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David Morse (The Green Mile, Contact & MUCH MORE) David is a towering 6 and a half foot tall actor who has played a major roll in many movies. His latest film is “Cabrini”, which is based on a true story!

Cabrini is in theaters now and has done very well!

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March 25th

International Day Of Remembrance Of The Victims Of Slavery And The Transatlantic Slave Trade

International Day Of Solidarity With Detained And Missing Staff Members

National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day

National Day Of Celebration Of Greek And American Democracy

National Lobster Newburg Da

National Medal Of Honor Day

National Omazing You Day

National Tolkien Reading Day

National Waffle Day

The Feast Of The Annunciation

World Retrospective Day

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With more and more workers heading back into the office these days, as risks from the pandemic ease, employers are having to address a new issue: Some people have forgotten how to behave. And that’s why in-office etiquette training is becoming a thing. It would seem that some workers have brought their at-home habits back to the office with them, and others – well, let’s just say they never behaved very professionally in the first place. One US survey found that more than 60% of companies plan to implement etiquette courses for staff this year. Some of the most common workplace faux-pas that etiquette experts are reminding workers about include:

Not being mindful of their volume while on the phone

Leaving a mess around the office

Inappropriate office conversations

Inappropriate attire

Novel-length emails, and

• “People sending emojis and acronyms that might have double (or) triple meanings”

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Scientists claim they have discovered the worst – and best – times of the day. Researchers from the University of Michigan and Dartmouth Health say that 5am is officially the worst time of day, based on mood, circadian clock, and other factors, according to their study, published in the “PLOS Digital Health Journal.” They found that the 5-6am hour is when people reported their lowest mood, regardless of when they got up. By contrast, 5pm is when the majority of people are at their cheeriest.


Brad Pitt has reportedly spent $10 million on legal fees in his fight with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie over their French vineyard. The pair split in 2016, and have since been in a marathon battle over money, their 6 children and their French estate Ch√Ęteau Miraval. Pitt is suing his ex for alleged breach of contract after she sold her share to a Russian oligarch, allegedly without Pitt’s agreement. And Page Six is quoting a source as saying he has “spent an estimated $10 million so far on lawyers’ fees”, but he doesn’t consider it wasted, because it is “all about standing up to bullies and defending his own people, principles and the truth.”

Kristen Wiig has a short answer for you if you’re holding out hope for a second “Bridesmaids” movie. She told Hollywood Reporter that “the story has ended” for her character in the romantic comedy — and a sequel is very unlikely. She said: “It’s never been a conversation” because “that story had an end, and it’s so beloved to me for 10 million reasons, and I think it’s OK to just have it exist in the world as it is.” Wiig co-wrote and appeared as maid of honor ‘Annie’ in the 2011 film.

It appears as though the search for the next ‘James Bond’ is over. British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has reportedly been offered the role of a lifetime as the martini-sipping secret agent, UK newspaper The Sun says. The 33-year-old “Bullet Train” actor is reportedly expected to sign on the dotted line this week. EON Productions, which makes 007 films, is said to be preparing to start shooting later this year. But a production insider has told BBC there is “no truth in the rumors”. Taylor-Johnson starred as John Lennon in “Nowhere Boy” and appeared in “Kick-Ass,” “Anna Karenina,” “Godzilla,” “Nocturnal Animals,” and “Tenet.” He has 2 releases set for this year: “The Fall Guy” and “Kraven the Hunter.”

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The Pentagon just released a new UFO report that claims there is no evidence that authorities covered up extraterrestrial life.

50% of women say they would dump a guy if he hadn’t proposed after 5 years of dating.

With the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, many people will demonstrate unusual behavior – specifically, traveling to the thin band of geography known as the “area of totality” – and paying outrageous sums of money for accommodation – just to observe what amounts to 150 seconds of…darkness, that we’re not supposed to be looking at anyway (without special glasses). But what about animals? A team of researchers headed by North Carolina State University plans to congregate at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas, which will experience the solar eclipse, to study certain animals and determine whether they repeat the same odd behaviors that were observed during the American eclipse of 2017. At that time, giraffes were seen to gather and break into a gallop (which is rare for them). Tortoises began to mate, and gorillas started to get ready for bed (same thing?). Highly vocal animals that communicate with one another often, such as the elephants, flamingos and parrots, will also be of particular interest to the scientists. The team is also inviting members of the public to submit their own animal observations, including pets, pigeons, squirrels, livestock and woodland critters.

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Sharks are the only fish that can blink.

Couples who diet while on vacation argue 3 times more often.

The average adult spends more time on the toilet than exercising.

Kilts are not native to Scotland. They originated in France.

Dirty snow melts faster than clean snow.

Your fingernails on your dominant hand grow faster.


Stats show that the average person does this 5 times a week at work. What is it?

Answer: Lies to their boss

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You’ve heard of pale ale, now get ready for pizza ale. Colorado’s Belgium Brewing Co. has teamed up with the frozen pizza brand Tombstone to create “IP(izza)A” – you guessed it – a pizza flavored beer. Those brave enough to try it can expect “hints of “crispy crust, tangy tomato sauce, and savory herbs and spices”, followed by a “finishing pepperoni kick” when sipping on the 7% limited edition Voodoo Ranger IPA, made specifically for “the boldest of beer and pizza lovers”, according to the website.

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Common-knowledge” can sometimes be wrong. Some examples…

You should change your car’s oil every 3,000miles (5,000km): For older cars, yes. But today, this is the lower end of a range that can go as high as 20,000miles (32,200km), depending on conditions.

Egypt’s Great Pyramids were built by slaves: This was written by a historian 2,000 years after the fact. Archeological evidence reveals they were built by tens of thousands of skilled workers who were paid handsomely – some were even paid in beer!

In Medieval England, streets were riddled with human waste: Generations of schoolkids were taught that people emptied chamber pots into the street. But the fact is that medieval towns had strict laws regarding waste disposal, latrines and toilets.

If you have a nosebleed, you should tilt your head back: Doctors say you should do the opposite to avoid blood choking you, or draining to your stomach. Instead, tilt your head forward to drain the blood, and keep you head above your heart to slow the flow. (And watch where you’re walking next time!)

Rabbits eat carrots: This myth likely arose because rabbits do eat the leaves that grow above ground. Veterinarians warn that carrots should be a rare rabbit treat, because they can cause indigestion.

Half of all marriages end in divorce: This oft-cited US stat is actually wrong. At one point, forecasters predicted that if trends continued, the divorce rate COULD climb this high. But since then, it has been dropping.

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Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” —Ernest Hemingway

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Police Officer Spends $150 On Cold Weather Supplies For Homeless Man