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This #MovieStarMonday we visit
with John Ratzenberger (Cliff Clavin on Cheers, “Toy Story,” “Wall-E,” “The Incredibles,” “Monsters, Inc.,” “Cars” and MANY MORE!) John plays “Fritz” on Inside Out 2, in theaters nationwide.


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If you’re looking for a lift, the answer might be YouTube. Watching videos like those found on YouTube may make people happier than small talk with casual acquaintances or co-workers, according to University of Essex research. Using data from 3 studies involving 1,080 people in the UK and US, researchers found that 52% of respondents felt they had a strong parasocial relationship, and 36% said they felt close to a YouTuber. Parasocial relationships are described as having a bond with someone you’ve never met, often an influencer or a celebrity. The study’s author did point out, however, that romantic relationships or close friends are still seen as the most effective way to fulfill emotional needs.

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Baked beans are actually not baked but stewed.


Halle Berry lit the Olympic torch before making her way down part of the Croisette yesterday morning. The Oscar-winning actress stood on the red steps of the Palais des Festivals during the Cannes Lions festival, and posed for photos before strolling down the famed boulevard with the lit torch in an all-white, athletic-looking ensemble. She waved to fans who stood on both sides of the street as she made her way to her handoff point, where another person took up the torch for part of the relay event. The Paris Games begin next week.

The superhero world isn’t for everyone. Jude Law says that he was considered for the role of ‘Clark Kent’-‘Superman’ in Brett Ratner’s axed superhero movie in the early 2000s, but he ultimately passed on the major career opportunity. In a podcast appearance, he said “This is true. Yeah. And there was a process of flirtation going on”, but he resisted, “because it just felt like [off]. Law said that despite the fact that he had roles in both “Captain Marvel” and “Fantastic Beasts”, it just felt like “a step too far” when producers had him try on the Superman suit with the hopes of changing his mind.”

Jordan Peele is ready to return to, presumably, scare you silly. The writer/director’s 4th film now has an official release date of Oct. 23, 2026. It will be released, once again, by Universal Studios, which has handled all his movies so far, and produced by Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions. No logline or additional details have been revealed, but judging by its release date a few days before Halloween. 

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If you want to pick the perfect photo for your social media profile – whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn or Tinder – ask a stranger to select it for you. Researchers at the University of New South Wales determined that an “inbuilt bias” leads people to believe they look more favorable than they actually do, causing them to not always pick the best pic – if creating a good first impression is the goal. The 2017 study found that a person’s choices for their own profile photo rarely match up with the ones selected by crowdsourced strangers, who were asked to rate photos on perceived attractiveness, trustworthiness, and competence of the person in question.

7-Eleven and Drumstick have introduced the convenience store treat to end all convenience store treats: the Drumstick Slurpee Blue Raspberry Vanilla Cone. The king-sized cone brings the tart flavor of 7-Eleven’s blue raspberry Slushee — to an ice cream cone, if you can imagine. The crispy cone is filled with the brand’s signature vanilla ice cream and a chocolatey nugget, as you would expect. But it also includes a layer of vibrant blue raspberry along with “blue razz sauce ripples” and candy bits. 7-11 and Drumstick say the food collab “promises an unexpected adventure, taking your taste buds on a journey into uncharted flavor territories.” They’re available for a limited time. LINK:

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Electronic dance music has been shown to ward off mosquitos.

A kangaroo pouch has muscles that contract to secure a joey when mom runs or jumps.

Cats cannot taste sweet things due to a genetic defect.

Dogs can be allergic to humans.

The oldest-known goldfish lived to 41 years of age. Its name was Fred.


A survey asked: “What do you wish had never been invented?” THIS was the #1 answer. What is it?

Answer: Karaoke

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Financial experts are warning about the new trend of “spaving”. The new trend of what-now? While the marketing ploy of enticing shoppers to spend more now — in order to save money later isn’t anything new, a number of media outlets have recently done stories explaining how spaving is contributing to people racking up record amounts of debt. Lately, businesses have become very creative in how they encourage more spending, including store credit cards, spending minimums for free shipping, subscriptions and the ever-popular “buy one, get one” deal. But spending to save doesn’t necessarily translate into more savings, which many consumers have discovered the hard way…by checking their credit card balance. One expert says the best way to approach a spaving deal is to pretend it’s not even there. Treat it like you never saw it, and make an effort to only buy what you originally intended to buy.

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Folding my wife’s clothes made me realize that they didn’t teach us all of the shapes when we were in school. – Corey Ryan Forrester

Marriage is taking your wife out for dinner while driving around until you both keep asking each other “Where do want to eat?” until you slowly swerve into oncoming traffic. – Tony P.

Get married so you can yell something to your spouse, and they can yell “What?” ten times from another room instead of walking 25 feet. – sixfootcandy

My husband obviously loves my style, anytime I say “How do I look?” He doesn’t even have to look at me, he just replies “Gorgeous.” – Darla

It’s that time of year, arguing with my husband over the ceiling fan speed. I like “light breeze.” He prefers “F4 tornado.” – Sarcastic Mommy

Living on a prayer. But it’s me every time I get into my wife’s car trying to make it to a gas station before I run out of gas. – Dadman Walking

Me: [on deathbed]. Wife: It’s probably just allergies. – Rodney Lacroix

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Follow your passion. Stay true to yourself. Never follow anyone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path. Then, by all means, follow that path.” —Ellen DeGeneres

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Johns Hopkins Engineering Students Invent Quieter Leaf Blower