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April 5th

First Contact Day

Gold Star Spouses Day

National Caramel Day

National Deep Dish Pizza Day

National Flash Drive Day

National Go for Broke Day

National Nebraska Day

National Raisin and Spice Bar Day

National Read a Road Map Day

SAAM Day of Action

National Library Workers Day

National Employee Benefits Day

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We’ve heard of eating on-the-go, but eating on the john? A new poll has found that a shocking number of people have voluntarily eaten food in the bathroom – and out of garbage cans. The concerning findings come from a survey of 2,000 UK adults who ‘fessed up about the bizarre places where they have shamelessly eaten food. One in 5 admitted to consuming already-trashed food that looked “perfectly fine” to them. Perhaps even more alarmingly, one-fifth said they have no problem eating food in the bathroom – and 18% admitted to eating while actually sitting on the toilet. Other places people don’t mind grabbing a bite? In a storage room at work, a swimming pool, a laundry room, a backyard children’s playhouse — and even during a workout.

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Simply living near green leaves and grass is enough to make you healthier, according to a new study. A team from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health found that children who visit or live near green spaces suffer from less oxidative stress. They found that exposure to vegetation alone, as opposed to physical exercise, likely makes the difference. In their experiments, the scientists found that children exposed to green spaces regularly had lower levels cellular stress that can cause harmful aging and disease.


Alec Baldwin will be going back to work in Italy, following the fatal “Rust” shooting accident last October. Two Italian production companies have announced that that both Alec and his brother Daniel Baldwin have been cast in 2 films they are jointly producing, and will soon shoot in Rome. The Baldwin bothers will be there for 4 weeks for the live-action portion of the shoot of both “Kid Santa” and “Billie’s Magic World.”

The Love Boat” soon will be making another run, but this time as a reality dating series. CBS and its sister Australian broadcaster Network 10 have both ordered local versions of “The Real Love Boat,” set to air in the U.S. and Australia later this year. The show is exactly what it sounds like: A reality dating competition show, patterned after the hit 1970s hour-long comedy “The Love Boat.” And just as Princess Cruises served as the backdrop to the scripted series, the cruise line’s ships will also serve as a setting for the new unscripted shows.

Nicolas Cage stands by his string of direct-to-video movies, which he admits he did specifically for the paydays. He opened up to GQ magazine about his career moves, particularly how he went from starring in blockbusters to churning out countless video-on-demand releases, explaining he took the jobs to help pay off debts. Cage said at one point, he was paying $20,000 per month to look after his mother, and “the phone stopped ringing” with offers of major motion picture roles. He said he was still interested in the movies he was making then, even if they weren’t destined for big-screen box office success. According to GQ, he completed paying off his debts about a year and a half ago.

John Travolta has been an accomplished airplane pilot for decades, and the “Pulp Fiction” star just upped his credentials. In a 15-second video posted to Instagram, he said: “So a very proud moment in my aviation history. To add to my 747 and 707 licenses, I just received my 737 license, and it went very well, so just sharing my moment with you.” Tragically, a Boeing 737 is the type of plane that crashed in China on Monday, just hours after Travolta shared his post. LINK:

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Remember how it was during the height of the pandemic? We were all so appreciative of those working in service industries that we were pretty loose with the bucks when it came to handing out tips. It was nothing to add as much as 30% of the total to say thanks to delivery and restaurant workers, cab drivers, hair stylists and others. But with COVID-19 receding (more or less…), and inflation at 40-year highs in some places, those rising prices look to be hitting tips. Stats in the US show the beauty industry and quick service restaurants saw tips decline by about 2% from Feb. to March. Fortunately, sit-down restaurant workers haven’t seen diners scrimping on tips – at least not yet. In fact, some have actually seen tips increase lately . . . enough that one New York restaurant owner says his workers are earning $40-50 per hour – in tips alone.

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? Or at least listened to? Little wonder. Computer experts are warning that you’re probably right, only it’s not someone watching you, it’s something. The University of Maryland and Penn State computer scientists say billions of digital devices are scanning and sensing your movements every day. Some of them are sitting right in front of you — inside televisions, cars, offices, and even your refrigerator. Roberto Yus and Primal Pappachan say the technological revolution has come with a high price to our privacy as internet connectivity now reaches people in more places than ever before. Yes, smart devices can be handy, like the smart security camera that actually records your activities all day long. And so does Alexa. And you might be surprised to learn that some smart TVs do the same thing. Meanwhile, smart lightbulbs monitor your sleep and heart rate, and smart vacuum cleaners actually map out the interior of your home as it recognizes objects to avoid hitting…and all these things could send information off to its maker through the internet. The computer experts suggest you disable any data collection on these devices that isn’t related to what you want it to do. And when you’re looking to buy a smart device, first find out what data it collects and what the manufacturer’s data management policies are, according to an independent source.

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The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific Ocean.

People who get their news from Twitter are more educated than those who get their news from Facebook.

The closest relative to bears are seals.

Your lips don’t touch when you say ‘touch,’ but they do when you say ‘apart.’

Sniffing Crayola crayons has been found to lower blood pressure.

Knitting was initially a male-only occupation. In fact, when the very first knitting union was established in Paris in 1527, no women were allowed.

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Question: Ordering THIS food on a first date increases your odds of a second date by 170%. What is it?

Answer: Sushi

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A man who spent the night in what he thought was an Airbnb discovered the next morning that he had slept in the wrong house…when the owner knocked on the door. Paul Drecksler, who traveled to Miami to officiate a friend’s wedding, said he arrived at what he thought was his Airbnb at 2 a.m. Everything appeared in order at the house, which had been left unlocked. The bed was made and “There were 2 clean folded towels” left out for him. The next morning, he was awakened by a knock from a man who informed him: “This is my house.” Drecksler soon discovered his actual Airbnb was next door, and he had entered the wrong address on Google maps. He appreciated that the homeowner was understanding, pointing out: “He could have come in shooting or could have called the police or a combination of both.”

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Atari Pong

Honda Civic

The Godfather (movie)

Popeye’s restaurant

McDonald’s McMuffin

Boggle (game)

Jet Ski


Stove Top Stuffing

Dwayne Johnson, Ben Affleck, Sophia Vergara and Idris Elba

Bottle Caps (candy)

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A Louisiana boy needed to let the adopters of his foster dog, Maggie, know she is very, very special. So special, that 7-year-old Roman Duncan wrote a series of letters to Maggie’s “new famuley” — the one that would eventually adopt Maggie. In one of the notes, Roman wrote: “Maggie is so cute. Maggie loves to play fech [sic] … Maggie is the best dog ever.” He concluded: “We love Maggie,” and shared his hopes that a new owner would love her, too. The North Shore Animal League has confirmed that the pit bull mix has been adopted. Roman’s mom said: “I’ve seen pictures of Maggie in her big cozy bed and with her new family, and it’s just this immediate sense of peace.” She told Roman: “You know you did the right thing when you see them happy.”