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Dear John

I started seeing my girlfriend when her daughter was 1. My girlfriend regularly let her daughter into bed with her. I get it. She was lonely, it was comforting. The baby was young. No problem. We started spending the night together when she was 2. And her daughter was still sleeping part of the night-or all of it-in her bed. I brought it up a few times, but was assured that it is only an occasional thing and not to worry about it. We got married when she was 3. You guessed it. She was still spending most nights in bed with us. I put my foot down and my wife agreed it was time for her to sleep in her own room and only be allowed in our bed on special occasions. The daughter is now 4. I've been part of raising this little girl for as long as she can remember. Recently, she has started making bedtime difficult almost every night. She complains and whines and cries for a long time. Well, my wife is caving. The little girl quiets down and goes right to sleep. But now she's big enough that the bed gets crowded. So I end up sleeping in my daughter's bedroom. This has happened six times in the last two weeks. Not that I'm counting. What do I do? How do I fix this?


Tired Of Camping In Our Daughter's Room

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June 13th

International Albinism Awareness Day

International Axe Throwing Day

National Chamoy Day

National Dance/Movement Therapy Advocacy Day

National Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day

National Productive Business Civility Day

National Sewing Machine Day

National Weed Your Garden Day

Random Acts Of Light Day

Sewing Machine Day

World Softball Day

National Career Nursing Assistants Day

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Having a tattoo increases your risk of developing lymphoma, according to a new study from Sweden’s Lund University. The study found that the risk of developing lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, was 21% higher among those who were tattooed. The researchers pointed out: “We already know that when the tattoo ink is injected into the skin, the body interprets this as something foreign…and the immune system is activated (and) a large part of the ink is transported…to the lymph nodes.” They found no evidence of an increased risk with larger sized tattoos.

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In 2014, Sony made a cassette tape that can store 185TB of data!


Adam Levine is returning to “The Voice”. NBC has announced the Season 27 coaches lineup, which includes Levine, with returning coaches John Legend and Michael Bublé, as well as newcomer Kelsea Ballerini. This will be the first time the 45-year-old Maroon 5 frontman, has returned as a coach following his Season 16 departure in 2019, although he did appear with his band last year to perform. Levine was one of the original coaches of The Voice, debuting alongside Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green.

Tom Selleck was right: The “Blue Bloods” universe isn’t finished after all. In a presentation at Paramount’s stockholders meeting, co-CEO Brian Robbins hinted that a new Blue Bloods series is in the works, following the announcement that the CBS drama would end later this year. Robbins told shareholders: “New franchise extensions are coming for Dexter, Billions, and Blue Bloods”, adding that “Fire Country shows huge promise.” It was already known that new offshoots of Dexter, Billions and Fire Country are in development, but nothing had been announced about a Blue Bloods spinoff, until now.

Patricia Heaton is returning to TV – with a guest-starring arc in the second season of the Paramount+ series “Frasier”. She’ll play ‘Holly’, a down-to-earth, unpretentious, Boston native who tends bar, and whom ‘Kelsey’s Grammar’s character ‘Frasier’ finds as alien as he does attractive. It’ll mark a reunion for Heaton and Grammer, who starred together in the 2007 FOX sitcom “Back to You”.

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Two people were arrested in a LEGO theft ring after almost 3,000 boxes of stolen LEGO toys were found by police in a California home.

If you ask a Gen Z what they think of Facebook, you may get all the response you need by the comical look on their face…or maybe from the eyeroll. But Meta is aiming to change that. And, realizing what it’s up against, the social media site isn’t necessarily looking to convince Gen Z that Facebook is cool, just that it’s useful. It hopes to encourage 20-somethings to hit up the big blue app for things like Facebook Marketplace, Groups, and Dating. But its real secret weapon is this: Videos. It has bolstered short videos in the style of TikTok and Instagram reels by enhancing its algorithm — and promoting a creator program that lets users monetize their posts. Meta has also made it easier to DM videos, in hopes of creating a buzz among Gen Z. Facebook reports it has 40 million daily active users in the US and Canada aged 18-29, and although that number is growing, it still makes up only 19% of its user base in the region.

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GPS tracking doesn’t work by the satellite tracking the object, but the object tracking the satellite.

Paris has about 44,000 restaurants. New York has 26,000. Tokyo? 150,000.

An average serving of movie theater popcorn is equivalent to two Big Macs, in terms of calories, saturated fat, and sodium.

There’s a faceless fish which can be found deep in the ocean.

Even dead flamingos can stand on one leg.


Question: 80% of us admit that we have never thoroughly cleaned THIS. What is it?

Answer: Microwave oven

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A delivery company has apologized after a woman discovered a parcel in her garden that she ordered more than 2 years ago. Meg Johnson says she was told the package containing a dress had been delivered in 2022, but she never saw it. She discovered the parcel in a raised bed at the bottom of her garden in South Wales, when she was doing “some much-needed weeding” – but the dress is now decomposed and ruined, having being torn open, soaked, covered in soil and exposed to bugs. Johnson believes the parcel was “slung over the garden wall” by the courier 2 years ago. A spokesperson for courier company Yodel has apologized, and suggests customers share a “safe space” with the company to leave future deliveries.

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Turkey to Türkiye: In 2022, its government requested that international organizations use Türkiye officially, to “represent and express the culture, civilization, and values of the Turkish nation in the best way”. (We understand, from the song, that the city Istanbul used to have a different name, too!)

Czech Republic to Czechia: In 2016, this change was formally made after almost 20 years of discussion. Until that time, it had been referred to by both names.

Holland to the Netherlands: Holland decided to officially undergo the name change in 2020. Reportedly, it was a marketing move, and a way to present the country as an open, and inclusive country.

Ceylon to Sri Lanka: This change was made in 1972, to break from colonial associations.

Kampuchea to Cambodia: Cambodia is derived from the Kampuchea, which is actually the English translation of Cambodia. In 1976, the communist government officially called the country Kampuchea, but after his regime came to an end, the country began to be called Cambodia.

Irish Free State to Ireland: The Irish Free State was created in 1922. When a new constitution was formed in 1937, it became a republic, and was renamed Ireland.

Siam to Thailand: Siam’s name was changed to Thailand in 1939, before turning into Siam once again between 1946-48, before changing back. It’s officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand.

Burma to Myanmar: Historically known as Burma, because of the prominent Burman ethnic community, it was changed to Myanmar in 1989 by military leaders.

Persia to Iran: In 1935, the Iranian government requested that those countries with which it had diplomatic relations, to begin calling it Iran, which is actually the name of the country in Persian.

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If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” —Dodgeball (2004)

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Joyful Reunion: Missing Dog Rescued After 24 Hours Trapped In Middle Of Highway