothes on.”

• “I’d like to speak to my lawyer before I answer any questions.”

• “What do I see myself doing in 5 years? Ten to Twenty.”

• “I always quit before they can fire me.”

• “Convicted of a crime? No, never convicted…”

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Martha Stewart’s prison nickname was “M. Diddy.”

The world’s most successful pirate was a woman (19th-century Chinese pirate Ching Shih).

A study showed that the brains of people who exercise moderately look 10 years younger than those who don’t.

Women have more taste buds than men.

Humans have the same number of hair follicles as chimpanzees.


Question: According to an article in Home Magazine, THIS is the #1 thing that makes people happy. What is it?

Answer: Getting a good night’s sleep

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A mysterious silver monolith has been found on a Welsh hillside, evoking memories of when similar structures appeared around the world in 2020. Richard Haynes was out for a run on Hay Bluff when he came across the 10-foot-tall metal monolith. He described it as “triangular, definitely stainless steel. It was hollow and I imagine pretty light — light enough for 2 people to carry it up and plant it in the ground.” The column is similar to one discovered in a Utah desert in 2020. That was followed by more discoveries in California, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, Romania, and England’s Isle of Wight. An anonymous art collective called The Most Famous Artist later took credit for several of the US-based monoliths. No one has claimed responsibility for the Welsh structure.

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Pushing a button 7 times just to get the character you wanted while writing a text. Then missing it and having to start over.

Having to download an app for a flashlight.

Accidentally hitting the ‘Internet’ button on your flip-phone and running up charges.

Changing the TV to channel 3 in order to watch the VCR.

Having to clean your mouse ball.

Telling everyone to call you after 9 so you don’t use up all your cellphone minutes.

Carrying around a cellphone AND an MP3 player.

Having to get up to switch the videotape for part 2 of “Titanic”.

Typing ‘WWW’ before every website.

Wait for your Netflix movie to arrive by snail-mail.

Eagerly anticipate arriving home so you could check your laptop and see who was writing on your Facebook wall.

And remember when you had to use a TV to watch TV?

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Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.” —Redd Fox

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A new AI-powered app developed by physician-scientists at the University of Pittsburgh can diagnose ear infections via smartphone, and is capable of decreasing unnecessary antibiotic use in children. The AI tool works by looking at video of a patient’s eardrum and assessing its shape, position, color, and translucency, to make a diagnosis. Around 70% of children develop an ear infection before the age of 1, however the affliction is often confused with other issues such as fluid behind the ear, which can lead to infections being incorrectly diagnosed and incorrectly treated. This can result in unnecessary antibiotic use, which can compromise their effectiveness and interfere with a child’s developing gut microbiome.