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Today we visit with Film Composer Lorne Balfe about his newest film “Beverly Hills Cop Axel F” in theaters now.


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July 6th

International Kissing Day

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National Hand Roll Day

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Comoros’s National Day

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George W. Bush’s Birthday

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International Day of Cooperatives

July 7th

Comic Sans Day

Global Forgiveness Day

International Peace & Love Day

National Day of Rock ‘n’ Roll

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World Chocolate Day

Solomon Islands’s National Day

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Islamic New Year

National Build a Scarecrow Day

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These days, many feel overwhelmed and annoyed with “tipping culture”, but it seems that some are more generous than others. And if you were to guess, which generation would you say tips the best – Gen Z or boomers? You might be surprised. According to a new survey conducted by the personal finance site Bankrate, negative feelings about tipping tend to grow with age. The survey found that a majority of boomers (ages 60-78) and Gen X (44-59) reported a negative view of tipping — 72% and 62%, respectively, while 51% of millennials (ages 28-43) and 45% of Gen Z (18 and 27) reported the same level of dissatisfaction. But just because one is fed-up with being expected to tip seemingly everywhere, doesn’t mean they don’t do it. 86% of baby boomers said they still leave a tip every time they visit a sit-down restaurant. That was followed by 78% of Gen Xers, 56% of millennials, and just 35% of Gen Zers.

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Shoe shops used X-Ray machines to measure shoe sizes in the 1940s before the risks of X-Rays were fully understood.


Downton Abbey” 3 will hit the big screen in September 2025. The official Instagram page for the show and Focus Features said in a joint announcement: “A new motion picture event. The third film in the beloved Downton franchise will be released only in theaters September 12, 2025.” The news comes a month after the show confirmed a threequel was in the works, releasing a video of the classic cast back together for a table read. So far, the official title hasn’t been revealed. The original “Downton Abbey” series aired from 2010-15. It was followed by 2 films: 2019’s “Downton Abbey” and “Downton Abbey: A New Era” in 2022.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are unloading some of their prized possessions amid their marital strife. Page Six reports that the couple is selling pieces of art from their $60 million home, which is also on the market ahead of their rumored divorce. Collectors have been purchasing “art and some pieces” that were “newly on sale” last month. Ben and J-Lo purchased the expansive property last year, only to put it up for sale almost exactly a year later. He has been staying in a rental property nearby, and moved his belongings out of the marital home while she was on a solo vacation to Europe.

The box office continues to run hot as Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out 2” has become the fastest animated film to gross $1 billion worldwide, hitting the mark after just 3 weekends in theaters. It earned $57.4 million domestically in its most recent weekend take. While it will cede the top spot this weekend to “Despicable Me 4,” it is still on pace to pass “Incredibles 2” as the highest grossing animated film ever at the North American box office.

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Good news: A Harvard Business School expert has revealed the trait that he believes leads to being an extremely successful person – and it’s a so-called muscle that anyone can build. Professor Joseph Fuller says that if you want to equip yourself to go above and beyond in lifelong career achievement, you need to develop the ability to adapt and be flexible. According to him, those who go the farthest in their career aren’t “wedded to some predetermined…path that they set when they were a student or starting their first job.” Instead, these people are “open to unexpected opportunities and embrace change instead of fearing it.” And being totally open and adaptable when it comes to one’s career isn’t as common as you might think. Fuller said it’s actually a “skill that can be rare to find”, because “People are afraid to try new things and fail. But you can’t grow without moving beyond your comfort zone.”

It’s the latest workplace battle between generations: Is it really necessary to show up to work on time? The Daily Mail reports that almost half of employees aged 16-26 feel that arriving at work between 5 and 10 minutes late is perfectly fine. In fact, to them, that counts as being “on time”. As you can imagine, that doesn’t fly with older veterans of the workforce. Stats show that 39% of millennials (ages 27-42) will forgive friends or colleagues for being up to 10 minutes late. That drops to 26% for Gen X (43-58) and 20% among Baby Boomers (those over 59). And a little something to keep in mind if you’re a Gen Z who thinks nothing of sliding into the office at 9:15 in the morning: There’s a pretty good chance your boss falls into one of those older categories. A whopping 7 out of 10 Boomers say they have zero tolerance for any level of tardiness. They simply feel that “late is late”.

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Your senses of smell and taste decrease by 20%-50% during flights.

The “Like” button on Facebook was originally designed to be called the “Awesome” button.

The world’s longest musical piece is 639 years long. It has been playing since 2001 at a German church, and is set to end in 2640.
✓ 35 years after leaving school, most people can still identify 90% of their classmates.

Worker performance declines by about 1% for each degree that an office temperature varies (hotter or colder) from 22C (72F).


70% of parents say they’ll let their kids do THIS while on vacation, but not at home. What is it?

Answer: Jump on the bed

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It’s no secret that for many, the sport of baseball could use a little “jazzing up”. Sure, it’s a great game, but let’s face it: it is steeped deep in tradition, and both hardcore fans and the powers-that-be are deeply resistant to change. That’s why this groundbreaking idea may or may-not fly: The Tri-City Chili Peppers, a team playing in the Coastal Plain League out of Colonial Heights VA, have been experimenting with what they call “Cosmic Baseball”. That involves playing night games, under black lights, with players using UV-reactive uniforms, balls, and bats. The result has been described as looking like something out of a “Tron” movie. And despite the pitch-black atmosphere, players say that after some practice, playing under UV lights becomes second nature, and they are able to see the ball, no matter how hard it’s hit or thrown. Team owner Chris Martin came up with the idea last season when some glow sticks were thrown onto the field. He enlisted a company to build a massive 18 500-watt blacklight installation, and after securing UV-reactive uniforms, videos of the first cosmic baseball game on June 5 went viral online. Games have been sold out since. LINK:

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Remember the height of the pandemic? Yeah, that was a weird time. And it seems that we’re still dealing with some of the repercussions A Reddit user recently asked “What things did the 2020 pandemic ruin?” Here are some of the best answers . . .

⇒ “24-hour stores and supply chains. Even today, more than 4 years later, there are still things out of stock and hard to find.”

⇒ “Dining out. The bar is so much lower for good food and service now.”

⇒ “All the cheap buffets in Vegas are gone.”

⇒ “People. People are so outwardly mean, antagonistic, and proudly uninformed now. We’ve lost all sense of a social contract.”

⇒ “Genuine human interaction. Feels weird and technological now.”

⇒ “My sense of purpose or meaning. I haven’t felt this nihilistic since I was a ‘brooding teenage girl.’”

⇒ “Dating is really weird now compared to before COVID. I can’t put my finger on what is different, though. I just know the apps are different now.”

⇒ “COVID ruined the tipping culture. Now, I’m expected to tip everyone, everywhere. I’m so sick of having a tablet shoved in my face with tip choices at fast-food places.”

⇒ “The medical industry. So many got burnt out and left, and the shortages are still a huge issue, so healthcare is suffering.”

⇒ “The small-town vibe and affordability of my area. Work-from-home people and retirees moved here.”

⇒ “Several friendships.”

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We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.” —Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation

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