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A new study has found that that mental well-being is the single most important contributor to healthy aging and longevity. But there’s another large contributor: Eating cheese. Chinese researchers conducted research involving 2.3 million people, found that while cheese is not directly responsible for longevity, a higher intake of cheese and fruit is a standout contributor to high well-being scores. And higher well-being is directly co-related with robust levels of mental health and stress resilience, resulting in a longer lifespan.

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The chemical used for artificial banana flavoring, isoamyl acetate, was first used as a pear flavoring in Britain long before it was ever associated with bananas.


Richard Gere has taken his first major TV role. He’s set to star opposite Michael Fassbender and Jeffrey Wright in “The Agency”, the upcoming espionage political thriller series for Paramount+ with Showtime. The Agency, co-produced by George Clooney, follows Fassbender as a CIA agent, ordered to abandon his undercover life and return to London Station. Gere will play the role of ‘Bosko’, the London Station Chief with a storied past.

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures named the honorees for its 4th annual fundraising gala, to be held Oct. 19. Oscar-nominated actor Paul Mescal, Oscar-winning actress, singer and dancer Rita Moreno and 2-time Academy Award-winning writer and director Quentin Tarantino are this year’s nominees. The evening will raise funds to support museum exhibitions, education initiatives and public programming, and access initiatives in Los Angeles.

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Researchers say that eating chocolate cake can damage your DNA. Chocolate’s irresistible aroma comes from a blend of molecules that give it that unmistakable smell and taste. But a Belgian team found that the formation of carbonyls during the roasting of cocoa beans could damage human DNA.

While some are still arguing about the merits of the “no-spend” challenge, a financial planner has shared her alternative. Bernadette Joy says that rather than using the traditional scrimp-and-save method to wipe out debt or build savings, her $1 rule is the way to go. Her “buy it if you’re going to get good value from it” approach is pro-spending, but only if the math works. It works like this: Simply take the cost of something, divide it by the number of times you’re likely to use it, and if it’s less than $1 per use, then buy it. If it’s more than $1 per use, walk away. As an example, say you’re thinking about buying a cheap pair of shoes. If they cost $50 and you’ll only wear them twice, your cost per use is $25. Using the $1 rule, that’s a hard no. You might also consider spending $350 on a high-quality pair of shoes. You know you’ll wear them for years, and might get 400 wears out of them. That’s less than $1 per wear, so that would be a thumbs-up purchase. Admittedly, there are exceptions to the rule — concert tickets and travel experiences among them. But, as Joy says, the $1 rule is all about stretching your hard-earned money as far as it can go.

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Drinking wine before a meal makes you eat 25% more.

Blue whales can eat 500,000 calories in 1 mouthful.

Earth is farthest from the sun in July and closest to the sun in January.

Because people tend to carry their devices in their back pocket, Samsung created a robotic butt to test phone durability.
✓ A Venus flytrap can eat a whole cheeseburger.


Australia has over 10,000 of these. You could visit a new one every day for over 27 years!

A: beaches

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Denmark plans to tax farmers for the greenhouse gases emitted by their…cows, sheep and pigs. Beginning in 2030, it will become the first country in the world to do so, as it targets a major source of methane emissions, one of the most potent gases contributing to global warming. Farmers with livestock will be taxed 120 Danish kroner (US $17) per metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent emitted from each bovine. A typical Danish cow produces 6 metric tons of CO2 equivalent per year, which means the average annual charge per cow will be a little over $100. Other animals will be taxed at a lesser rate.

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Michael Douglas & Michael Keaton: “Wall Street” star Michael Douglas and “Batman” actor Michael Keaton were both born Michael John Douglas. Keaton never legally changed his name, but he has used the stage name throughout his career.

Kate Hudson & Katy Perry: Katy Perry is actually the stage name of Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, who adopted her mother’s maiden name so she wouldn’t be confused with the “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” actress.

Adam Scott & Adam Scott: The “Parks and Recreation” actor shares his name with the pro golfer who won the Masters Tournament in 2013. (And don’t even get me started on the baseball pitcher named Kenny Rogers…whose nickname was “The Gambler”!)

Michelle Williams & Michelle Williams: The “Brokeback Mountain” actress Michelle Williams shares her name with one of the members of Destiny’s Child.

Mark Wahlberg & Mark L. Walberg: “Boogie Nights” star Mark Wahlberg shares his name with “Antiques Roadshow” host Mark L. Walberg.

Randy Jackson & Randy Jackson: Record producer and “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson shares his name with the second youngest sibling in the famous singing Jackson family.

Dave Thomas & Dave Thomas: Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas shares his name with the Canadian comedic actor who became famous on “SCTV” and “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” (But they were both known to serve up some “beautys, eh?”)

Mick Jones & Mick Jones: Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Mick Jones was the original lead guitarist for The Clash. He shares his name with the founder/guitarist of Foreigner, who will also become a Hall of Famer this fall.

Albert Einstein & Albert Brooks: The famed genius Albert Einstein shares his name with “Broadcast News” actor Albert Brooks, who was born Albert Lawrence Einstein.

Jason Alexander & Jason Alexander: “Seinfeld” actor Jason Alexander shares his name with the guy who got 15 minutes of fame for his 55-hour marriage to Britney Spears in 2004

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Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I’ll find it along the way.” —Michael Scott, The Office

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Deputies Rescue 8 Abandoned Puppies 'Barely Clinging To Life' In 100-Degree Texas Heat