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These days, a game is NOT just a game. According to Fandom’s 4th Annual Inside Gaming report, video games are “increasingly seen as a form of personal expression, exploring one’s identity and providing empowerment and confidence in one’s real life.” Creative and world-building focused games like “Minecraft,” “Roblox,” and “Fortnite” lead the charge in helping to tick those boxes. Other findings in Fandom’s survey of 5,000 entertainment and video game fans include:

46% of gamers’ top reason for playing is not stress relief, but “creation, imagination, and self-expression”.

32% said they want their in-game appearance to more accurately mirror their real physical appearance.

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Hackers uncovered a flaw in Hotmail’s security in 1999, which allowed access to any Hotmail email account by entering “eh” as the password. This crippling flaw was deemed to be “the most widespread security incident in the history of the web.” The group that took responsibility for the flaw’s exposure, known as Hackers Unite, claimed that they didn’t want to destroy anything by leaking it but rather wanted to draw seemingly much-needed attention to Microsoft’s failing security systems. Experts believe that the ability to access any email account with a simple password was unintentionally left behind as a “backdoor” by Microsoft’s engineers, something Microsoft has never admitted. Instead, they merely palmed it off as an “unknown security issue.”


Kevin Costner just might be making a “Yellowstone” comeback. He told “CBS Sunday Morning” that he’s willing to return to the hit series, which recently started production on the second half of its 5th and final season. Costner said: “If I like the story, where it was going, I would go back”. Costner played rancher ‘John Dutton’ for 4½ seasons before he exited, and started working on “Horizon: An American Saga.” But according to him, his reason for leaving Yellowstone had nothing to do with his new multi-film movie western, he had simply completed “everything that I was contracted to do with Yellowstone.” There were, however, reports of a feud with creator Taylor Sheridan.

Neverland Ranch has been cleared as the site of a major filming location for the upcoming Michael Jackson biopic “Michael”. About 300 people were given permission to shoot on the infamous property north of Santa Ynez in California, according to a film permit. Jackson’s real-life nephew Jaafar Jackson plays the late King of Pop in Antoine Fuqua’s film, which is scheduled for release next April. The 12,000-square-foot mansion was purchased by billionaire Ron Burkle for $22 million in 2020 – a fraction of the $100 million asking price.

Martin Scorsese is planning to shoot a documentary in Sicily about ancient shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea that will bring the Oscar-winning director back to Polizzi Generosa, the small town where his paternal grandparents were born. The untitled project is based on research by US archaeologist Lisa Briggs, who specializes in underwater archaeology. She uses scientific tools including DNA analysis on artifacts recovered from ancient shipwreck sites, to reconstruct stories of ships, sailors, and maritime trade in the ancient world. Shooting is expected to start this summer.

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Sunsets on Mars are blue.

It’s the new corporate trend that that you might really want to get behind: Being “unbossed”. Does not having a boss on site sound good to you? According to Live Data Technologies, middle manager layoffs have increased to more than 30% from pre-pandemic times. This means that as companies cut back on costs and reduce headcount, many workers are finding themselves without a direct supervisor. Employment experts say that while at first, the concept might sound awesome, workers must remember that they still have responsibilities and need to be accountable. In addition, junior workers might miss out on valuable coaching and development that their boss would be giving, if he or she still existed. And some employees who have found themselves without someone to directly report to say not only do they miss having someone to run to with a problem or a question, they also miss the comfort of having someone to bounce ideas off…or simply miss the camaraderie of that supportive voice in the corner office. The perks? Those might include fewer team and one-on-one meetings, and…let’s be honest…the occasional long lunch break or 4-day workweek.

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The brain cycles that occur when you are asleep also occur when you are awake, but in smaller sections. That means parts of your brain are always falling asleep.

When you exercise, the burned fat metabolizes into carbon dioxide, water, and energy. That means you literally exhale your own fat.

It is impossible for most people to lick their own elbow.

The word ‘bi-weekly’ has two meanings. Twice a week, and once every two weeks.


According to a survey about summertime, the average number is 5. Five what?

Answer: The number of hot days before we break down and turn on the A/C

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A British man claims to have the world’s oldest cat. Leslie Greenhough’s tortoiseshell kitty, Millie, is 29 years old – and he credits her long life to “lots of treats”. He says the cat, which was born in 1995, has never visited the vet, and eats a mixed diet of chicken and Purina cat food. Greenhough says his kitty is still “a spry little thing”, although “She’s a little deaf now.” Leslie plans to submit Millie to Guinness World Records, which currently lists a 28-year-old cat named Flossie as the world’s oldest.

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Because ‘tis the season…

Myth #1: You need to drink 8 glasses of water per day. How much water you need depends on your daily needs, based on exercise level, how much you sweat, age and medications, plus your diet and local heat and humidity. A good goal is to drink half your weight in ounces per day.

Myth #2: Water is the only thing that hydrates you. Along with fruits, vegetables and other water-based foods, other non-alcoholic drinks can help hydrate you. Some studies claim that milk is better than water. for hydration.

Myth #3: Coffee is dehydrating. The caffeine in coffee is a mild diuretic. But since you take in more liquid than you lose while drinking coffee, it doesn’t have enough of an effect to lead to dehydration, and may also inspire you to drink more water.

Myth #4: Thirst is the only sign of dehydration. While thirst is one of the first signs of dehydration, other warning signs can include dizziness, weakness, fatigue, headache, dry skin, dry mouth or fatigue. Also amber-colored pee.

Myth #5: You don’t need to see a doctor for dehydration. Symptoms that require medical attention include: dizziness that makes it difficult to stand or walk, low blood pressure, fast heart rate, fever, lethargy and confusion. In severe cases it can lead to seizures, shock or coma.

Myth #6: There’s no such thing as drinking too much water. Over-hydration can cause major problems. Water toxicity happens when someone drinks water too fast, throwing off their electrolyte balance — and some people have even died from it.

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When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?'” —Sydney J. Harris

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Incredible Rescue: Bystanders Jump Into Florida Inlet To Save Teen