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Dear John,

I think I fell into a trap! My wife and I spent our first Christmas together this year. As we were getting close to Christmas I asked her what she wanted for a gift. She told me we should not do gifts because money was tight. I told her we should still do something small, but she insisted that we should skip gifts this year. So I did exactly that. I got a small gift for my mom and dad, but that's only gift I got for anyone. On Christmas morning I discovered that she bought a pretty nice gift for her parents and she got me several presents. I felt like an absolute jerk as I'm opening my presents and her parents opened their gift and she had nothing. I even said “you told me not to get anything” and she agreed that was the agreement. I think her parents probably think I'm a jerk! What should I have done? Is there anything I can do now? Should I feel bad about this or not? My co-worker told me not to feel bad. It was not my fault. What do you think?

Signed – Humbled Hubby

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If you rely on nagging to motivate a spouse, child or employee you can stop because it doesn’t work. Research (commissioned by the insurer Zurich UK) into what motivates people to save money found that having a positive personal goal was a more powerful motivation than simply knowing it was important. The study found that the more a particular goal resonated with someone at an emotional level, not only were they more likely to save up for it but also more likely to save a larger amount.

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A Florida Man denied ownership of baggies containing cocaine and methamphetamine that cops found “wrapped around his penis” during a search early Saturday morning, according to arrest affidavits. Investigators say Patrick Florence, 34, was a passenger in a vehicle stopped around 4 AM for traveling without headlights or tail lights on a Clearwater roadway. The driver, Darius Owens, 27, was subsequently arrested on DUI and marijuana possession charges. A search of the vehicle turned up a handgun under Florence’s seat, leading to his arrest on a pair of felony weapons charges. Florence denied ownership of the .38 Special, reported cops who noted that the ex-con’s rap sheet includes “dozens of felony convictions” which barred him from possessing firearms and ammunition. During a search of Florence, a deputy discovered two plastic baggies “wrapped around his penis.” One baggie contained “cocaine powder and cocaine base,” while the other held a “crystal substance” police identified as methamphetamine. Questioned about the narcotics, Florence “stated the package wrapped around his penis was not his,” reported Deputy Levi Blake. It appears Florence--who has multiple cocaine convictions--did not identify the purported owner of the drugs wrapped around his penis (or whether that individual consented to their drugs being stored in such a fashion). Pictured above, Florence was charged with four felonies--possession of cocaine, meth, ammunition, and a firearm--and booked into the Pinellas County jail in lieu of $24,000 bond.


Just a month after its debut on the big screen, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” will be getting multiple at-home viewing release dates. (

Denise Richards reportedly regrets the mask-less selfie she shared to her Instagram Story over the weekend while on a plane. (

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Already planning to drop those pounds you put on in quarantine next year? Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to get back out and travel more. Whatever the plan is, a researcher says you’re better off throwing your 2021 goals out now because few ever get accomplished. To change things up, and make yourself happier, the expert on motivation and well-being claims resolutions to help others will be better for you personally in the long run. Richard Ryan, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Rochester, says, “We found that when people are focused on giving to others they experience deeper satisfactions than when their goals are more self-oriented. For example, experiments show that doing something benevolent for others, even when you will never meet the beneficiary, increases your positive mood and energy.”

There is a direct link between larger wine glasses and increased wine consumption. Researchers (University of Cambridge) set out studying drinkers at a pub to see whether serving wine in bigger glasses lead to them imbibing more. Over the course of the 16-week study, bar staff switched out smaller glasses with three larger sizes. The researchers believe customers may have been drinking more as their perception of how much they were drinking was skewed by the larger glasses. Their reaction was to order more and drink faster.

A nude intruder in Ireland was found asleep in a woman’s bed.

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T-Rex lived closer in time to us than it did to Stegosaurus. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... BRAZIL.... or GERMANY?!

A man from Brazil was in Germany when he got an alert on his phone telling him that someone might be breaking into his home. Sure enough, when the guy looked at the security app on his phone he saw the intruder. That’s when he phoned his wife back in Brazil, who called police. In less than 15 minutes police officers had surrounded the residence.

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A domestic argument over whether to purchase a Christmas tree turned violent, resulting in the arrest of a Florida Man for allegedly battering his girlfriend. Cops allege that 31-year-old Levi Metcalf intentionally elbowed the 36-year-old victim in the face “during an argument over a Christmas tree” Wednesday afternoon in the couple’s St. Petersburg residence. Metcalf’s girlfriend told police that “she wanted to buy a Christmas tree for their apartment and [Metcalf] did not want to buy a Christmas tree.” After being read his rights, Metcalf reportedly admitted to striking the victim in the face with his elbow during the tree dispute, but “claimed it was accidental.” The blow left the woman with “visible swelling on the right cheek of her face.” Metcalf was arrested on a battery charge and booked into the county jail (from which he was later released on his own recognizance). Metcalf, who has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor count, has been outfitted with a GPS monitor and ordered by a judge to have no contact with the victim. While the Christmas tree incident prompted “the second police response to the home of the couple for the day,” the report does not indicate why officers were at the residence earlier that day. (

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A man was arrested after breaking a drive-thru window and assaulting an employee at a McDonald’s. Shortly after midnight on December 7th, the suspect parked his vehicle at the McDonald’s location across the street from Seattle Center and approached the drive-thru window on foot. He demanded food from the employee working at the window, but she told him he needed to go to the other side of the building and place his order through the speaker. The suspect refused to follow directions and reportedly made faces and threats at the employee in an attempt to intimidate her. The store’s manager stepped in and tried to reason with him. When she was unsuccessful, she closed the drive-thru window. The suspect then grabbed a crowbar from his vehicle and threw it towards the store, shattering the drive-thru window and striking an employee in the back of her head. A customer who witnessed the incident approached the suspect and punched him, knocking him to the ground before placing him in a chokehold. It was at this time that the manager called 9-1-1. Officers arrived shortly afterward and encountered the suspect, who told them he had visited the location before and had issues with the staff getting his order wrong on prior occasions. He shared with officers that he felt that the staff owed him. After interviewing both McDonald’s employees, police arrested the suspect for assault in the second degree, malicious mischief, and harassment.(

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