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June 7

World Caring Day *NEW FOR 2022

National Boone Day

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

National Oklahoma Day

National VCR Day

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Data from YouGov finds that over half (56%) of US adults say that they believe in the idea of soulmates. About one-quarter (25%) do not believe in soulmates, while about one in five (19%) are unsure. Though majorities in all age groups say they believe in soulmates, young Americans are especially likely to doubt that soulmates exist. About three in 10 (31%) 18-to 24-year-olds say they don’t believe in soulmates. Only one-quarter of 25-to 44-year-olds say the same, while even fewer adults 45 and older say the same. Meanwhile, 12 percent are holding out hope for the future, saying they haven’t met their soulmate yet, but believe that they will. Roughly one in five (19%) say they haven’t met their soulmate and don’t believe they will.

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Turning the camera off in your video chats can actually help save the environment. We’ve all had days we’d rather skip the video part of that video chat. Now, a new study finds you can add a really good reason to that list — it’s bad for the environment. Researchers from MIT, Yale, and Purdue University say videoconferencing and streaming high-definition content greatly increases a person’s carbon footprint. The study finds just one hour in a video conference or streaming HD shows emits between 150 and 1,000 grams of carbon dioxide. For comparison, a car burning one gallon of gasoline emits nearly 9,000 grams of carbon dioxide. That hour in a video call also requires two to 12 liters of water and demands a land area the size of an iPad Mini.


Norm Macdonald’s final stand-up special, filmed before the comedian’s death in September, has made its way to Netflix with fellow funny people paying tribute to the late icon. In the opening credits for “Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special,” Netflix says: “We are honored to bring you Norm Macdonald’s last special, followed by reactions and commentary from a few of his special friends.” The special, released on Monday, includes appearances from David Letterman, Dave Chappelle, Molly Shannon, Conan O’Brien, Adam Sandler and David Spade. Norm McDonald: Nothing Special shows the comedian, who died after a private 9-year battle with leukemia, wearing a baseball cap and headphones and talking into a mic, pandemic Zoom style, in a nondescript room. Netflix says he shot the material “in one take” while “at home, the night before going in” for a medical procedure.

Jack Black will be given the Comedic Genius award at the 2022 MTV Movie and TV Awards. Hosted by Vanessa Hudgens, the ceremony will honor the actor, comedian and musician when it airs live on June 5. It comes in recognition of 52-year-old Black forming the band Tenacious D with Kyle Gass in 1994, before going on to carve out a global acting career. His best-known roles include parts in 2000 film “High Fidelity”, 2003’s “School of Rock” and more recently in the “Jumanji” franchise. He has also voiced lead character ‘Po’ in the “Kung Fu Panda” films.

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Being overdressed or under dressed at a party?

Netflix or YouTube?

Ice Cream or Snow Cone?

Being single or in a relationship that’s going nowhere?

Swimming or sunbathing?

Phone call or text?

Having less work to do or more work that you actually enjoy doing?

Cake or pie?

Laundry or dishes?

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The Crayola crayon color “Peach” was called Flesh until 1962

Women are more prone to road rage than men.

Every two minutes, we take as many photos as all of humanity took during the 1800s.

Birds never crash into each other because they always veer right.

If you’re feeling nervous, start chewing gum. Your brain will reason that you’re not in danger because you would not be eating if you were.

Frozen vegetables can have more nutritional value than week-old “fresh” veggies.


Question: Of all the couples who will take a road trip this summer, about 30% will argue about this.

Answer: How to load the car.

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A one-year-old dating app for younger users says it’s found a way to make ghosts disappear. Snack, a video-centric service that pitches itself as a kind of TikTok meets Tinder, is launching a few new feature which is aimed at discouraging the much-maligned practice of ghosting. Users who ghost other users too frequently can be reported for doing so, Snack says, and if the behavior keeps up, the visibility of their profile will be reduced over time. According to Snack, this is a way to “bring some basic manners and decency to the dating app game.” The platform is also launching a feature that encourages “less awkward flirting” by prompting users to take part in popular TikTok trends. “Ghosting” typically refers to when a person ceases communications for no obvious or openly stated reason. It can be just as annoying in business as it is in dating, although there are many instances when ghosting can be deemed acceptable, such as when the person you’re communicating with crosses a boundary or becomes rude or abusive.

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Tripadvisor says a 20th-century fishing village that has boomed into a 21st-century global hot spot for high-end travel is its most popular destination in the world for 2022.

The travel platform has just released its Travellers' Choice Awards for 2022: The Best of the Best Destinations.

These are Tripadvisor's highest-rated, most-loved overall places for 2022:

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2. London, United Kingdom

3. CancĂșn, Mexico

4. Bali, Indonesia

5. Crete, Greece

6. Rome, Italy

7. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

8. Istanbul, Turkey

9. Paris, France

10. Hurghada, Egypt

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Utah Pets Now Have A Safe Place To Stay If Their Owners Enter Rehab