Show Notes for Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Today we visit with Jane Badler (V, Ricky Stinicky) about her new film Trim Season.

Jobless and searching for purpose, Emma and a group of young people from Los Angeles drive up the coast to make quick cash trimming marijuana on a secluded farm in Northern California. Cut off from the rest of the world, they soon realize that Mona (Jane Badler), the seemingly amiable owner of the estate, is harboring secrets darker than any of them could imagine. It becomes a race against time for Emma and her friends to escape the dense woods with their lives.

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June 26th

Canoe Day

Flowers In Your Hair Day

International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking

International Day In Support Of Victims Of Torture

National Barcode Day

National Beautician’s Day

National Chocolate Pudding Day

National Coconut Day

National Report Trade Agreement Act Fraud Day

Tropical Cocktails Day

World Refrigeration Day

Madagascar’s National Day

National Parchment Day

The National Day Of Joy

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When linguist Andrew Bray was researching slang used by hockey players, he was asked an interesting question: “Are you trying to figure out why the American (hockey players) sound like fake Canadians?” Upon further study, he discovered that American players do indeed shift their speech in subtle ways, not because they’re trying to sound Canadian—but because they’re trying to sound like hockey players. Bray found that American players do indeed borrow features of the Canadian accent—particularly with hockey terms – adopting it more the higher they advance, given that Canadian players are so prevalent.

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In Slovakia, they have Christmas Carp that live in the family bathtub for a few days before they are eaten.


There’s no stopping Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out 2,” which is now well on its way to becoming 2024’s first $1 billion box office hit, after earning a projected $100 million in its second weekend, the best ever for an animated film. That tops the previous record of $92 million set last year by “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” and gives the sequel a 2-weekend domestic total of $355 million. That’s the same amount that “Barbie” had after 2 weekends, and puts it on pace to pass $600 million in North America.

Hours after Paramount revealed the return date for the final episodes of “Yellowstone”, Kevin Costner ended speculation about his possible return by announcing that he is not coming back. In his video post in Instagram, Costner said: “After this long year and a half of working on Horizon…and thinking about Yellowstone…I just realized that I’m not going to be able to continue Season 5B or into the future…I loved it. And I know you loved it…I’ll see you at the movies.” Earlier, Paramount revealed that the second half of the 5th and final season of the Taylor Sheridan series will premiere November 10. LINK:

Clue: The United States Postal Service is honoring this iconic game show host with his own stamp. If you said “Who is Alex Trebek?,” you’d be correct. And good guess! Ken Jennings announced during Friday’s episode of Jeopardy that the USPS is issuing a Forever Stamp in honor of Trebek. In keeping with the theme of the show, Trebek’s stamp resembles a clue as it would be seen on the show. In white lettering against a blue background, the stamp reads “This naturalized U.S. citizen hosted the quiz show Jeopardy! for 37 seasons.”

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Scientists found a fossil of 2 turtles having sex that they say is 47 million years old.

Have you ever encountered issues at a supermarket checkout, and felt the “death-stares” of those waiting in line behind you — even though you hadn’t done anything wrong? Well, that wouldn’t happen here. A Japanese grocery store recently implemented an “extra-slow checkout” where customers are never rushed. Those visiting the extra-slow checkout register can spend upwards of 20 minutes, counting their change, trading in products they’ve decided not to buy, chatting with the cashier, etc. — without feeling pressured in any way. Why? It was originally designed for the convenience of the elderly, disabled, and pregnant women, but it seems to have become very popular with all types of shoppers who just don’t want to feel rushed. The experimental register has become so popular that the supermarket credits its implementation for a 10% increase in sales.


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Kraft produces enough Cool Whip each year to fill the Grand Canyon.

Goofy’s son is named Goofy Jr.

The U.S. government gave Indiana University $1 million to study memes.

Humans cannot walk in a straight line without a visual point. When blindfolded, we will gradually walk in a circle.

A “gut feeling” is a chemical signal that your stomach creates to warn the brain of danger.


Question: Stats show that 40% of us have a spare one of THESE in the car. What is it?

Answer: Pair of pants

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Krispy Kreme is rolling out “Friends”-themed donuts. But good luck getting them. The company’s latest limited-edition donuts celebrate the 30th anniversary of the sitcom. But while the show was set in New York, the donuts are available only in the UK and Ireland. The Friends collection includes a chocolate glazed donut topped with an image of the fountain in the show’s opening credits, “Trifle”, a strawberry and custard filled donut that references an episode about a failed dessert, “How You Doin?”, echoing Monica’s iconic front door, and “We were on a Coffee Break,” a caffe latte flavored donut that includes the “Central Perk” cafe logo. The set’s limited availability has sparked a multitude of sarcastic online comments.

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1. Be wary of places that throw around ‘suspicious boasts’ about the quality of their food: Buzzwords like “famous” or “best in the country” without any evidence to back them up should set alarm bells ringing. After all, “Who said that? Who named that?”

2. Too many ‘specials’: Ramsay says: “Specials are there to disappear throughout the evening. When they list 10 specials, that’s not special.”
3. When it comes to ordering wine, ask for the “bin end” list: This is comprised of bottles with scratched labels or vintages which haven’t sold well. This can be a good way to get the best bottle for a bargain price. Also, asking for a bottle of whatever is recommended for no more than $30 can get you an under-appreciated tipple on the cheap.

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Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” —Mark Twain

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Police Officer Makes Child's Day With Simple Act Of Kindness