Show Notes for Thursday February 28, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday February 28, 2019


Dear John,

I think my husband needs to close his twitter account. He tweeted something last week about something in the news. He thought it would make people laugh, but instead it made people mad. Now he's been bullied by complete strangers almost every day. He's gotten pretty distant from me over the last few weeks. He reads these terrible things and vicious threats from strangers, and he's withdrawing from real life. I told him to quit reading them and stop responding to these people, but he just keeps getting in twitter fights. I've tried to get him to close the account and get back to real life. Any advice from you that may help me? Should I intervene at all?

Wondering Wife

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February 28
National Public Sleeping Day
National Chocolate Souffle Day
National Floral Design Day
National Tooth Fairy Day
National Chili Day
Rare Disease Day USA

SURVEYS, STUDIES & SUCH: Brought to you by
A new study found that 95% of beer and wine contain traces of weed killers.

Brought to you by! Each day we talk about people doing dumb things under the influence, but addiction is no laughing matter… if you or someone you know needs help, we're here to help! You can learn more at

Two Florida men are facing first-degree felony charges after troopers say they caught the men trying to smuggle cocaine into Ohio in Lunchables boxes. Charged are 21-year-old Nelson Lopez III and 41-year-old Nelson Lopez Jr. both from Zephyrhills, Fla. The men were driving a rented 2018 Ford F-150 with Florida registration when an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper pulled them over for making unsafe lane change violations on the Ohio Turnpike. The trooper then became suspicious of the men and asked the driver to exit the vehicle. Lopez agreed to a pat-down, and the trooper found a loaded .380 handgun in his possession. The trooper then conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle. Hidden inside two Lunchables boxes, troopers found more than four pounds of cocaine worth $84,000. Both men were then arrested and charged with possession and trafficking in cocaine. If convicted, each man could face up to 22 years in prison and a $40,000 fine. (

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub and Marty Caffrey finalized their divorce in court after only ten months of marriage. Caffrey gets to keep their $21 million-dollar house. (

“How to Train Your Dragon 3” pulled in a series best $55 million dollars in its box office debut. (

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A rock climbing film won Best Documentary at the Oscars. The rock climbing documentary is called “Free Solo,” (

A college student at the University of California was arrested for building a drug dealing app on his iPhone. (

Delaware police arrested a man who was trying to trade stolen lunch meat for gas money. (

South Carolina lottery officials are still trying to confirm the identity of the winner of a $1.5 billion dollar jackpot last October. (

Scientists are warning that Egypt is about to be hit with a biblical plague of locusts that will flood the African nation with millions of noisy critters. Some people are calling this a sign of the apocalypse. (

Hundreds of live fish rained from the sky during a mega storm in Malta.

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You’ve Probably Consumed Dinosaur Waste
Bottled water ads might promote how fresh their water is, but don’t believe them: Anything you’re drinking today has been around for millions of years, recycled repeatedly through precipitation and, yes, evacuation. As the science YouTube channel, Curious Minds, points out, “This means that in every glass of water you drink, there is a lot of water which has already passed through a dinosaur and come out the other end.”


Pogonophobia- fear of beards

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A California man convicted of sucking on a sleeping woman’s toes after breaking into her home claimed to be a Zeus-like god sent to Earth to seduce women. 29-year-old Richard Michael Parkhurst of Norwalk, was convicted of one felony burglary count, one count of peering into an inhabited building, and two counts of indecent exposure for a wild chain of events that unfolded after he exposed himself to a woman walking her dog in October 2017. “Nice dog,” he told the woman, according to court papers, before exposing himself and saying: “I am walking mine, too.” Later that same day, he snuck into a sleeping woman’s home — where the woman said she woke up and found the creep sucking on her toes. DNA evidence linked him to this offense. (

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According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, a South Florida man stole collectible coins worth tens of thousands of dollars, then ran them through grocery store change machines that returned just a fraction of their value. The Palm Beach Post reports 20-year-old Shane Anthony Mele of Riviera Beach told investigators he stole the commemorative presidential dollar coins and other items from a North Palm Beach office in December. The coins were worth $33,000. An arrest report says Mele sold some coins for a few thousand dollars, and he ran many through change machines that only produced their face value. Mele was charged February 1st with grand theft along with unrelated drug charges. (

What do these 3 things have in common: 
(Types of RIGHTS)
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Man Buys $540 Worth of Cookies So Girl Scouts Can Get Out of the Cold
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