Show Notes for Thursday, June 24, 2021


Dear John,

My wife and I are trying to make a big decision. I have had my current job for less than a year. When I was hired I had been told one thing, but the job has kind of worked out to be a little different. I'm making about the same as what we planned, but there are some bonuses that are no longer available and some overtime that won't happen. We're getting by just fine, but it makes a difference in some of the things we want. Our needs are covered, but many wants are not. Last week I was offered a great opportunity that would instantly bring in some extra money, but it will also require some travel and more hours than I work now. The new company seems to be a great place, but I know my current situation is pretty good, and will get better when overtime and bonuses come back. Not sure when that will happen though. Should I stay or should I go? What do you think? We're leaning towards moving on, but there's something not sitting right with me on that. What do you think?

Signed – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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June 24

National Pralines Day

National Bomb Pop Day

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A survey by Mystery Vibe found that 3 in 10 Americans got “friskier” in the bedroom during lockdowns. The poll showed that 30% believed their sex drive was increasing during the pandemic. (

Research from the University of Texas found that COVID-19 can affect the testicles. (

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A Florida man was arrested by Berea Police after they responded to a collision call at Burger King. Upon arrival, officers observed 68-year-old Joseph O'Brien was unsteady on his feet with slurred speech and unable to maintain focus. Additionally, officers were able to smell alcohol on his breath. According to the citation, the vehicle collision occurred because O'Brien drove his semi with a trailer through the Burger King drive-thru. The citation states the trailer ran across the front of the vehicle and dragged it back through the drive-thru. The semi attempted to back up despite striking the vehicle. O'Brien failed his field sobriety test. While searching his vehicle, two 16-ounce alcoholic beverages were found in a plastic bag on the floor of the passenger seat. Two more 16-ounce beverages were found in another plastic bag in the back of the cabin. O'Brien told officers he had drank Listerine mouthwash. He was taken to the Baptist Health Hospital where he refused a blood test. He was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment, first-degree (aggravated circumstance) operating a motor vehicle under the influence, and possession of open alcohol containers in a vehicle. (


Lori Loughlin appeared in a celebrity-filled video congratulating a young TikTok user on her high school graduation. (

A new report claims Kim Kardashian is being paid to advertise cryptocurrency on social media. (

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A video of three men rescuing children from a burning building in Russia has gone viral. Firefighters arrived soon after and extinguished the fire, and the local residents have been nominated for bravery awards for their heroic efforts. (

Tucked into the $2.3 billion coronavirus relief package passed in December was a requirement for the Pentagon to deliver an unclassified report on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) to Congress. That report is coming on Friday.

The Infamous “Tic Tac” UFO that was seen by a U.S. Navy Pilot has now been spotted over England. (

Federal Agents says a Tidal Wave of industrial made fentanyl is flooding the streets of New York. (

A former Alabama School Principal admitted to filming his daughter’s friend in his shower unbeknownst to her. (

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Napoleon was once attacked by thousands of rabbits. Napoleon Bonaparte was once one of the most powerful men in Europe, but he suffered an ignominious defeat at the hands (or paws) of rabbits. After a military victory, Napoleon's chief of staff organized a rabbit hunt to celebrate. Thousands of rabbits were brought in to be set loose, but instead of hopping away when the cages were opened, they turned to attack, swarming the partygoers. After trying and failing to shoo them away, the great Emperor Napoleon ran for the safety of his carriage. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... ENGLAND

Royal Insiders say that when Prince Charles becomes King, he will not let Prince Harry’s son Archie become a Prince in an effort to slim down the Monarchy. (

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Just call him the Dippin’ Dots Bandit. According to the Tyler PD, a Polo shirt wearing man dropped through the ceiling above a Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream kiosk in a Texas mall. While the store was closed, he grabbed a bag of the frozen treats, all while “while licking on a sucker!” according to a post on the local PD’s Facebook page says. “Then he shimmied back through the hole and left into the night,” says the PD. His illegal quest for Dippin’ Dots deliciousness was captured on a security camera. Police are still trying to track him down.

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A Web designer has named his baby boy "Hypertext Mark-up Language" to pay homage to his profession. Dad Mac Pascual said having unique names is a family tradition as he welcomed his newborn child. The man from Bulacan, Philippines, is so passionate about his job that he decided to name the boy “HTML.” Some social media users reacted by mocking the name and sarcastically suggesting other coding acronyms for future children. One person suggested going for "Results-based management system" while others suggested "JavaScript" or "Cascading Style Sheets" (CSS). Some people voiced their concerns for the baby's name, saying it could lead to him being bullied as he grows up. HTML's dad also explained that his name "Mac" was short for "Macaroni ’85" whilst his sister's official name is "Spaghetti ’88" He claims his sister has two children called "Cheese Pimiento" and "Parmesan Cheese" who go by the nicknames "Chippy" and "Peewee".(

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

The Plantation in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida ….. GOLF COURSE

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Veteran Donates 36 Acres Of Land To Build Retreat For Homeless Vets Struggling With Addiction