Show Notes for Tuesday July 30, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday July 30, 2019

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A new study claims that drinking coffee will lower your chances of obesity.

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Spanish police last month arrested a Colombian man who allegedly had a half-a-kilo of cocaine stashed under his toupee when he arrived in Barcelona on a flight from Colombia. The accused mule caught the attention of investigators due to the towering nature of the wig sitting atop his head. A subsequent search of the suspect yielded the cocaine, which was inside a plastic bag glued to his dome. Cops said that the accused mule, who was not identified, arrived June 18th in Barcelona on a “hot flight” from Bogota, which they described as an incoming plane from a narcotics producing country. Police said, “The ingenuity of drug traffickers has no limit when trying to circumvent the controls.” Depending on purity and how it was cut, investigators said, the seized cocaine could have yielded 30,000 euros (equal to about $33,500). (

Shark Week is this week on the Discovery Channel and they’re calling it the most expensive season ever filmed. This season is said to include several near death experiences for the crew. (

“Avengers: Endgame” has broken “Avatar’s” all-time global box office record with over $2.8 billion in ticket sales.(

The “Top Gun” sequel has dropped the Japanese and Taiwanese Flags from the film in an effort to appease the CHINESE Government. (

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A California man driving in the carpool lane was busted after police discovered he had a female dummy wearing a Los Angeles Angels jersey in the passenger seat of his car. (

A Florida man was arrested for stealing a car after he broke in and couldn’t drive stick. (

The Australian Border Force confiscated one million dollars worth of liquid methamphetamines that were stored inside snow globes. (

Nearly 1,000 ISIS militants have escaped Syria and are now waging a low level insurgency in Iraq.(

An audience member was ejected from the Broadway play “Frankie and Johnny” after he snapped a nude picture of Audra McDonald during a sex scene.

A video has gone viral of passengers stranded on top of a roller coaster at Six Flags in Maryland. They were two hundred feet up at the top of the hill. Passengers were forced to wait almost three hours, but it hasn’t hurt the park’s attendance one bit. (

The Miss America Pageant is leaving Atlantic City, New Jersey and will now be held in Uncasville, Connecticut. (

Tim Tebow dropped $2.9 million dollars on a Florida Mansion.

Billy Joel brought a blind teenage pianist onstage to perform with him at his New York concert on Monday night.(

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Space smells like a Nascar race—a mix of hot metal, diesel fumes, and barbecue. If you were ever able to use your sniffer in space, you’d discover that it smells like a mixture of hot metal, diesel fumes, and barbecue. That’s all thanks to compounds called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that emanate from dying stars. According to Louis Allamandola, the founder and director of the Astrophysics and Astrochemistry Lab at NASA Ames Research Center, the stinky molecules “seem to be all over the universe… And they float around forever,” he told Popular Science.


Symmetrophobia… Fear of symmetry.

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A Colorado woman wearing a cat-themed t-shirt was arrested for trying to poison her neighbor’s dog. 73-year-old Margaret Werker was convicted of felony animal cruelty earlier this month for throwing a poisonous substance over her neighbor’s fence and at his dog, Wrigley. The act itself, which happened in April, was caught by her neighbor’s surveillance camera. The neighbor alerted police and Werker was arrested in May. It was later determined by investigators that the substance Werker threw was likely ground chicken dipped in antifreeze. Luckily, the dog did not consume any of the chicken. Werker pleaded guilty on July 9th and received a deferred sentence. She was ordered to pay a $250 fine to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. In Werker’s booking photo, she wore a black t-shirt with a black and white cat in the center. Authorities believe Werker may have been annoyed over Wrigley’s barking.

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An Ohio teenager convicted of spray-painting graffiti on a train car got a new painting job as part of a unique sentence. Avery White was found guilty of criminal mischief for his paint job on the train car, which is owned by a rail company. The judge in the case, known for less-than-conventional sentencing, gave White options to pay his debt to society. He could spend ten days in jail or paint the railings outside the Painesville Municipal Court with a toothbrush. He chose the paint job. A news crew watched as White sanded down the handrails, then repainted them with a toothbrush. Judge Michael Cicconetti said after handing down the sentence, “It may take you awhile, but that's the lesson to be learned.” (

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6-Year-Old Opens A Lemonade Stand To Take Mom On A Date After His Dad Dies