Show Notes for Saturday December 1 & Sunday December 2, 2018

Show Notes for Saturday December 1 & Sunday December 2, 2018

we have an interview with Antero Pietila, author of "The Ghosts of Johns Hopkins: The Life and Legacy that Shaped an American City"

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December 1
National Pie Day
National Eat a Red Apple Day
Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day
Day With(out) Art Day
Rosa Parks Day

December 2
National Fritters Day
National Mutt Day

Special Education Day

Saturday December 1, 2018

"A good criterion for measuring success in life is the number of people you have made happy." --Robert J. Lumsden

Sunday December 2, 2018

"There are no working hours for leaders." --James Cardinal Gibbons

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Kim Kardashian revealed that she was high on ecstasy
during her sex tape with Ray J. (

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Police in Ohio say a man arrested during a traffic stop had 33 grams of meth stashed in his underwear. Alliance police say two men were arrested Wednesday, a 29-year-old Sebring man and a 45-year-old Diamond man. The Canton Repository reports both men were passengers in a vehicle pulled over for a traffic violation. Police say the drugs the 29-year-old man had hidden in his underwear were intended for sale. Police also say the 45-year-old suspect was wanted on failure to appear in court. Both men remained in custody Thursday and face multiple felony drug charges. Records did not indicate if the driver was cited. (

Kourtney Kardashian poses naked in this month’s issue of GQ Mexico. (
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Broadway musical, “Head Over Heels,” is set to close because of poor ticket sales. (
Heather Locklear’s psychiatric hold has been extended for two more weeks. The doctor needs more time to assess her and her situation.(
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NASA’s Odyssey Orbiter beamed back two crystal clear images from Mars Tuesday. ( has chosen “misinformation” as its word of the year. (

A study by Herbalife Nutrition found that the average person will put on six pounds during the Holiday Season. (

A man is suing a New York massage parlor after a male masseuse gave him an unwanted erotic massage. (

A Tennessee inmate who will be put to death next week has chosen the electric chair over lethal injection. (

A Vermont couple was busted by police for skinny dipping at a Florida beach. (

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James Franco sold invisible artwork. Someone paid $10,000 for artwork he or she can’t even see. An art collector once paid $10,000 for a “non-visible” sculpture created by actor James Franco. The artwork was billed as an “endless tank of oxygen.” 
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

Gelogenic   (JEL-low-GEN-ik)
-Productive or provocative of laughter.
-Tending to produce laughter

From Greek gelos “laughter" + word-forming element -genic meaning "producing, pertaining to generation."

Used in a sentence:
“Pubert’s wife just did not find his jokes quite as gelogenic as he’d thought she would.”

A waggish person may be described as gelogenic.

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Authorities stated that the police are searching for a Florida man who disguised himself as a woman to buy a puppy with a stolen credit card. Bryant Farfan faces charges of grand theft and identity theft. Largo police said Farfan bought a French bulldog puppy from the All About Puppies store in Largo on October 2nd. Store employees told police that Farfan, who was wearing a black wig, falsified adoption records and misled them about the dog's future home. He used a stolen credit card and stolen Florida driver's license to buy the puppy for several thousand dollars. Police believe that Farfan obtained the puppy to sell the animal for a profit. All About Puppies is offering a $1,000 reward for the safe return of the puppy. (

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Cops say that a Florida Woman battered her boyfriend after he “said no and went back to bed” after she “grabbed his genitals wanting to have sex” on Thanksgiving night. 31-year-old Rebecca Lynn Phelps was arrested for domestic battery following a confrontation in the Tampa-area home she shares with the victim and the couple’s child. Phelps’s arrest was the second time in fourteen months that she was busted for allegedly battering a man who did not want to have sex with her. In September 2017, Phelps was arrested after allegedly getting mad at a man “because he did not want to have sexual relations with her.” Phelps screamed at the victim and smacked him “so hard on the right side of his face it left redness on his face.” She also allegedly scratched the man’s arm, causing it to bleed. It is unclear whether the victim in the 2017 matter is the same man in the current case. A judge has ordered Phelps to have no contact with the current victim. (
Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

An off-duty Bradenton Sheriff was busted for public intoxication after he jumped off a ferris wheel mid-ride
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Couple Claims Lotto Ticket With Two Weeks to Spare Thanks to Last-Minute Thanksgiving Cleaning