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Today we visit with marine turned author Aaron Michael Grant about his book “Taking Baghdad: Victory in Iraq With the US Marines” one of the few histories of Operation Iraqi Freedom written by a Marine who actually served in the war. It covers the twenty-two-day push to Baghdad in 2003, which was was one of the most efficient conflicts in the annals of warfare. This book is for soldiers and civilians, for historians and the young who need to understand war. So much more than facts and figures, Taking Baghdad is a dynamic account of the real struggles of war. Corporal Grant illuminates success in Iraq for those who see Iraq for what it became afterward: a war in which America lost heart. Written on sand-covered pages during the invasion and after, the author guides us step by step on a journey through the desert, through war and peace.


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March 23rd

Atheist Day

Cuddly Kitten Day

National Chia Day

National Chip And Dip Day

National Melba Toast Day

National Near Miss Day

National Puppy Day

National Tamale Day

Ok Day

Ravenclaw Pride Day

World Meteorological Day

March 24th

Day Of Remembrance For Truth And Justice

Flatmate’s Day

International Day For Achievers

International Day For The Right To The Truth Concerning Human Rights Violations And For The Dignity Of Victims

National Adverse Drug Event Awareness Day

National Cheesesteak Day

National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

National Cocktail Day

National Each Person Is A Person Of Worth Day

Tuberculosis Day

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You know how when you get your bill after eating at a restaurant, the server sometimes writes a little “Thank you” at the bottom, and maybe draws a little smiley-face? Well, get used to seeing a lot more smiley faces – only these ones will be visible on the payment terminal. Why? Well, a new study has found that including positive emojis makes customers tip more. The research, published in the International Journal of Hospitality Management, determined that a payment terminal’s inclusion of a happy face emoji can boost service tips by up to 30%. In a series of tests, full-service restaurants experienced a tipping average increase of 2% with the presence of emojis on the payment terminal. But a food delivery app saw tips jump by 9.9%, and, most significantly, take-out services saw their tips skyrocket by 30%. Experts say that, just like being smiled at by an actual person, virtual smiles activate a region of the brain closely associated with facial perception.

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A company that analyzes canine DNA identified a woman as 40% Alaskan Malamute. DNA My Dog claims to provide customers with the “highest possible accuracy” in determining a dog’s breed via analysis of a cheek swab. An investigative team decided to put DNA My Dog, and other services like it, to the test. But instead of sending in a cheek swab from a dog, they submitted DNA taken from the cheek of reporter Christina Hager. Two companies, Orivet and Wisdom Panel, found that the DNA could not yield a reliable result. But DNA My Dog determined that Hager is 40% Alaskan Malamute, 35% cent Shar-Pei, and 25% Labrador.


Kung Fu Panda 4” and “Dune: Part Two” both did well in North American theaters, staying ahead of Mark Wahlberg’s new based-on-a-real-dog drama “Arthur the King,” which earned a projected $7.5 million over the weekend domestically, good enough for third-place at the box-office. In a tight race for first, Kung Fu Panda 4 looked to beat out Dune: Part Two with a sophomore gross of $30 million, about a million more than the Dune sequel.

There may be more “Dune” in Jason Momoa’s future, as the actor has teased a potential return to Arrakis for “Dune 3” – should it go ahead. The “Aquaman” star was talking about a possible comeback for his character ‘Duncan Idaho’, introduced in 2021’s “Dune”. In Denis Villeneuve’s recently-released sequel “Dune: Part Two”, Duncan is notably absent, after sacrificing himself in the first film. Asked about a surprise return for his character, Momoa hinted at a special scene intended for the first film that didn’t make the final cut, but said he can’t elaborate, because he’d “get in trouble”. Quote: There was something that was really cool that went into the movie that didn’t make the first one, and it was pretty epic.” While a 3rd film hasn’t been announced, Villeneuve has teased that production is in its very early stages.

Jeremy Renner says Robert Downey Jr. kept his spirits up while he recovered from his 2023 snowplow accident. In an interview with People, Renner joked that Downey Jr’s FaceTime calls felt “like we were dating or something.” The Oscar-winner’s advice? Renner said: “He’s like, ‘Dude, the most important thing is you look good. I don’t care how you feel, as long as you look good, that’s all that matters. Downey Jr. also told Renner that he and his wife are big fans of “Mayor Of Kingstown”, and encouraged him by saying: “You’ve got to get back to do Mayor, because we need to see what happens”. Renner called Downey Jr’s support “very heartwarming”.

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Facebook estimates that 5% of its users are fake.

A 100-year-old World War II veteran plans to marry his 96-year-old girlfriend.


Would you rather have bad breath, or smelly feet?

Would you rather have a hamster-sized dog, or a dog-sized hamster?

Would you rather live forever with an eyelash in your eye, or spinach in your teeth?

Would you rather never have to clean a bathroom again, or never have to do dishes again?

Would you rather only wear one color each day, or have to wear 7 colors each day?

Would you rather eat rice with every meal and never be able to eat bread, or eat bread with every meal and never be able to eat rice?

Would you rather adopt a British accent every time you’re having a serious conversation, or involuntarily laugh every time someone cries?

Would you rather give up social media, or eat the same dinner for the rest of your life?

Would you rather go on a-double date with your parents, or your ex?

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Dolphins give each other names, using their unique vocal whistles.

Losing weight can cause your memory to improve.

The inventor of the frisbee had his ashes turned into a frisbee, so he’d be able to play with his son even when he wasn’t around.

✓ “Dreamt” is the only English word that ends with the letters ‘m-t’.

To “snirtle” means to laugh with snorts.

Cats can’t taste sweet flavors.


34% of people say they have never cleaned THIS in their house. What is it?

Answer: Their curtains

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YouTube creators are now required to label when realistic-looking videos were made using artificial intelligence, part of a broader effort by the company to be transparent about content that could otherwise confuse or mislead users. When a user uploads a video to the site, they will see a checklist asking if their content makes a real person say or do something they didn’t do, alters footage of a real place or event, or depicts a realistic-looking scene that didn’t actually occur. The disclosure is meant to help prevent users from being confused by synthetic content amid a proliferation of new, consumer-facing generative AI tools that make it quick and easy to create compelling text, images, video and audio that can often be hard to distinguish from the real thing. Online safety experts have raised alarms that the proliferation of AI-generated content could confuse and mislead users across the internet, especially ahead of elections in the United States and elsewhere in 2024. YouTube creators will be required to identify when their videos contain AI-generated or otherwise manipulated content that appears realistic — so that YouTube can attach a label for viewers — and could face consequences if they repeatedly fail to add the disclosure. The platform announced that the update would be coming in the fall, as part of a larger rollout of new AI policies. When a YouTube creator reports that their video contains AI-generated content, YouTube will add a label in the description noting that it contains “altered or synthetic content” and that the “sound or visuals were significantly edited or digitally generated.” For videos on “sensitive” topics such as politics, the label will be added more prominently on the video screen. Content created with YouTube’s own generative AI tools, which rolled out in September, will also be labeled clearly, the company said last year. YouTube will only require creators to label realistic AI-generated content that could confuse viewers into thinking it’s real. Creators won’t be required to disclose when the synthetic or AI-generated content is clearly unrealistic or “inconsequential,” such as AI-generated animations or lighting or color adjustments. The platform says it also won’t require creators “to disclose if generative AI was used for productivity, like generating scripts, content ideas, or automatic captions.” Creators who consistently fail to use the new label on synthetic content that should be disclosed may face penalties such as content removal or suspension from YouTube’s Partner Program, under which creators can monetize their content.

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Bring back old names, let me meet a toddler named Earl & his best friend Larry – Goldimocks

Fridge ice dispenser- (For) when you want some ice in your cup but also some on the floor — Heatherhere

Why do my fully charged AirPods deplete at different rates? Do I listen harder out of one ear? — Cat

I hate when doctors knock before they come in. Like what do you want me to say ‘who is it?’ – Mommeh Dearest

Having a dramatic falling out with somebody is so embarrassing .. people will be like “what happened” and now you have to sound like a 7-year-old – michaela okland

Me as a kid: I can handle anything that comes my way! Me as an adult: I hurt myself sneezing and they rearranged my grocery store. I don’t think I can go on. – Abby Heugel

Yeah I’m interested in Dune 2… Dune 2 others as I would have others do unto me – caitie delaney

I don’t want to rise and grind, I want to stay cozy and just mosey – stoned cold fox

If you’re worried about people remembering every embarrassing thing you did, think about it. Can you remember other people’s embarrassing moments? No. That’s because you’re the only one who’s ever done something embarrassing. What the (BLEEP) is wrong with you. LMAO – Yael

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People can’t drive you crazy if you don’t give them the keys.” —Mike Bechtle

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Anonymous Donors Gift Yellowstone National Park $40 Million For Employee Housing.