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March 26th

Epilepsy Awareness Day

Live Long And Prosper Day

National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

National Nougat Day

National Spinach Day

Nike Air Max Day

Pixel Art Day

Solitude Day

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More than a third of teens say they know that they should cut back on the amount of time they spend on their phones, according to a new survey. This info comes from the Pew Research Center in the US, as concerns about the potential harm from social media to young users’ mental health and well-being continue to escalate among parents, schools and lawmakers. All but 5% of US teens have access to a smartphone. The good news is that the study also found that about 40% of teens say they have cut back on their time on social media.

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A new study has found that “night owls” are more likely to perform poorly at work. Researchers in Finland say that those who stay up late regularly also have a higher risk of retiring from their job early due to disability than their “early bird” co-workers. The team from the University of Oulu say that while early risers tend to function best early in the morning, night owls are sharper during the evening and generally stay up later. The problem is that owls usually don’t go to bed early enough to get the recommended amount of rest on work nights.


Production is now underway on “A Complete Unknown,” the coming Bob Dylan biopic starring Timothée Chalamet as the iconic musician. The first photos from the New York City shoot have emerged online, offering a first look at the 28-year-old actor in costume. Chalamet can be seen wearing an old-looking scarf and layering up with some gloves and a thick jacket. Of course, he’s lugging around a guitar, too. No release date has been set for the film, which also features Elle Fanning, Nick Offerman and Edward Norton. LINK:

Bill Hader will star as “The Cat in the Hat” for an upcoming animated feature film, Warner Bros. and Dr. Seuss Enterprises have announced. Along with Hader, the all-star voice cast includes Quinta Brunson (“Abbott Elementary”), Bowen Yang (“SNL”), Xochitl Gomez (“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”), Matt Berry (“What We Do in the Shadows”) and Paula Pell (“Girls5eva”). The animated feature is scheduled to hit theaters Mar. 6, 2026.

Star Wars memorabilia collectors are in for a treat as The British Royal Mint has released a batch of limited-edition coins based on the movies. The new coin collection is titled “Star Wars: Iconic Vehicle”. The website says it is a set of “4 new coins featuring designs inspired by iconic vehicles in the Star Wars franchise, including the Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter and X-Wing, along with the Death Star II.” Prices start at £12 (US$15.27) for the uncirculated Millennium Falcon 50p coin.

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Kim Kardashian is being sued by a former staff-member for unpaid wages.

James Cameron is teaming up with Paul Rudd to do a documentary on the Octopus.

A 14-karat gold Lego piece donated to a Pennsylvania Goodwill store was originally priced at $15 — but ended up selling for over $18,000. Goodwill officials said workers at the store in Du Bois were sorting through a bag of jewelry when they found the Lego piece, a small Bionicle mask. Workers researched the piece and discovered it was an extremely rare “Kanohi Hau” mask. Lego created only 30 of them. Goodwill auctioned the 23-year-old piece and it ended up selling for $18,100 to an anonymous collector. It’s believed to be the most expensive Lego piece ever sold, and the money, of course, will go toward the good work that is done by Goodwill.

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You’re more likely to be killed by a cow than a shark.

As a reward for playing ‘James Bond’, Daniel Craig is entitled to take any Aston Martin from the factory for the rest of his life.

Lamborghini gave Italian police the world’s fastest police car in 2008. It was crashed a year later.

Ellen DeGeneres was offered the role of ‘Phoebe’ on “Friends”, but turned it down.

✓ “The Big Bang Theory’s” staff science consultant often used actress Mayim Bialik’s help, because she has a Ph.D. in neuroscience.


For 23% of people, THIS is the first thing they do each morning. What?

Answer: Check their horoscope

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There’s a new hygiene product on the market that we never knew we needed: whole-body deodorant. Its makers promise it will mask odor from any part of the body, and when they say “any,” they mean “any”: armpits, groin, feet, buttocks, and any other place you may experience an “unpleasant scent event.” TV viewers in the US have been inundated with commercials touting Lume, a whole-body deodorant for women that is at the forefront of this trend. Then came Mando, for men. Next, other brands, such as Secret and Dove, quickly launched their versions, and according to reports, sales are exploding.

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Defenestration (v): The action of throwing someone out the window.

Rhotacism (n): Excessive use of the letter “R”.

Lingible (adj): Meant to be licked.

Whipjack (n): A beggar, specifically one who is pretending to be shipwrecked.

Yerd (v): To beat an object with a stick.

Roddikin (n): The fourth stomach of a cow or deer.

Balbriggan (n): A type of fine cotton, most often used in underwear.

Cornobble (v): To slap or beat another person with a fish.

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All the things I like to do are either immoral, illegal, or fattening.” —Alexander Woollcott

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A Small Act Of Kindness Completely Changed The Lives Of A Woman And A Dog