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Dear John,

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my very first passport, which will be here any day now. My travel adventure out of the country will take place a few weeks after New Year's and will be for one week.

I have two problems: first, I plan to travel alone, although I will have a friend meeting me when I get to my destination. No one I know is happy about this, except for me. I've never done anything of this magnitude alone, but I'm sure I can handle myself.

Second, the friend with whom I'll be staying is someone I'm very close to, but have never before met in person. I (a woman, 47 years old) have done a lot of research into the area where I'll be going, as well as the life and business of my friend (also a woman, 45 years old) to cover all my bases regarding my safety. I will have enough money with me to assure a place to stay and everything for the week I'll be there in case anything goes wrong.

My question is, how do I get past my family's and friends' objections and get them to see that I am ready for this, and they don't need to keep lecturing me about how dumb I am? They're not going to change my mind, and they're not going to be happy for me. I can't explain enough that I need to do this for myself, and that I will be fine. I don't want this to be a fight anymore.

Signed - Prepared for Launch

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December 9

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A survey of homeowners found the average home is five years and five months away from being “finished” — with painting, landscaping and redecorating the living room topping the nation’s to-do lists. However, 39 percent of homeowners admitted they don’t think their homes will ever be truly complete.

Did you receive a gift card last Christmas? Did you use it? There’s a 1 in 5 chance you haven’t. That’s right — 19 percent of gift cards given last Christmas haven’t been used.

52 percent of pet owners plan to buy their animals a holiday gift.

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A 25-year-old man wound up in the emergency room with a collapsed lung after straining himself while singing karaoke at a friend’s birthday party. Chinese media recently reported the bizarre case of a young man from Changsha, in China’s Hunan Province, who suffered a serious lung injury by trying to reach the high-pitch tones during a karaoke session. The man, known as Wang Zhe, reportedly attended a friend’s birthday party and decided to show off his voice by singing “New Drunken Concubine”, a song famous for the high-pitched tones it demands. When he reached the high-pitched part for the song, the 25-year-old man really gave it his all, only to feel a sharp pain in his chest which made him cut his act short. The pain was bearable, though, so he didn’t pay too much attention to it until the next day, when he found that he could barely breathe. When he woke up the next day, Wang had serious difficulties breathing, so his family rushed him to the hospital. Doctors told the man that when he strained himself to reach the high notes while singing New Drunken Concubine, he used so much force that air sacks in his right lung burst, causing air pockets larger than one centimeter to from in the chest cavity and gradually compress the lung to 15% of its normal volume. Wang Zhe needed to undergo a bullectomy, an invasive procedure to remove the air buildup in his chest cavity. Luckily, he made a full recovery and was discharged from Changsha Central Hospital.(


Spider-Man: No Way Home” actor Tom Holland will be playing legendary singer, dancer, and choreographer Fred Astaire in an upcoming movie. Astaire is widely considered the greatest dancer in film history. (

Alec Baldwin abruptly deleted his Twitter account following a tell-all interview about the fatal “Rust” shooting. (

Jussie Smollett is expected to take the stand when his defense lawyers begin to make their case this week. (

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Miller High Life is selling a kit to help you build a dive bar out of gingerbread. (

A shark tracker shows that great whites and other shark breeds are amassing in large numbers on the East Coast. For instance, in Virginia they've got a lot of Great White Sharks and in Carolina they've got a lot of Mako Sharks. (

Britney Spears posted pictures of herself wearing a towel on a boat in Cabo, St. Lucas with her fiancé Sam Afghari. (

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Before being sold nationally, Pop-Tarts were tested in Cleveland in 1963. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

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Rio De Janeiro canceled its New Year's Eve Party amidst Omicron fears. (

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A 22-year-old man from Miami was arrested on accusations that he attempted to steal two outboard boat engines from a Key Largo dock. According to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Adam Linhardt, a deputy was called to Yacht Club Driver just before 12:20 p.m. regarding a boat burglary. He said the person who reported the incident said he had surveillance video of a man trying to steal dinghy motors on both Sunday and Monday. According to Linhardt, the video shows a man, later identified as Dillan Jordan Fernandez-Paz, arriving to the dock in a white car. He is then seen loosening fuel lines and engine bolts on two separate dinghy engines before appearing to get scared off and leaving without taking either engine on both occasions. Linhardt said the same white car pulled into the dinghy dock while the deputy was reviewing the video and the man who reported the incidents identified the driver as the suspect seen in the video. (

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A surgeon in Austria who removed the wrong leg from an elderly patient earlier this year in what the hospital called a "tragic mistake" has been fined the equivalent of around $3,000, with half of it suspended. A court found the 43-year-old surgeon guilty of gross negligence. She told the court that there had been a problem with the chain of command in the operating theater and she "just didn't know" why she had marked the 82-year-old's right leg for amputation instead of his left one. Hospital officials said the man was asked to confirm which leg had to be removed, but illness limited his ability to speak. The mistake wasn't detected until the man returned for a bandage change two days after the operation in May. He was told he would still have to have his left leg amputated as well. The man died before the case came to court, but his widow was awarded around $5,600 in damages. The surgeon now works at a different clinic. The hospital in the northern city of Freistadt described the error as the "result of a sequence of unfortunate circumstances," per AFP. "The causes and circumstances of this medical error have been analyzed in detail," the hospital said in a statement. (

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Wrong Number Leads To 20-Year Friendship Between Florida Woman And Rhode Island Man.