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Dear John,

My husband and I have been happily married for twelve years. I dated a few men before I met him. He dated other people before we met too. I have a really awkward situation. One of my ex-boyfriends just bought a house in our neighborhood. He and his wife have been married for several years and they have kids. We also have kids and have a great solid marriage. Do I tell my husband that I used to date the guy who is going to be moving in a few doors up the road? Our neighborhood is amazing, but we have three kids and this is a three bedroom so our daughters share a room. We've talked about moving, then recently we discussed doing an addition here. I'm thinking I should steer towards moving. I think the whole thing might be an overreaction, but I love my husband so much and I don't want him to think something is happening if I go for a walk. Am I overreacting? Maybe I've made this way more that it needs to be. What do you think? DO I even tell my husband?

Signed – Worried Wife

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If you want to live longer, the answer may literally be to chill out. A new study says that body temperature can have a bigger impact on your lifespan than your metabolism. Scientists in China used small fans to blow cool air over animals living in high temperatures. Although this didn’t change their metabolism, researchers say it prevented the mice and hamsters from having a high body temperature, which is known to reduce lifespan in mammals. Under these conditions, the animals did not suffer from a shortened lifespan. The study authors concluded that body temperature appears to have a much more important role in determining lifespan than metabolic rate — creating the saying “live cold, die old.”

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It turns out there’s a reason your toothbrush bristles are different colors, and no, it’s not to make it pretty. TikToker Jess (username jmac8781) took to the social media site to share the meaning behind the dark patch of bristles on your brush, and it’s safe to say she blew some minds in the process. As she explained: “The smallest of the colors, usually near the top, is to show you how much toothpaste you actually should be using.” Her thought does make sense, as the recommended amount of toothpaste for an adult is a pea-sized dollop. In the vid, Jess goes on to explain: “You’re actually not supposed to put the toothpaste all along the brush.” LINK:


Director Hwang Dong-hyuk says he is writing a film that is “more violent” than even “Squid Game”. In a panel appearance at a trade fair, he discussed his plans for a movie tentatively titled “Killing Old People Club”, predicting it will be “another controversial project,” and joking that he may need to hide from elderly people when it’s released. In addition to Killing Old People Club, Dong-hyuk is due soon to return to South Korea, where he plans to finish writing the second season of Squid Game. The director said that he hopes new episodes will drop by late 2024.

Pulp Fiction” co-stars Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson are set to team up again in the dark comedy “The Kill Room”. The pair will return to their familiar territory of hijinks and hired guns, in a story about a hitman, his boss (Jackson), an art dealer (Thurman) and a money-laundering scheme that accidentally turns the assassin into an overnight sensation and forces her to play the art world against the underworld. Nicol Paone is set to direct, and production will get underway this spring in New Jersey and New York.

On Tuesday morning, multiple outlets reported that Kourtney Kardashian had married Travis Barker in a private ceremony in Las Vegas shortly after Sunday’s Grammys. But apparently, it’s not true. The two did go to a wedding chapel to get hitched, but a source says it was just for fun, and not legally binding. And it’s been confirmed that there is no Travis and Kourtney marriage license in the Las Vegas marriage records system, although there are two Travis Barkers that have been married in Nevada — but neither of them is Kourtney’s Travis. 

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Makeup that smells like coffee and donuts? Why not? Beauty brand e.l.f. Cosmetics is launching a makeup collection inspired by Dunkin’. The e.l.f. X Dunkin’ collab features items with names inspired by Dunkin’s menu, including: Dunkin’ Dozen scented eyeshadow palette, with its colors of shimmery pink, blue, yellow and chocolate brown, 2 “Glazed for Days” lip glosses, a coffee-scented lip scrub, and makeup brushes shaped like straws. There’s also a makeup sponge that looks like a strawberry-frosted donut with confetti sprinkles. Even the packaging is on-brand, making it look like you’re taking home a box of donuts, rather than lip glosses and eyeshadows. The collection launches Thursday.

A hotel in Kentucky is offering tourists the chance to bring along their houseplants to the “World’s First Plant-Friendly Hotel experience.” The local convention and visitors bureau of Lexington teamed up with Elwood Hotel & Suites to offer special amenities to guests traveling with their houseplants in tow. The event, kicking off on Friday, will offer “The Gardener’s Premier Corner Room Package” for 6 king suites “specially chosen for their abundance of plant friendly natural light.” The package also includes greenery, a complimentary potted succulent, botanical toiletries and a “tea” for plants served in a pink mug. Guests can also partake in “plant-centric perks” including a Garden Mojito cocktail special made with blackberry syrup, fresh herbs and edible flowers at the downstairs Fiddletree Kitchen & Bar. Why the fuss for houseplants? The visitors bureau says: “Thanks to a years-long pandemic and the rising costs of parenthood, pets are the new babies. And plants have been promoted to the new pets.”

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The original fire hydrant patent (from the 1880s) was lost in a fire.

Because gelatin is made from animal skin and bones, gummy worms technically have more bones in them than actual worms (which don’t have any).

Chimpanzees can identify each other from pictures of their butts.

A gallon of gasoline contains about 31,000 calories, equal to about 15 days of food (don’t try consuming it at home . . . or anywhere else, for that matter!).

Only about a third of the world’s population eats with a knife and fork.

Croissants aren’t French. The crescent-shaped pastry was invented in Austria in the 1200s. In the early 1800s, a Viennese baker began selling them in Paris, and the rest is history.

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Question: In a survey, 7% of adults said they would gladly gain 25 pounds (11.3kg) in exchange for THIS. What is it?

Answer: To have their bills paid

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Your risk of ending up in the hospital with COVID-19 may literally be in your own hands. Researchers at Swansea University found that people with short “baby” fingers in comparison to their other digits end up suffering more severe cases of COVID-19. And those who have larger size differences between the fingers on their left and right hands are at even greater risk. Finger length is associated with testosterone and estrogen levels, which is also thought to be a factor in how severe one’s COVID infection becomes.

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Salt and Vinegar

Prune Juice



Eggs Benedict

Sonic the Hedgehog tongue kiss

Sour Cream and Chives

Hot Garbage

Tuna Melt

Urinal cake

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“My therapist says I’m afraid of success. I guess I could understand that, because after all, fulfilling my potential would really cut into my sitting-around time.” - Maria Bamford

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Best friends Marcos San Miguel and Jordan Sloan discovered over the last 18 months just how strong their bond is. The Atlanta teens connected over sports — San Miguel is a star on the basketball court, and Sloan on the football field. In September 2020, 16-year-old Sloan took a hit to the head and suffered brain-stem trauma. He’s been working on regaining his mobility and strength ever since, and goes to rehab 6 days a week. The entire time, San Miguel has been cheering his best friend on, and found a way to support him through basketball: he takes pledges for every charge he takes in a game, and gives Sloan’s family the money to buy items not covered by insurance, like a wheelchair. San Miguel told CBS: “I really wanted just to do whatever I could to help. “He would have done something similar for me.” So far, he’s raised more than $14,800.