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Today we talk to married couple Kebe and Michael Rapaport with their new program “Rapaport's Reality” their show that the whole reality world has been waiting for. Mr. & Mrs. Rapaport are bonded by their love of reality television and are inviting you into their living room. They are dissecting the drama and giving praise to the greatest form of entertainment on television today. They're diving into real-time shows and re-watching all the biggest and the best series.

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June 12th

Crowded Nest Awareness Day

Garfield The Cat Day

International Adobo Day

International Cachaca Day

International Falafel Day

Little League Girls Baseball Day

National Automotive Service Professionals Day

National Button Battery Awareness Day

National Children’s Day

National Jerky Day

National Loving Day

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

National Red Rose Day

Raggedy Ann And Andy Day

Superman Day

Women Veterans Day

World Day Against Child Labor

Philippines’s National Day

Russia’s National Day

George Bush’s Birthday

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If you’re sometimes not sure what certain emojis mean, you’re definitely not alone. A new report from Preply found that 81% of Americans have been confused by someone else’s use of an emoji. The language education platform has released its list of the most confusing emojis of 2024. They found that the ‘nail painting’ emoji, the ‘dashing away cloud’ emoji and the ‘upside-down smiley face’ are the ones that are raising the most eyebrows these days. The survey found that 40% of people interpret the ’nail painting’ emoji to mean “classy” or “posh/bougie.” Others think it means “just nail polish,” “Don’t mind me hehe” and “self-care.” The ‘cloud’ emoji meant “dashing away” or “fast” to 38% of respondents, while 34% felt it is a reference to “passing gas”. Others felt it means “exhaustion,” “out of breath” – or “smoking”. What about the ‘upside-down smiley face’? It was interpreted as “sarcasm” by 38%, and “smiling through pain” by 36%, while others feel it can mean “passive aggression”, or that it simply means the same as the regular ‘smiley face’.

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Your tonsils could grow back if there were tissue left behind during the removal process. Sometimes it’s accidental; other times, it’s left on purpose.


Like the characters in the “Lost” finale, Evangeline Lilly is moving on. The 44-year-old announced on Instagram that she’s “stepping away” from acting. She shared a clip of her on the set of “Lost” in 2006, in which she said: “Ideally 10 years from now I’d like to be a retired actress, and I would like to have a family, and I’d like to be writing”, plus doing humanitarian work. In her caption, the “Ant-Man” star explained her decision to quit showbiz, writing: “Stepping away from what seems like the obvious choice (wealth and fame) can feel scary at times, but stepping into your dharma replaces the fear with fulfillment.” She did leave some wiggle room, though, pointing out: “I might return to Hollywood one day.”

It’s been a long time coming amid trickles of information that never were fully confirmed, but the Shelby family faithful can now wholly rejoice, because the “Peaky Blinders” movie is officially moving forward. Netflix has greenlit a feature film that will star Oscar winner Cillian Murphy in a return to the iconic role of the Birmingham clan’s leader ‘Tommy Shelby’. Tom Harper will direct the untitled film. He is no stranger to Peaky, having helmed part of Season 1. Production will begin later this year.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are bringing their family to reality TV! The actor his wife have announced that they will be starring alongside their 7 children in the upcoming TLC reality show “The Baldwins”, coming next year. According to the show’s description, “Alec and Hilaria invite viewers into the home they share with their 7 growing kids. For the first time, they’re opening up their family lives and bringing everyone in to join in the non-stop love, laughter and drama.” LINK:

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If it’s your romantic fantasy is to meet the partner of your dreams on a reality match-making show, and live happily ever after – you’d better think again. New York Times reports that of the 40 couples joined by a final rose on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” shows, only 8 are still together. That’s a paltry 20% success rate. And while “The Golden Bachelor” was supposed to bring new interest to the premise, the winning couple’s resulting marriage lasted . . . just 100 days. Forbes wrote that that ratings have been spiraling, probably because the promise of true love seems more and more like a sham. With the exception of Season 23 in 2019, viewership has gone down steadily each year since 2017, with a small rebound last season. Why the dismal success rate? One expert says it is partly because one of the pair is forced to upend their home and career and move to be with their future spouse. And former bachelorette Tayshia Adams points out that once filming wraps, the engaged couple isn’t permitted to be seen together until the finale airs, and a separation like that “is not normal” for a newly-linked couple.

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Not getting enough sleep and being hungry are the two biggest reasons for being angry.

People who regularly play video games are faster at making real-life decisions.

Believing you have a good memory helps you to have a better memory.

Nail biting has been associated with a better immune system because of the exposure to germs that causes your body to build antibodies for.

The human brain has the same consistency as tofu.


26% of people will catch themselves singing THIS at some point today. What is it?

Answer: A commercial jingle

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In celebration of “National Donut Day” last week iconic donut supplier Tim Hortons teamed up with Adidas to create a lineup of limited-edition donut-inspired sneakers. Each specially-designed set of Adidas Samba sneakers is based on a famous flavor of Tim Hortons donuts, including Boston Cream, Honey Cruller, Vanilla Dip, and Double Chocolate. And, no, you can’t “try & buy” them at your local Timmy’s. They’re not for sale, but donut fans could sign up to win a pair of the exclusive donut designs by entering online. The contest closed last week on National Donut Day! LINK:

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15 handy home hints to consistently keep cool…

1. Keep your blinds closed: This can lower temps by up to 20°F (9°C)

2. Even better, get blackout curtains: They block sunlight and naturally insulate the room from heat.

3. Be smart about doors: Closing off unused rooms prevents cool air from filling those areas when it is hottest. (Remember to locate the cat first!)

4. Hack a fan: Fill a large bowl with ice (or even an ice pack), and put it at an angle in front of a large fan. Magic!

5. Swap your sheets: Go for cotton when it’s hot. It breathes easier and stays cooler.

6. Set ceiling fans to go counter-clockwise: That way the airflow creates a wind-chill breeze effect.

7. Focus on body-temp, not home temp: Sip iced drinks and keep a cold cloth handy, if you don’t have A/C. And a bowl of cool water by your bed can come in handy if it is too hot to sleep.

8. Turn on bathroom fans: Maybe the kitchen exhaust fan, too. Both pull hot air out.

9. Heat-proof your bed: Fill a water bottle, freeze it, and place it at the foot of your bed. And weird as it sounds, slightly dampening your sheets or popping them in the freezer before bed can help too.

10. Sleep low: Heat rises, so if it’s too hot to sleep, try the downstairs couch or basement. Or even the bedroom floor if the air feels cooler down there. (Except I hate sleeping on dirty laundry…)

11. Let the night air in: If the evening air is cooler, crack the windows before bed. You can also set up your fans to force the perfect cross breeze.

12. Hack your windows: To create a cooling air current, open the top windows on the downwind side of your house, and open the bottom windows on the upwind side. A fan can help.

13. Ditch incandescent lights: They waste about 90% of their energy in heat, so tossing them in favor of CFLs will help cool your home, and lower your electric bill.

14. Start grilling: Of course, cooking inside heats the place up. It’s summer! Use the BBQ!

15. Make long-term improvements: Insulated windows, awnings, and planting trees can shield your home from the sun. Or, you know…buy an A/C!

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Just keep swimming.” —Finding Nemo (2003)

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Woman Raises Over $222,000 For 90-Year-Old Veteran Spotted Working On Memorial Day