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Today we visit with actor Jerry Adler - Too Funny For Words (Hesh from The Sopranos, Mad About You, The Good Wife, The Good Fight)

He has a new book out called “Too Funny for Words: Backstage Tales from Broadway, Television, and the Movies”

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June 14th

Army’s Birthday

Family History Day

International Bath Day

Monkey Around Day

National Bourbon Day

National Flag Day

National Pop Goes The Weasel Day

National Strawberry Shortcake Day

Own Your Share Of America Day

Pause For The Pledge Day

World Blood Donor Day

Donald J. Trump’s Birthday

National Movie Night

Work At Home Father’s Day

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Hot chocolate – not usually thought of as a healthy treat — could actually help you lose weight, says one expert. Steve Bennett, a health coach, claims that one cup per day could help you shed pounds because it is packed with fiber, and as he put it: “Having more fiber in your diet makes you eat less and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.” The only catch? It must be sugar-free. To be sure, he suggests making your own, using 200ml of warm milk, 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 2 teaspoons of zero-calorie sweetener.

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Alligators will give manatees the right of way if they are swimming near each other.


Will Smith’s character gets slapped repeatedly by Martin Lawrence’s ‘Marcus Burnett’ during a scene in “Bad Boys: Ride or Die”, an apparent nod to Smith’s infamous Oscars incident 2 years ago, when he walked onstage and slapped Chris Rock. In the climactic action scene, Smith’s ‘Mike Lowrey’ character is in mid–panic attack when Lawrence’s ‘Marcus Burnett’, his detective partner, slaps him several times to shake him out of it. The moment, played for laughs, drew audible reactions from crowds at advance screenings. Bad Boys: Ride or Die opens today.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die” has more-or-less overcome the great box office slump of 2024, with an estimated opening-weekend haul of $56 million. While down from the $62 million opening of “Bad Boys For Life” in 2020, the 4th installment of the series exceeded initial projections of a $45-50 million opening. “The Garfield Movie” claimed second place with $10 million.”

Netflix has set a new date for the highly anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson, hailed by one promoter as (ahem!) “a showdown that will be talked about for generations to come.” The YouTuber and the heavyweight champion will now duke it out on Friday, Nov. 15, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington TX. The match was originally supposed to take place in July, but an ulcer flare up forced Tyson’s doctors to intervene.

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A Philadelphia couple, ages 102 and 100, just got married, possibly setting the record for oldest living married couple.

A dentist went viral TikTok earlier this year after sharing the circumstances in which you should actually skip brushing your teeth — at least for awhile. Dr. Shaadi Manouchehri, clinical director at Smart Dental Aesthetics and director at the London School of Facial Esthetics in England, said in a clip that has more than 12 million views, that you should leave the toothbrush alone…

After throwing up.

After eating breakfast.

After eating sweets.

Why should you not brush at these times? The good doctor explains that there is one factor that links the 3 circumstances together: pH levels, or acidity in the mouth. As she puts it: “Your teeth are minerals and an acid could quite literally dissolve them.” She advises waiting 30-60 minutes before brushing in each of these circumstances. LINK:

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Because swearing is not permitted among Wimbledon competitors, line judges are required to learn curse words in every language.
✓ The lowest temperature of the day is usually right after sunrise.

The telephone was originally called a “harmonic telegraph”.

Before Google launched Gmail in 2004, “G-Mail” was a free email service on the cartoon character “Garfield” website. It operated from 1998-2001.

Liars blink less frequently than normal during the lie, and then speed up to around 8 times faster than usual afterwards.


THIS is what most people look forward to on a Monday. What is it?

Answer: Friday!

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A store robber who took Pringles chips as part of his booty told cops he had a good reason for completing his string of thefts. Adam Spencer admitted to being guilty for the mini crime-wave, which included separate incidents at the same shop in Nottinghamshire, England in one morning. Included in his haul from a series of burglaries and shop thefts was 17 tubes of Pringles chips. Upon his arrest, Spencer quoted to police a Pringles sales pitch, excusing his actions by saying: “Once you pop, you can’t stop”. He received a suspended sentence and a fine.

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1. General Hospital (60 Seasons): Set in fictional Port Charles NY, it has circulated through numerous characters and plot lines since premiering on April 1, 1963. Over 15,000 episodes and still running…

2. Guiding Light (57 Seasons): Originating in 1937 as a radio show, it moved to TV in 1957, and ran through 2009.

3. Days of Our Lives (57 Seasons): Like sands through the hourglass, so are the classic soap tropes of love, lies, family and drama. In 2022, the show moved from NBC to Peacock streaming, where it continues.

4. As the World Turns (54 Seasons): What is it with soaps, people? This daytime serial ran from 1956-2010.

5. Sesame Street (53 Seasons): NOW we’re talkin’! It’s been a mainstay of children’s programming on PBS since 1970. Season 54 will begin in November.

6. The Young and the Restless (51 Seasons): Since debuting in 1973, it has won 77 Daytime Emmys. It has been renewed to run through at least 2028.

7. Saturday Night Live (49 Seasons): Some things never go out of style. Lorne Michaels and crew will celebrate Season 50 beginning this fall. (I swear Kenan Thompson has been there for more than 50 years!)

8. One Life to Live (45 Seasons): This soap ran from 1968-2012, with a revival the following year.

9. Romper Room (41 Seasons): This kids’ show aired from 1953-94, and was renamed “Romper Room and Friends” in 1981.

10. All My Children (41 Seasons): This soap, featuring Susan Lucci, ran from 1970-2011.

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Today is a good day to try.” —The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

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'A Blessing In Disguise': Kindergartener Misses Graduation, Gets Mid-flight Celebration Instead