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July 12th

Eat Your Jello Day

National Different Colored Eyes Day

National Pecan Pie Day

National Simplicity Day

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Which trendy diet is better for you: Keto or Mediterranean? A new controlled clinical trial compared the diets by asking 33 people with prediabetes or diabetes to do both diets, one after the other, for 3 months. What did the Harvard researchers find? While both diets resulted in improved blood sugar levels and both groups lost a similar amount of weight, when it came to the impact of the 2 diets on levels of blood fats that contribute to heart disease, the Mediterranean diet was the clear winner, according to the study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The low-carb Keto diet was found to increase LDL (bad) cholesterol by 10% in study participants, while those on the Mediterranean diet (which emphasizes healthy fats, grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts) experienced an average reduction in LDL cholesterol of 10%. High LDL cholesterol is a powerful and important risk factor for cardiovascular disease, raising concerns about the potential long-term effects of the Keto diet.

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Wimbledon, which wound up Sunday, has an official hawk named Rufus. Every morning, from 5 to 9, before thousands of spectators enter and play gets underway, the beloved Harris’s hawk flies over the world’s most manicured tennis courts and keeps the pesky nuisance birds away, such as pigeons. Described as an “important member of the Wimbledon family”, Rufus has been scaring away the birds for about 15 years, taking over from his predecessor, Hamish.


Thor: Love & Thunder” has given the box office its third $100 million-plus opening in the past month, taking in $69.5 million on opening day and an estimated weekend tally of $135-145 million. While that’s slightly below the $150-170 million opening estimated by independent trackers prior to release, it is consistent with Disney’s pre-release projections, and tops the $122 million opening of 2017 predecessor “Thor: Ragnarok.” Thor’s latest is close to matching the $145 million opening that “Jurassic World: Dominion” earned last month. “Minions: The Rise of Gru” enjoyed an Independence Day weekend take of $123 million.

Natalie Portman says that “Thor: Love and Thunder” has one of the most visually stunning scenes she’s ever seen on film — and it was filmed in a random Best Buy parking lot. She isn’t revealing which scene in the film it is, but says that now, she can’t watch the movie without being reminded of Best Buy. She told “EW” “It’s so wild to be on this size of movie, and we were literally in a parking lot with a blue screen, doing this really dramatic thing. It looks so stunning on film.” Thor: Love and Thunder finds Portman reprising her role of ‘Jane Foster’ after sitting out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for “Thor: Ragnarok.”

Chris Hemsworth has joined TikTok. The “Thor: Love and Thunder” star posted his first video on Saturday, and he already had 600,000 followers as of Sunday. For his first video, he shared some moments from last month’s world premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, where he and his costars signed autographs, took selfies and greeted fans. In the caption, he plugged his movie, of course, writing: “Sydney fans! LA fans! Love you guys! #ThorLoveAndThunder opens Wed in Aus and Fri in the US. Preorder tickets now…Oh and hi TikTok……!” LINK:

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Amber Heard’s lawyers have claimed Johnny Depp is “not entitled” to the $10 million damages he was awarded in his defamation case over her 2018 op-ed piece in the Washington Post. Attorneys representing the “Aquaman” actress filed a motion contesting the verdict in Depp’s favor and the damages awarded to him – claiming his career was “ruined” before the publication of Heard’s piece in December 2018 in which she described herself as a victim of domestic violence but didn’t name her famous ex. The motion says “there is no evidence of damage to Mr. Depp’s reputation caused by Mrs. Heard’s Op-Ed”, and claim the damage to Depp’s reputation came when Heard filed for a domestic violence temporary restraining order against him in May 2016, in the aftermath of their split.

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A full bladder is about the size of a softball.

For the Apollo 11 moon landing conspiracy theory to be true, over 400,000 people would need to be part of the secret.

The fruit ‘black sapote’, native to Central and South America—tastes like sweet custard with a hint of chocolate.

Oklahoma declared watermelon a vegetable, then made it their official state vegetable.

The town of Waterproof, Louisiana has been flooded numerous times.


Question: In a survey, 87% of people said that while traveling via plane, THIS is the worst thing a fellow passenger can do. What is it?

Answer: Take off their socks

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Police in Germany were called to deal with a naked man inside a grocery store. When cops arrived, they found a 61-year-old man near the meat department lying on the floor. The man was transported to a hospital for evaluation.

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(Local results may vary…)

Strawberries: It’s peak season, there’s a surplus out there, and farms don’t need to transport these a long distance, which keeps costs low.

Vegetables: Produce like cucumbers, potatoes and onions have remained inflation-resistant and tomatoes are up only 2% in some areas.

Breads: While stats show some breads have increased about 9% over the past year, you may be able to find some types that have only fluctuated by a few cents.

Tea: While some coffees have gone up by 10% or more, tea has remained more or less the same price.

Pantry items: Dry goods such as cereal, pasta, crackers, chips, sauces and condiments haven’t seen huge increases in many areas.

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While on lunch break, Lindsey Russell heard a strange noise coming from the Pepsi vending machine at the Walmart she works at in Morristown TN. Upon investigating, she found that a tiny, gray kitten had somehow managed to get inside. After she and some co-workers found they were unable to free it, Russell called the fire department. Firefighters removed a few panels from the machine, and after 10 minutes, the kitten was out. Russell and her mom have rescued animals before, and they have decided to keep the kitty, who is doing well, and is in high spirits. Which may mean she likes her new name: ‘Pepsi’.