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March 9

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Researchers as Texas A&M University found that people who live in urban areas are more likely to follow social distancing guidelines than people who live in rural areas. People who live in cities wear more masks because they have more reminders that germs are out there. (

A OnePoll study examined the peanut butter preferences of 2,000 Americans with Researchers saying that that those who enjoy the crunchy kind have a cheerier outlook on life. 63% of those who prefer crunchy peanut butter describe themselves as optimists, compared to 56% of those who prefer creamy. (

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A damaging new police report says state Representative Sharon Har “smelled of alcohol” during a drunken driving arrest and told them she was going to be the next governor. The 52-year-old lawmaker was arrested after police saw her driving in the wrong direction in the center lane of a one-way street. In his report, the officer who made the initial stop said that Har “slurred” her speech and appeared intoxicated. “I could smell the odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath and the interior of the vehicle,” said Honolulu Police Sergeant Adam Lipka. Another officer said Har raised her voice with them. A third officer said Har “began asking if I knew who she is.” “Sharon then related that she was going to be the next governor but ‘this’ will mess up her plans.” Police said Har ― known for her work on toughening drunk driving law ― also refused to take a field sobriety test. Har’s attorney said his client “has fully accepted responsibility for her conduct.” (


Spiderman star Tom Holland revealed that the title of the next film is called “Spider Man: No Way Home.” (

A new documentary about the late Rapper Biggie Smalls is on Netflix. Biggie was tragically gunned down in California just sixteen days before the release of his second album in 1997. (

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A Steakhouse in New York City is responding to indoor-dining capacity limits by filling empty tables with celebrity wax figures. (

The NYPD is testing an A.I. powered robot dog. They say the dog can run three and a half miles per hour and climb stairs. (

The trouble with “kids these days” may be the parents. One in five US teens say they live with “hands-off” adults who seldom set rules and do little to monitor their behavior. Researchers (Columbia University) claim that “hands-off” teens are four times more likely to smoke, drink and use drugs than teens with “hands-on” parents. The message is “loud and clear” according to the study and it says that Moms and Dads should be parents to their kids instead of pals. Hands-off parents put their kids at risk by failing to monitor their activities or academic performance, failing to restrict TV, internet use and gaming, and failing to warn their kids against the use of drugs. Researchers estimate that more than 60% of US teens live in a “hands-off” household.

In Germany, a man broke into a prison. The man scaled a ten foot fence, dodged surveillance cameras, and used a key made from a spoon to break into the low-security facility. Actually, it wasn’t his first time doing it, either. The man had been breaking into the jail for nearly a month so he could hook up with his girlfriend.

Thinking about adding a new member to the family? Scientists at Boston University say that couples tend to achieve conception at a quicker rate during the late fall or early winter. All in all, couples in the United States are most likely to start trying for a baby in September, but they actually have much better odds of conceiving a few months later — late November, early December.

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March is National Peanut Butter Month. American eat about 700 million pounds of peanut butter each year.


Dateline.... PAKISTAN

Pakistan has unveiled its new roller blading police squad. (

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A 12-year-old Florida girl is facing criminal charges after she admitted to selling stun guns to classmates. According to investigators, a staff member at Coleman Middle School in Tampa today alerted administrators that pupils had reported that a female student possessed a stun gun on campus. In response to the tips, a school resource officer removed the young suspect from class and questioned her about the weapon allegations. The girl, cops say, admitted to purchasing five stun guns online and bringing them to school for resale to fellow students. The child said she sold three of the weapons, and police are seeking to retrieve those stun guns from the parents of the purchasers. The girl, whose name police have released, was found today in possession of two stun guns manufactured by Vipertek, which offers some models that retail for less than $15. The underage weapons dealer was transported to Tampa’s juvenile assessment center, where she was booked for possession of a weapon on school property. Owing to the non-violent nature of the alleged offense, the girl will likely be released into the custody of a parent. (

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A skateboarding champion has been busted for allegedly throwing a party in Los Angeles that could have been a possible coronavirus super-spreader event. Nyjah Huston, a four-time world skateboarding champion, and Edward Essa, the owner of a residence in the Fairfax District, held a party last month with at least forty people that were shut down by police over a noise complaint. After the party, Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered the LA Department of Water and Power to shut off electric service to the home. The gathering came as new cases were surging in the COVID-19 hotspot. Huston and Essa were both hit with misdemeanor charges of creating a nuisance. Officials had previously shut down other events at the home in September and the following month that had violated the mayor’s order banning large gatherings. “During this crisis, my office has held those individuals and businesses who have had large indoor gatherings, violating important public health and safety orders, accountable,” said Mike Feuer, who is the Los Angeles City Attorney. (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
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Highland Falls in Las Vegas, Nevada ….. REHAB

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Principal Fixes Insecure Student's Haircut To Get Him Back To Class