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Today we visit with Elizabeth Mitchell about her new film “Sound Of Hope - The Story Of Possum Trot” in theaters NOW!


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July 5th

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Becoming a dad could result in a shorter life, according to new research. A study out of Chicago’s Northwestern University found that fatherhood may take an alarming toll on men’s heart health as they age. The researchers found that cardiovascular health tended to be worse for fathers compared to men without kids. They theorize that the added responsibilities and stresses that come with parenthood make it more challenging for fathers to maintain a healthy lifestyle through habits like exercising regularly and eating nutritious food.

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College of the Ozarks doesn’t charge tuition. Instead, students work on campus at least 15 hours a week and have two 40-hour workweeks.


Brooke Mueller, ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, has become embroiled in the investigation surrounding Matthew Perry’s death. In Touch reports that a source close to the situation revealed: “She’s hired lawyers and has had multiple meetings with law enforcement since they arrived at her sober living house with a search warrant.” Although Mueller was not arrested, police confiscated her iPhone and laptop during the search. The insider emphasized Mueller is adamant she had “nothing to do with” Perry’s death. The 2 reportedly met while in rehab.

National Geographic is paying homage to “Jaws”. It has given the green light to “Jaws @ 50”. That’s the working title for a feature documentary to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Peter Benchley’s bestselling novel and the blockbuster film directed by Steven Spielberg. The doc will include footage and photography from the Benchley and Spielberg archives, as well as all-new interviews. Jaws @ 50 will premiere next summer, the film’s 50th anniversary, on National Geographic and stream on Disney+ and Hulu as part of “Sharkfest”.

Paris Hilton testified to Congress that she was sexually abused and force-fed medication during the time she spent in youth residential treatment facilities. Hilton, a long-time advocate for children’s welfare and regulation of such facilities, appeared before the House Committee on Ways and Means. She spoke about the time she spent as a child in youth residential facilities, and how she was ripped from her bed at home at 16 and taken to a facility after her parents realized she had been clubbing at age 15. Hilton said that although the “programs promised healing, growth and support”, they instead “did not allow me to speak, move freely or even look out a window for 2 years”.

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Drinking more than 42 cups of coffee in one sitting can kill you due to caffeine overdose.

Now, we can’t expect all the “it-people” to agree on the new summer fashion trend for men, but this one is definitely growing in popularity in some circles: Short shorts. At Gucci’s Spring 2025 menswear show in Italy this week, short shorts dominated the runway, with 41 out of 46 ensembles featuring pants that ride high on the thigh. In attendance was “Gladiator 2” star Paul Mescal, sporting a pair of white striped shortys, styled with loafers, mid-calf socks and a blue Oxford. Jeremy Allen White and Donald Glover have also been seen recently in micro trousers, as has Chris Pine, who defended his fashion choice to E! News by saying: “It’s called short shorts, isn’t it? It’s supposed to be short.”

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A caterpillar has up to 4,000 muscles.

A day in the age of dinosaurs was just 23 hours long.

David Hasselhoff’s divorce settlement awarded him the catchphrase “Don’t Hassle the Hoff”.

The milk seen in cereal TV commercials is usually glue, to prevent sogginess and sinking.

Blowing out birthday candles can increase bacteria on a cake by 1400%.


10% of us are happy to admit we’ve played this game while drunk. What is it?

Answer: Mini golf

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Residents of an Indian village called police about a floating human body in their pond – but it turned out he was just resting on a hot summer day. At first, the people of Reddypuram Kovelakunta, didn’t panic when they noticed a motionless human body in their pond. They tried calling out to it when they first spotted it, around 7am, but got no answer. When they noticed in early afternoon that it still hadn’t moved, police were called. Emergency services rushed to the scene, where they did find a human body floating in the water. But to their surprise, what looked like a corpse turned out to be an inebriated man … napping in the water.

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Use a Single-Colored Currency: The U.S. dollar is powerful, but it isn’t very exciting to look at.

Party With Red Solo Cups: Going to a party and drinking out of red solo cups is viewed by many others as a very American thing to do. It’s mostly because Hollywood uses them in party scenes. The cups are a staple at America-themed parties thrown around the world, and considered a fun cultural association.

Eat it All: Visitors are often blown away by the size of American meals. Plus, researchers found that U.S. candy bars are an average of 41% bigger, yogurt servings are 82% bigger, and sodas are 52% bigger than those of other countries.

Hold a World Series: They call it the World Series, but every team except for one is American. The fact that they call the winners “World Champs” is baffling to foreigners.

Refer to Themselves Simply as ‘America’: Sometimes it seems forgotten that the U.S. is not the only America. It is actually considered politically incorrect in South America to call the U.S. “America”.

Measure in Miles, Feet, and Inches: This is an obvious one, and a constant source of bewilderment for most of the world. America is one of just 3 countries to follow the imperial system of measurement.

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