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Today we visit with author Scott Ryan abouty his new book “The Last Decade of Cinema 25 films from the nineties”

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July 10th

Chronic Disease Day

Don’t Step On A Bee Day

Global Energy Independence Day

Gospel Day

National Clerihew Day

National Kitten Day

National Pina Colada Day

Pick Blueberries Day

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Martyrdom of the Báb

Bahamas National Day

Wyoming State Day

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One in 3 adults take daily multivitamins in a bid to stay healthy, but according to a study, they don’t help you live and longer. New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association looked at nearly 400,000 generally healthy adults over a 20-year period and found no evidence that daily multivitamin intake reduces the risk of death. While some benefits were found for some people, including pregnant women and those with macular degeneration, the study also found that taking several different vitamins can actually be harmful “if you’re taking them in excess.”

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Due to the humid and moist conditions that a sloth lives in, moss and other similar plants will sometimes grow in its hair. Sloths also have very bad eyesight. These two factors can sometimes culminate in a sloth grabbing its own arm whilst thinking it is a branch and falling to its death!


Wicked,” the film adaptation of the hit Broadway show, will now land in theaters on Nov. 22 – 5 days ahead of schedule. It was scheduled to open on Nov. 27, the same day as Disney’s “Moana 2.” But with the new release date, Wicked will avoid a box office battle royale against another movie musical that appeals to a similarly female demographic. Plus, Wicked will get a jump on the Thanksgiving holiday. This is the second date shift for “Wicked: Part One,” which was initially set for release on Christmas Day. But Universal moved it to Thanksgiving to dodge releases like Disney’s “Mufasa: The Lion King” and “Sonic the Hedgehog 3.”

BFFs Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have found their next collab. The “Good Will Hunting” and “AIR” team will next star in “RIP,” a Netflix thriller from writer and director Joe Carnahan (“Narc,” “Smokin’ Aces”). The film will be produced by Artists Equity — the artist-led studio founded by Affleck and Damon. Plot details and release date haven’t been revealed.

Shonda Rimes says “Bridgerton” is just getting started. After Netflix announced that all 3 seasons of the Regency-era romance appear on its most recent Most Popular English-language Series List, the exec-producer said she’s “grateful for the incredible response Bridgerton has received from fans all around the globe”, and “We look forward to bringing more of this beloved universe to screens for years to come.” Season 3 of the show just entered the list at #10, joining Season 1, which is at #4, and Season 2 at #9.

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Psychologists examined internet trolls, and found that the majority of them are narcissistic, psychopathic and/or sadistic.

First, it was the “thumbs up” emoji that started getting a bad rap as “rude” on social media. Now? By all means, NEVER text the word “sure”, because apparently, it’s loaded with hidden meaning. Apparently, using that word in a text, as a reply to pretty much anything can be interpreted as being “short”, “dismissive”, and can reveal a certain negative attitude. This all came to light in a Huffington Post article, which told the story of how New York City comedian Isabel Steckel recently called out her brother for using the offensive word, and posted their chat on “X.” It shows that she asked her brother if he wanted to hang out. After he replied: “Sure”, she threw it back at him, saying, “If you’re bringing a ‘sure’ attitude, then let’s not do it.” In the article, Steckel said the word’s meaning varies depending on the context, so replying “sure” to an errand or task is fine, but it sounds bad when inviting someone to spend time with you, unless it is followed by an exclamation mark. Her post soon received over 11 thousand likes, and people agreed that “Sure” is the worst one-word answer – to pretty much anything. LINK:

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The terminal velocity of a penny is not enough to kill a person, even if dropped off the Empire State Building.

It would take 225 million years to walk a light year.

Pigs always sleep on their side.

Giraffes make no sounds. They can, they just choose not to.

✓ The filling in Kit Kats is made from damaged Kit Kats.


During a one-week vacation, we spend an average of 4½ hours doing THIS. What is it?

Answer: Napping

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Chinese researchers have come up with a robot that is controlled by human brain cells in what’s being called a breakthrough in biocomputation. Simply put, the technological advancement was described by the university as being a “brain on a chip.” When paired with an electrode on a computer chip, it is able to encode and decode to have the robot complete a number of tasks. In addition to driving the robot, the de facto brain implant can help it avoid obstacles, track targets, and use its arm to grasp things. This sounds a little creepy, but The South China Morning Post reported that it could lead to “the development of hybrid human-robot intelligence.”

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Michael Douglas & Michael Keaton: “Wall Street” star Michael Douglas and “Batman” actor Michael Keaton were both born Michael John Douglas. Keaton never legally changed his name, but he has used the stage name throughout his career.

Kate Hudson & Katy Perry: Katy Perry is actually the stage name of Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, who adopted her mother’s maiden name so she wouldn’t be confused with the “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” actress.

Adam Scott & Adam Scott: The “Parks and Recreation” actor shares his name with the pro golfer who won the Masters Tournament in 2013. (And don’t even get me started on the baseball pitcher named Kenny Rogers…whose nickname was “The Gambler”!)

Michelle Williams & Michelle Williams: The “Brokeback Mountain” actress Michelle Williams shares her name with one of the members of Destiny’s Child.

Mark Wahlberg & Mark L. Walberg: “Boogie Nights” star Mark Wahlberg shares his name with “Antiques Roadshow” host Mark L. Walberg.

Randy Jackson & Randy Jackson: Record producer and “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson shares his name with the second youngest sibling in the famous singing Jackson family.

Dave Thomas & Dave Thomas: Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas shares his name with the Canadian comedic actor who became famous on “SCTV” and “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Mick Jones & Mick Jones: Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Mick Jones was the original lead guitarist for The Clash. He shares his name with the founder/guitarist of Foreigner, who will also become a Hall of Famer this fall.

Albert Einstein & Albert Brooks: The famed genius Albert Einstein shares his name with “Broadcast News” actor Albert Brooks, who was born Albert Lawrence Einstein.

Jason Alexander & Jason Alexander: “Seinfeld” actor Jason Alexander shares his name with the guy who got 15 minutes of fame for his 55-hour marriage to Britney Spears in 2004

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Mr Beast Builds 100 Homes For Families In Need